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quick updates

Posted: March 18, 2018 at 9:32 pm

we have been going thru a tough week with squirt..he is getting so old. i think we are finally making some progress but it has been a tough go.

the vet was out today to see little, she had the beginnings of bloat. he managed to get some meds into her and we will see how she is tomorrow.

it looks like bo’s castration from a long time ago was actually a failure…he is up for a do over tomorrow. he better not have impregnated any of the girls…there are enough suffering sheep in this world for us to save without adding more.

we have instituted some fairly strict measures to protect our rabbits in case the deadly virus RHD crosses over to the mainland from the island. this virus has a mortality rate of well over 90%. we need to keep our bunnies safe.

cuddles is doing well with michelle in his new foster home…so very happy for him.

everyone else is pretty much ok,,,we have the usual ups and downs with our old or sick guys overall health. but today is a good day…no crises except for little and we think she will be ok.

oh and erin wants some really good applications for our newly posted part time saints job! try it, you’ll like it she said!

not my fault…

Posted: March 18, 2018 at 5:19 pm

the website was being updated this week and switched to a new server and i was told NOT TO POST.
today i got the all clear and will do an update post in a few minutes.

gone but not.

Posted: March 11, 2018 at 7:56 pm

it has been a tough week. death always seems to hit us in waves. mo says it is because once the door is open to the other side, the ones that are ready decide to slip in.
I don’t really know the reason for it..maybe it is just coincidence. death is a funny thing, not to be understood or defined. the only thing we really know about it is…from this side, it is the ending of this life.
what happens after is anyone’s guess.

except…I think when someone is loved, the end is never the end. we carry them with us until we meet our own life end.

however…life is for the living and living goes on for us as others slip away.
today I discovered that little bear loves sandwiches. it takes him a long time to eat a piece…like almost half an hour. but for that 30 minutes, he is totally engaged in a happy food orgy.
I did not know this about him but now that I will be small pieces of sandwich almost every day.

little bear doesn’t get super excited about much. occasionally if he is kidnapped from his pen, he gets pretty darn happy when he gets to go back in it again. it is his safe place, it is set up the way he wants. he is one of those folks where home is where the heart is, and his heart is in his private little corner where the other dogs can’t go.

except shyla…she wanted to bounce in there and grab his bit of sandwich but I said no. she listens to me if I am in the room, but if I wasn’t guarding little bears sandwich, she would have hopped in and robbed him. my eyes have to be on her or she does what she wants.

so life goes on..little bear likes sandwiches and shyla is a pain in the butt. there are a few empty corners here from nicky, and randy and arwen moving on. but I can still see them so they haven’t gone too far. and that is the thing about caring for others..they may share life with you for a short or long while but they forever remain in your heart.

arwen has passed peacefully away.

Posted: March 10, 2018 at 4:10 pm

she has been hanging by a thread since she came in a couple of weeks ago. she had a raging bladder and kidney infection, untreated crippling arthritis, severe dental disease both of which caused her a lot of pain. we knew from the original bloodwork that her kidneys and liver values were significantly elevated so it was a bit of a gamble as to if we could help her to feel much better or if it was already too late. Getting her to eat and take her meds has been an ongoing challenge, helping her find some joy in her life was also a constant struggle. arwen was not doing well this week so she went back into the vets and had her blood work repeated, her kidneys and liver were even worse. The vet said the prognosis was extremely poor for her. arwen was not going to make a miraculous recovery in our care, arwen felt ill, tired, even hopeless..and when hope and joy disappears, it is time to set them free.

both arwen and randy came to us far too late. we tried to help them, we hoped to help them feel better and enjoy living again. in the end the best we could do for these sweet gentle souls was to help them pass in peace.
arwen and randy’s original owners passed away before them…I hope they all find each other on the other side and rest together in peace.

