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I had my “test” yesterday

Posted: November 24, 2017 at 7:18 pm

Except it wasn’t a “test”…they lied!
I was taken to an unknown location and scurried into a back room where i was restrained while a needle was stuck into my neck to steal some of my blood.
I was horrified.

I ask you…who does that to poor innocent homeless cats???

AND i am still stuck in this cage until they get “the results.”
The results of what??? A needle that sucked out my blood???

I think I am being held against my will by aliens or some kind of cult!
REALLY! think about it, maybe they didn’t actually say it was an IQ test but they never said it was a blood sucking test either!
Only aliens or cult folks do that kind of shit…I have watched the news!

The other cats wander around here like happy go lucky brain washed zombies..I think they are putting something in the food.
I am going to get to the bottom of this and report these ultra weirdo humans to the authorities..this is animal abuse!
AND I will save those other brain washed cats too!

God is on it! stayed tuned!!

two newbies…

Posted: November 23, 2017 at 10:15 pm

saints welcomes…

Aura..a beautiful senior ragdoll cat with health issues whose elderly owner was no longer able to care for and ended up living in the basement where her owner couldn’t reach her. Luckily aura was rescued by family and brought to BC but could not provide the ongoing care that she needs. she is a very sweet little cat.

Nikko..also an elderly partially blind, deaf cat with some serious pain issues. His elderly owners were ill and had allergies so Nikko was living outside until the could find a place to take him in. he was at the vets already today and needs to go back in tomorrow for further diagnostics. in the mean time, he is getting some good pain meds until we figure all of his problems out.

simon passed away today

Posted: November 21, 2017 at 5:59 pm

he has had a long battle with cancer and the cancer finally won.
he was such a funny little dog, completely loving the folks that he loved and biting anyone else. he was a mess when he arrived here several years ago. he had the worst mouth our vets had ever seen, needing 32 abscessed teeth removed. we found him a home once but he tossed a total fit and had to come back. he was so mad on the day he came home, stomped right past me to his bed in the closet, stared right at me and very clearly said…”don’t ever do that to me again!”
we were simon’s final home by his very own choice. for some reason he decided that we were what he wanted and he wasn’t willing to give anything else a try.
i was lucky enough to be one of simon’s friends but renee was the love of simon’s life. today he passed peacefully in her arms, knowing he was loved.
rest in peace simon, you were deeply loved and we will all really miss you.

the little fish did not survive the night.

Posted: November 21, 2017 at 5:50 pm

we suck at fish rescue.

saints welcomes walter and milly

Posted: November 20, 2017 at 5:28 pm

they are tiny feeder goldfish. walter showed up as a special treat for donny the turtle, but erin was able to scoop him out before donny ate him! we zipped down to the petstore and bought walter a small tank and another little feeder fish friend. and apparently now we are rescuing goldfish…which made both walter and milly quite happy!

SAINTS welcomes Godderick

Posted: November 19, 2017 at 7:31 pm

He is a 13 yr old black beauty with a bad habit of spraying. he is currently hanging out in a transition cage and is bored so i said he could have his own blog to keep him occupied.
feel free to check him out and ask him a few questions. he seems like a really nice cat but he does have a wee bit of a temper.
welcome to saints god.

Godderick intro

Posted: November 19, 2017 at 7:21 pm

Hi my name is Godderick but the folks are here just call me “God” for short. Hehe, it’s one step up from a mere Saint! I am a homeless cat and I am an older cat, been around the block a few times or more. They have put me in a waiting cage, they say it is just temporary until I get “tested.” I am a pretty smart cat so bring it on, I can ace any IQ test! While I am waiting, the Boss said I could pass the time in any way that I choose so I choose to write to you. I told the staff they could ask me questions and I would answer them, kind of like Dear Abby but actually Dear God…(hehe, I really like the sound of that!)
I was hoping for some good questions like…

Dear God
Why are there so many homeless cats in the world?

and then I could answer….
because people are stupid.
It’s true, behind every homeless cat is one or two or five not very bright people!


Dear God
Why do cats have nine lives?

and I could tell them…
It’s because people usually screw up the other eight so we deserve at least one that is decent.

but did they ask me good questions?
one wanted to know how to keep toothpaste off her shirt.
and another wanted to know if it was true that every time someone asked a stupid question..did God kill a kitten?
I went to the Boss and said, look this ain’t gonna work, you folks are insane!!
She said fine, i could have a blog and say whatever i wanted to.
So here I am to provide my perspective on things…while cooling my ass off waiting for an IQ test so I can get out of this freaking cage.
If you have a question, feel free to ask. Kittens will be safe from the dumb ones but I ain’t making no promises to humans.

carl passed away today.

