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we lost hugh today

Posted: May 20, 2018 at 7:34 pm

he went hypoglycemic on thursday night but we managed to pull him thru. i spoke to the vet on friday and we decided to hold his insulin for 24 hours and reduce his dosing. he got his first dose on saturday morning after breakfast and started seizuring again 5 hours later. we rushed him into the vets, they stabilized him but when i went to pick him up at the end of the day, i had a bad feeling about taking him home so as the clinic was closing, and it is a long weekend, i drove him directly over to emerg. luckily i did this because his blood sugars were dropping again. emerg got his bloodsugars up but he seizured 2 more times during the night. in the end he had suffered some significant brain injury from the severe seizures and as a result had thrown a clot into his spine. when they called me to come over to euthanize, i could see that hugh would never be able to function in any meaningful way to him again, the damage was too great. he passed very peacefully in my arms, he was not afraid.
thank you to Dr Korman and the staff at emerg for taking such good care with our sweet boy.
rest in peace hugh, you were a very, very sweet and lovely boy.

The Amazing Raise – Minnie is Number 1

Posted: May 20, 2018 at 4:59 pm

Yesterday was a really exciting day for Amazing Raise campaign. There was definite race between Team MP Room and Team House. Literally at the last moment a $500 donation came through and Minnie and Team House were declared the winner just before we shut down the campaign.

Here are the results.
Unassigned donations $1,430
Team Bunny Room $7,315
Team Barn $7,405
Team MP Room $8,090
Team House $8,375

The total is $32,615 (an astounding $7,615 over our goal). Minnie is a humble girl and is so overwhelmed that her team is number 1. All the captains are thrilled that they achieved totals well over their $6,250 goal.

Special thanks goes to Brenda McCormick who year after year has collected money from her friends and family. This year she contributed $1,700 for her Team House.

Thank you to every person who donated to our campaign, shared our posts and just spread the word. Thank you to our donors that consistently give to our fundraisers every time we send out an ask. Thank you to Ann Luu ,Darcy Matheson and Nat and Drew’s Pet Page for always being willing to highlight our fundraisers and in the process expose us to a wider audience then we could ever reach. It is this generous community that helps us achieve and surpass our fundraising goals. We employees, volunteers, and of course the SAINTLY crew are humbled and grateful.

We lost 2 of our previous SAINTS this week.

Posted: May 16, 2018 at 7:00 am

Pest and Nikko were both very lucky to spend the last part of their lives well loved and cared for with 2 SAINTS volunteers.
Our deepest condolences Fiona and Anne and our greatest gratitude for giving these lovely old cats each a home and a heart to snuggle into.

damn dogs

Posted: May 15, 2018 at 10:27 pm

i went to bed early..i was tired! but bark, bark, bark, bark ad nausium and it was an unfamiliar bark.
and so i haul my butt out of bed to find out what is going on.
i find the is caishen who NEVER EVER barks.
she is sitting up in the chair and is totally ticked off because old and deaf andy is sound asleep on the floor beneath her blocking her way down.
i walked over to wake andy but caishen suddenly decided that my close proximity was the bigger problem and developed wings to fly over him.
problem solved except now i am wide awake.
damn dogs.

home is where the heart is…

Posted: May 12, 2018 at 7:18 am

its been a few days again. work has been busy and is sucking whatever little energy i have. once i get home, i just want to get thru the stuff i have to letting giant zander out 3 million times before i go to bed.

zoe and cody have both been into the vets this week due to being under the weather. both are home and we continue to moniter how they are doing.
tiny zander and little chip had their vet visits. tiny zander is ready to go up for adoption which makes me sad because i want to keep him!
the bunnies are all vaccinated now…parker can soon move out of my bathroom..THANK GOD! and the rest will come off of isolation in another couple of weeks once the vaccines have had a chance to boost their immunity.
the amazing race is going well, just a few thousand short of our goal but we have another couple of weeks.

that little tea cup poodle we cross posted on our FB page is garnering a ton of interest. she looks like a very sweet dog who certainly needs a home, still i feel kind of sad that none of our guys are as interesting to the general public. i get that ours are not just old but have other issues as well. still..i feel like our guys are the homely, boring wall flowers at the find a home party.
whatever..our guys might be worn and dented..maybe they don’t fit in a tea cup, maybe they leak or their eyes are cloudy, and maybe like rocket..they actually are kind of weirdly ugly and gross…
but we think they are pretty damn special and i can attest that they are all super interesting once you get to know them…plus i guess they have a home. here with us.
ahh guys..that tiny poodle is adorable and she will get a great home. and you are stuck here BUT…we think you are all wonderful!!
home is where the heart is…and your hearts are safe with us.

another loss in the saints family

Posted: May 6, 2018 at 4:56 pm

as always great thanks to our weekend warriors for a weekend well done!
happily mark and jane got a head start on the upcoming annual open house prep getting the walkways and patios power
huge thanks to the guardian angels for this and next weekends plant sales!

the chi’s are back for a couple of weeks.
bratwurst is back for 3 weeks.
both for foster family vacations.
cody went into the vets on friday and again today for not eating. his blood work shows kidney disease.
new cat hugh is doing well, he really is huge!

foster dog schizzle is over in emergency, she fell into a swimming pool that had just had the chemicals added, fingers are crossed that she feels better soon!
and sadly foster dog baby jane passed away in her loving family’s arms at emergency last night. sweet baby jane had lost her battle with cancer. we are very grateful to jamie and daryl for giving her a wonderful loving home for the last part of her life.
our deepest condolences for their loss of this very sweet little girl.