Randy has passed away (by erin)

Posted: March 9, 2018 at 6:38 pm

Randy had a cardiac event this afternoon and was rushed to the vet where he passed away. We did everything we could these last few days but weighing in at just under 2kg, Randy’s chances were slim. Thank you Eagle Hill Animal Hospital for being there for Randy.

nicky has passed away (by erin)

Posted: March 8, 2018 at 9:43 pm

Our long time resident Nicky passed away today.
Nicky came to SAINTS in early 2013. She was a force to be reckoned with right off the bat. Nicky was a tiny maltese but she had no problem putting everyone in their place, and making sure they stayed there. Also evident right away was her arthritis in her spine. Nicky needed pain control every day of her life with us, and for many years, we were able to keep her pain free and happy. Slowly, we began to lose that battle. Almost all of Nicky’s very best friends have already passed away, Ewok, Gertie, Theya. We sincerely hope they were waiting for her this afternoon on the other side. Rest in peace sweet Nicky, you have been a part of us for so long. We will miss you.


Posted: March 5, 2018 at 10:56 pm

I was thinking about Gideon the other day. he has been gone for a couple of years now but he shaped so many of my beliefs about horses in his wise yet so quiet way.
I remember the first time he saw spritely..he was in the bottom field and she was with me at the fence.
they stared across the distance at each other, whinnied and then raced towards each other entwining their necks.
love at first sight.

at the time, in my ignorance, I thought hey! it’s way easier to intro new horses than it is intro’ing new dogs.

over time I learned this was not so. their first meeting was completely abnormal….now I know that those 2 horses somehow knew each other. at some point they were together in one barn or another.

and then I started thinking about how many times in horses lives are they moved, from one place to another over and over again? and each time they move..what friends do they leave behind, never to be seen again?
and how important are those lost relationships to them?

I decided they were important.

I decided that their relationships with their herd mates, with their best equine friends, were more important than I was to them.

and once I decided that, I was ok that to Gideon..i was always second best. i wanted Gideon to be happy, i wanted him to love and be with his friends.

Gideon would often watch me. i can still see him several times in my minds eye watching me from across the field when one of the other horses or farm animals were being euthanized. he was never looking at them, he was looking at me and to this day i wonder…what was he thinking?
because i was never sure…did he know i was helping them or did he think i was just killing them? it worried me.
i was very afraid of when his time came if he would understand or would he think, oh, it is my turn, she has turned her sights on me.

i am forever grateful to him that he took that decision from me. Gideon ended his 38 years of life in his stall and quietly died in his sleep.

if i could ask one thing of heaven, and if i am lucky enough to get there… i would ask if i could meet the animals i loved on earth and just sit quietly in a field and listen to their stories. to hear what was important to them and what they thought of this mixed up, undefinable thing that we call living.
to actually hear their thoughts and feelings, spoken by them as they had lived them…ahh, that would indeed be my kind of heaven.

i will always love you, saints white wise knight…a little old horse who changed my life.’s been awhile

Posted: March 3, 2018 at 10:08 pm

sorry, I have had a lot on my mind.

our newest girls from NWTSPCA, vera and nadia are settling in. they remain quite shy, but not shy enough to leave the paper towel rolls alone..they are really fun to chew and rip apart!

samsam, our new Arabian feral cat finally had his vet visit. he had to be sedated in order to be fully examined. we did the full meal deal..exam, blood work and xrays..samsam does have some ongoing health issues which we are addressing.

bambi our new little IBS cat, also had her vet visit. she will be moving back to the medical room, probably sometime next week.

we have a new horse on site..his name is amigo and he belongs to one of our staff. she will be moving on site once the trailer is ready for occupancy. it will be nice to have another person available to help after hours if there is an emergency.

garret the ferret found a great home. he was such a sweet and interesting little guy, I was sad to see him go,

shooter also went off to his new home, I have gotten some update photos and he looks like he is pretty darn happy with his new family.

the vets were out for poppy’s foot trim, to check out raven’s teeth, and assess our elderly goat and sheep.

angel and sailor bob also saw the vets due to some arthritic issues.

big bear goes back in next week for suture removal from his latest biopsy.

nicky, zander and faith are on our watch closely list.

we are still working towards helping arwen get a handle on both her raging bladder/kidney infection and her chronic severe arthritic pain. she is moving better and she is taking her meds again so hopefully we can get her to feeling better soon.

squirt and cuddles were both at the vets for blood work and xrays.

it has been a very busy medical week!

the driveways are already plowed!

