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Frequently Asked Questions

How many animals are in the care of SAINTS?

Currently we have 31 dogs (plus 7 in permanent foster care), 39 cats, 13 rabbits, 3 Sheep, 3 Horses, 1 chicken, 1 roosters, 4 ducks, 2 potbellied pigs, a farm pig, 2 Jerseys, 1 Holstein, 3 goats and a Llama.

Where do they come from?

Most of the animals that arrive at SAINTS are from local animal shelters that didn't have space for them in their shelter as most SAINTS animals are seniors or special needs and would have a hard time getting adopted from a shelter. Other animals that come to SAINTS are owner surrendered most often from senior citizens who, due to health concerns, are no longer able to care for their animals. Sometimes these animals lose their homes when their senior caregiver passes away.

What happens to the animals that are brought to SAINTS?

When an animal is brought to SAINTS it is assessed as to the possibility of either adoption to a permanent home, remaining a lifelong sanctuary animals or supportive care in a permanent foster home. This is determined by their level of care required, any existing health conditions or any that develop while in care (come in as adoptable, but become sanctuary animals at the discovery of a terminal illness).

Where is the sanctuary?

SAINTS is located on 3 acres - 33860 Dlugosh Avenue in Mission. MAP

Can I visit the sanctuary?

Please read our the information on visiting SAINTS here.

How is SAINTS funded?

All of our funding is raised through volunteer-driven fundraising events or through private donations from our supporters. Donate to SAINTS here

How can I help the animals at SAINTS?

Please visit our Helping Us page if you would like to help SAINTS.

Is SAINTS a registered charity?

Yes, SAINTS registered charity number is: 856579032RR0001

Can SAINTS take my animal?

Saints is currently full, we are available to discuss problem solving solutions so your animal can remain in thier home but are unable to provide a re-homing solution at SAINTS at this time.

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