The really broken ones…the lifers.

Posted: May 4, 2018 at 7:14 am

Clover, Nadia and Vera are terrified of everything and everyone. They are terrified everywhere, except on their very small island of safety. Their very few designated staff and volunteers are their friends, their home is their castle, the lower field and pond is their playground. They are happy with so much less because any more to them is just too much, too hard, too terrifying to endure. The chance of them ever living in the real world, an expanded world are slim.

Oscar, our snarling, biting freak out has long moments of calmness and sweetness. but a dog who needs kevlar gloves to protect human hands that touch him will never be safe in the outside world.

Diesel, so many people think that they want him, who wouldn’t? He is an adorable and often funny old english bulldog. But his anger management issues make him a danger and his rage episodes are not always predictable.

Big Bear, a blind diabetic, with as of yet undiagnosed skin disorder that has our vets baffled. Bear is truly unsafe with all other animals. So much so that we had to build him his own Big Bear door to go out for walks so he is never near any other animals.

Chickie and Charley our two little crippled chickens who need to be kept safe.

The diabetic, irritable bowel, incontinent, very shy cats who live in the medical room along with a very spoiled turtle and a once starved and abandoned pot belly pig who is now an indoor princess…
no one’s idea of adoptable, no one’s idea of anyone’s perfect pets. These are the ones without any options who in traditional shelters, simply fall thru the cracks.

It is odd, these guys are so broken, in some ways so utterly wrecked and yet to us they are just our normally very quirky friends. We learn to live and work around them, what buttons to avoid pushing, what things make them happy, what they need to feel and actually be safe and happy within our care. We manage their surroundings, we manage their idiosyncrasies, we manage their day to day lives so they have as much possible fun and freedom as they possibly can.

The MP building animals are certainly some of our most challenging but also some of our most precious. They are at SAINTS for very good reasons, mostly because despite a great big and very diverse world out there, there was no place that they fit. They are the odd shaped puzzles pieces that can’t blend in with the whole. At SAINTS each of their broken pieces created a mosaic of a yet beautifully different kind of animal world.

in all honesty..i wasn’t that keen on turning 60

Posted: May 1, 2018 at 7:44 pm

but today changed many truly lovely good wishes from so many unexpected sources. so many thoughtful messages, cards, gifts and just some plain good ole laughing fun!
makes me think..i am really lucky to have had 60 years of knowing and loving some really incredible people…
to my family, to my friends at saints and in the real world of nursing land..
thank you for 60 years of making my life full of goodness, kindness, love, and laughter.
i am truly grateful for you all.
today wasn’t about me turning was about all of you and a life full of some of the most wonderful people!

the only not so great thing today was zander bit me…i think he wanted to keep me real. tonight i might be all warm and fuzzy inside from the absolute beauty of living…but happy 60th or not… blood can still flow!

love you all..
(zander maybe not quite so much.)

My mom is a hero not a saint

Posted: May 1, 2018 at 5:07 am

Today mom turns 60 so I figured it was time to officially set the record straight. She is NOT a saint. My mom gets tired and cranky and makes mistakes. And her hair truly is an unholy mess. That’s part of what makes her human though and is probably partly a result of having such a spirited daughter like me (I can take credit for quite a few of those grey hairs).

She is however, without a doubt, one of the most caring people I have ever known. She has dedicated the majority of her life to helping others whether they walk on twos or fours. So while I wouldn’t call her a saint, nor would she want to be, I would instead call her a hero. And if she were to be a Marvel superhero, she would probably be the female version of Ironman – brilliant but with billions of animals and vet bills instead of dollars and a suit of cat and dog hair rather than an indestructible exoskeleton. Since Marvel superheroes are her absolute favorite I am sure she would appreciate that comparison and coincidently they are both from America. But perhaps mop women would be better suited to her … pee puddles don’t stand a chance with MOP WOMAN!

You all know my mom as Carol Hine and are familiar with the amazing things she has done and the sacrifices she has made for SAINTS – valuing each animal’s right to dignity and compassion and committing to care for them for their remaining days whether that means a week or ten years or for dogs like Maud and (brown) Buddy or Phoebe (the red whirling wonder) and Diesel – inevitably she winds up with more of the later type though. But she has also done and continues to do incredible acts of caring outside of SAINTS.

Although she is a nurse and caring is kind of her job, she doesn’t treat it like a job. She provides her patients with the best care she can, even the grouchy ones. She does her best to make sure they are comfortable and well cared for, but are also doing what they need to get better themselves – and this isn’t always the easy way for her or her patients. Sometimes that means taking the time to teach them how to do something for themselves, like change their own colostomy bag.