Posted: February 24, 2018 at 7:45 am

huge thx to ann c’s son in law who was out there at 0630 this morning!!

life here is difficult enough without a foot of snow. arnie purchased us a snow blower which we can use today to clear paths, the snow is light and fluffy,if someone comes here today who knows how to use it. that would be wonderful too.

I am a bit worried about how many of us will be here today…we were already short before the snow and I had already committed to doing the mp rooms. but whatever happens or not, we will get thru it because we have to. and this is an important thing to know about rescue…there are no choices here on somethings…the animals must be fed, they must have access to clean and fresh water, they must have access to clean, dry, and warm beds. it doesn’t matter if the snow falls or if no one comes…they have to have the basics provided one way or another. there are no choices or excuses.

which is why I said when saints started, I would never let it get bigger than what I could handle alone if I have to…but I did. as the snow falls I remember that I did not keep to my word.
however…saints warriors will struggle to come here today because they feel the same level of responsibility for these animals as I do…the animals need to be fed, they need clean fresh water and clean, dry warm beds. we are never alone, the warriors will come, of this I am totally sure.

love you guys, drive here safely and make sure you wear winter boots!

most reliable route to saints…lougheed hwy…up cedar ave…right on cherry…left on cade barr…right on Dewdney…left on stave lake..left to dlugosh and saints has plowed parking space!


recent saints animal news

Posted: February 22, 2018 at 8:13 pm

the new guys are settling in…

the vet put arwyn (the new 15 yr old lab) on some really heavy duty pain meds so she is now able to get up and walk on her own. she also was given antibiotics for a raging bladder and kidney infection and they are starting to kick in. the staff have trimmed her nails, started brushing out her coat so I think we can safely say while she is certainly not ready for marathons, she is feeling a little bit better.

samsam (the feral little Arabian cat) has not been to the vet yet, his appointment is early next week. we wanted him to settle down a bit from all of the trauma in his past few weeks. we did start him on eye meds for his infected eyes and he is letting the staff put the drops in so that is very brave of him and his eyes are starting to look better.

gus the little biting guy with a mouthful of rotten teeth has had his major dental with many extractions and is starting to feel better too.

cuddles the 17 yr blind shitz mix has settled in well and is being good company for nicky.

bambi the new IBS cat with chronic diarrhea is doing well too. she has her vet appointment next week too.

and some news on our other guys…

big bear had another biopsy done yesterday…the mass on his neck suddenly doubled in size. they had previously biopsied the mass on his hip but not the mass on his neck…we are worried as we await the results.

zander has been in and out of the vets. he had a bladder infection but would not take his meds. we could not force the pills down his throat because zander gets mad and bites when you do. finally the vet had us pick up a long acting injectable antibiotic, which I gave to him the other night and I think it is just starting to work.

coby the 15 yr old cat who was living under his new homes deck for several months, is finally getting over his cold.

the staff are trying to bond bunnies..shamus and sparky..this will take time and will let you know how it goes.

squirt will be going into the vet to check out some tummy issues.

faith the rabbit has developed an URI and she will be going in to the clinic too.

our very sweet and mostly blind cat angel moved over to the medical room because we needed the cage she liked to sleep in for bambi when we moved bambi over to the house. angel is really liking the medical room and she is not feeling it necessary to sleep in a cage over there (the one we had set up for her, just sits there empty)…apparently today she was riding around on poppy the pigs back but poppy did not like this, it freaked her out. we are hoping angel forgoes further piggy back rides and does not cause poppy any more problems or angel will have to come back to the house.

I believe that is all of the current news.