Posted: November 17, 2017 at 4:33 pm

he was an elderly llama with end stage kidney disease but he was so much more than that. he was one of saints original icons, one of the handful of magical creatures at the very beginning of this animal loving dream. Carl, Gideon, Percy, Elli Mae, the first of their respective species whose job it was to implant the magical mystery of farm animals deeply in my brain.
carl had a long history before he even came to saints..accidentally overlooked in a kosher farm cruelty seizure, he survived on his own for almost 3 years living alone in the bush. He was finally discovered by BC Hydro upon their land and they kindly caught him and delivered him to saints.

meeting carl was like meeting an alien, he was such a very deep thinker, a ponderer of possibilities, the recorder and observer of everything that happened at saints. I used to call him the stealth pilot because when i would be out cleaning the barn at night after work, he could walk with absolute silence from window to window and pop his head in to see what i was up to. He wasn’t really a sheep guardian, more of a sheep disciplinarian..carl had rules! he thought the sheep were beyond stupid and always getting themselves into trouble. i remember him chasing baby jack all over the field after baby jack dropped a gate on his head. that poor fat little sheep finally ran underneath gideon and stood quivering there so carl couldn’t punish him for getting stuck in the gate.

But on the whole carl was a pretty cool dude. he liked to know exactly what was going on and never missed too much of what was happening around here, he was a curious guy. the animal he liked best here was ellie mae. they would lie together and nap on sunny days. carl liked ellie because she was not dumb and she liked carl because he was so soft and comfy to nap upon. Carl knew immediately whenever a new dog showed up at saints. In the fall and winter it would totally perplex him when we would dress the dogs in coats and sweaters and he would have to figure out who they were all over again.

i was so happy when dee dee arrived, i thought finally carl would have someone who spoke the same language and he would have a new best friend. unfortunately dee dee spit at him on the very first day and while he would hang out near her, he never let her get too close again.
carl collapsed again yesterday, the thiamine and B12 injections could no longer control the anemia caused by his ancient kidneys. the vets came out today to help him pass.
the last vision i will hold in my heart of carl happened on this weekend, he snuck up on KO and stood quietly and expectantly waiting for her to hand him his slice of apple.
carl was like that, he had real class.

erin said yesterday that it was hard watching the mighty fall and it has been hard watching carl become frail.
we are all so going to miss him but he has gone to join the others and where ever that is, i know he is mighty again.

rest in peace carl, stealth pilot, one day may we meet again.

sad saints day

Posted: November 13, 2017 at 8:40 pm

sunny passed peacefully away today after a long battle with lymphoma. he was one of the very original saints who started on this journey with me more than a dozen years ago. sunny was one of the fruitloop trio, the orange boys, 3 half grown feral cats trapped before saints was even a glimmer in my oft teary eyes. he and his two brothers were exactly what saints was all about..three anxious, spraying cats unable to fit into the real world and so we created a world that perfectly fit them. mango passed a couple of years ago, tang is still with us, elderly but going strong. Sunny was the shy and sensitive one who loved nothing more than cuddling with the other cats. rest in peace sunny-boy, may your good friends mango, dixie chick and ogidie surround and cuddle you on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

brad pitt also passed peacefully today from a gone wild infection that the antibiotics could not control. brad was so well loved and cared for here by our wonderful staff and volunteers. he came here as a discarded commodity but became one of saints most important persons. all of us will miss his hopeful greetings where he just knew an extra special treat would appear. we will miss him joyfully running thru the riding ring during one of his favorite treasure hunts with mo. brad lived a good life here where his comfort and happiness were important to everyone and we are all the better for knowing and loving him. rest in peace sweet brad pitt.

being a brat

Posted: November 12, 2017 at 8:49 am

if you were in a car accident and paralysed from the waist down, what would you be willing to do for the chance to walk again? to be able to go to the bathroom without using cathetors and enemas? to have the freedom to come and go as you choose, not to have to wait for someone to lift you into a wheelchair so you can move?
and how difficult would it be to come back from that..enduring surgeries, recoveries, physical therapies and rehabbing while keeping hope afloat?
it would be a challenge, it would be a struggle, but would it be worth it to at least give it a try?

and what if in the end you were not 100% successful..what if you only got partial recovery in the end so your muscles didn’t contract and shorten, so you could at least do somethings that before you couldn’t do when you were fully paralysed?

so this is where bratwurst is at…working hard towards the very best outcome that he can achieve, hopefully one where he once again has full control over his very own body and his mobility.

does he like his physiotherapy? not really. given a choice he prefers to drag himself around the kitchen barking and begging for cheese. does it hurt him? not in the least, the stretching exercises are like a mild form of yoga to help him stay flexible and its only 20 minutes 3 times a day so he can still nap or play with his toys or beg for cheese 23 hours each day.

but the benefits to helping him return as much function as possible are huge….independent mobility, decreased pain by preventing muscle contractures, healthier skin, healthier urinary tract, even healthier heart…and lets not forget..a healthier, happier, more independent life.

it is hard to watch the ones we love struggle thru difficult times and in some ways brat has it easier…he thinks as long as cheese is in his world, everything is really alright.

i don’t have a crystal ball to see even just into the next few weeks future but i know everything we are doing for brat today, is really important in helping him have the best future. he won’t be having any more surgeries but that doesn’t mean we just leave him be. we have to keep helping him to be the best he can be. and that means some accupuncture, some physical therapy, it also means some fun stuff like barking and begging for cheese.

sometimes its hard to keep hope floating but giving up just lets hope forever sink. so our job in caring for brat is every day making sure he gets not only his current daily care…but the opportunity to surprise us all and regain his mobility.
we’ve got your back brat, we won’t let you sink.