She is the same way as a mom. Many times when I wanted her to make a decision or do something for me, she refused. But this has made me and all her children more capable and confident. She taught us to fish for ourselves in this crazy world where I see so many young people unable to fend for themselves and far too often crippled at the smallest of challenges. Although she never taught to cook, so I married a man who could.

She also taught me by example to be caring and she instilled in me the importance of being kind to others. She frequently welcomed friends and family members who needed help a place to stay in our home for as long as they needed to get back on their feet. She has continued to do so even in her SAINTS capacity, despite having been burned on more than one occasion.

As with the animals she rescues, she chooses to see the good in everyone and give them the benefit of the doubt. And to that end, she can sometimes be generous to a fault – often handing over her last $5 or $20 to anyone who asks, for example the person asking for money outside bank. How convenient for her that she was near a bank machine …. true story! Or when she insists on bringing all five grandchildren presents at each of their birthdays so that no one “feels left out”!

My mom’s constant and colossal generosity with her time, money and spirit is truly something rare and special in today’s world. While a saint may be defined as someone close God, my mom is often close to broke. With her bank account perpetually in the red, but at lest her karma is on the up. She gives much more than she takes or receives. If only we all lived our lives that way (but hopefully with more stylish hair)!

In honour of my Mom’s sixth birthday I will be participating in a sort of caring boot camp for myself – performing 60 acts of caring. Some will be big, some small, and others I hope to incorporate as part of my daily life and will therefore do multiple times.

Here are a few examples – some I have already done over the past two weeks or plan to do in the coming months …

1. Call family members more often.
2. Spend more time with family.
3. Listen more. Talk less.
4. Buy someone coffee.
5. Bring in treats to work.
6. Pick up litter when walking.
7. Donated money to a charity.
8. Bring in neighbor’s garbage cans.
9. Help someone put away their weights at the gym.
10. Offer to watch a friend or family members child.
11. Empty dishwasher at work.
12. Be a more courteous drivers.
13. Let someone ahead of you in a line.
14. Participate in a charity run or walk for a great cause and help raise funds and awareness.
15. Donate blood (I have an appointment booked for my first time on June 6!)
16. Pay others compliments.
17. Admit when I am wrong (mostly applies to spouse).
18. Apologize when I am cranky.
19. Invite someone over for dinner.
20. Tell someone when they are going a great job.
21. Offer to buy someone lunch.
22. Volunteer.
23. Donate bottles.
24. Donate clothing.
25. Donate toys and book.
26. Spend time talking to a stranger.
27. Smile at someone just because.
28. Get in touch with a long lost friend.
29. Teach someone something new.
30. Give mailperson a thank you note/treat.
31. Have a complain free day.
32. Do a favor without asking for anything in return.
33. Walk or ride bike instead of driving.
34. Spread some positivity online.
35. Take time to listen to someone even if in a hurry.
36. Lend or give someone a book.
37. Donate to the food bank.
38. Give someone flowers.
39. Give someone a nice card or note.
40. Don’t participate in gossip.
41. Let someone else waiting have your parking spot.
42. Wipe down the slide and swings at the after a rain fall.
43. Offer someone.
44. Tell a fellow mom or dad they are doing a great job.
45. Write a thank you note and bake treats for daycare.
46. Don’t criticize others.
47. Don’t get hung up on problems, work towards solutions.
48. Be kind to self.
49. Weed neighbours garden.
50. Mow someone’s lawn.
51. Leave a large tip for a server.
52. Mail grandparents (not on Facebook) photos
53. Give someone flowers.
54. Pick up dog poop around neighbourhood.
55. Treat someone to a movie.
56. Offer to be a designated driver.
57. Try to do it myself before asking for help.
58. Encourage others to do acts of caring.
59. Stop embarrassing mom (mostly through posting photos and making fun of her hair)

Wishing you a very happy birthday MOMMY!!! I hope I make you as proud as I am of you.

All my love
Your peanut


PS. you can kill me later … hopefully with kindness 😉
If this has at all motivated those reading to do their own acts of caring please leave a comment about what you plan to do since I am still looking for inspiration for more things I can do too! Thank you.

more minnie

Posted: April 29, 2018 at 8:39 am

minnie continues to be a management problem, unless she is confined in the entrance way which she hates..i can’t take my eyes off her for a second. late last night i heard a ruckus going on in the mp room so i charged over there to see what was up. while i was gone (like for all of 10 minutes) minnie had again jumped out of the bedroom pen and climbed up on my bed. since she was already up there and it was so important to her, i let her stay there and sleep with us. this morning when i got up, i brought her back into the entrance way where she cannot get in to trouble.

her cone does freak out mystic and luna when she was up on the bed so they slept elsewhere..boomer and balto did not give a hoot.

honestly three months of this and i might end up shooting minnie or me. she is so very lucky that she is so utterly sweet.
someone please save me from a stubborn and determined and NOT VERY BRIGHT rotti.