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it takes a village…

Posted: July 17, 2018 at 7:54 pm

the vets came out to see noni..she had another long term antibiotic injection and her repeat ivermectin injection (for her mange.) they were pretty impressed with how well she looks, her skin so so clean and pink now thanks to to dedication of janette.
when she got her two injections, in pure pig fashion, she had an hysterical fit…she got up and took off using both of her front feet. maybe it wasn’t perfect but it sure is a vast improvement,,i am starting to have a little bit more hope for her.
i really and truly believe her improvement ios due to a combination of things…our wonderful vets from Agwest with the pain meds, anti inflammatory meds. parasite meds, antibiotics meds, a really good diet rich in vitamins and antioxidents, janette’s extraordinary personal care and of course last but i think hugely important to her recovery so far…, twice weekly laser therapy from laurie.

it is taking a village to save one little pig.

noni napping with her favorite pony!

maggie has passed away

Posted: July 11, 2018 at 6:43 am

Lovely Maggie only came to SAINTS a week ago. She was transferred from Surrey Animal Resource Centre. We all knew she was palliative. We knew she had an aggressive form of cancer. We knew she would not have long. None of us ever thought it would happen this fast though. Maggie’s quality of life began to drop over the last couple of days and our vet agreed it was time to let her go. The cancer had already spread to her lungs. This beautiful cat was so sweet and loving and, as always, we wish we could have had more time. Thank you Eagle Hill Animal Hospital for your compassionate care of Maggie today.


Posted: July 5, 2018 at 7:16 am

i am starting to come out of my “the dogs are driving me crazy” funk. occasionally the daily chaos around here drives me insane..add that to ben’s bowel explosions, busy and short staffed at work plus interrupted sleep cycles and boom my patience went out the window for several days.
whatever, i think it is over, i no longer grinding my teeth here again!

ben’s bowels are improving. noni is better but she still is not walking yet. lucy has settled down and is no longer zipping around under my feet and trying to break into the bathroom every time that she sees me. i am not sure yet if shyla’s new anti anxiety supplement is working..i think she seems a little more relaxed but she is still really needy.
the chickens and ducks had their first free run day out in the new barnyard bird garden…i was working so i didn’t get to see them but apparently the new free run space is a big hit!

thank you to shalagh, ann, and lynn for painting the new outside cat run is almost finished and the wire and paving stones can be installed soon!

there is a new cat arriving today from one of the shelters, she has cancer and is palliative. hopefully she settles in quickly and likes it here!

that’s it for the updates i think.

3 am poop party…yay…not.

Posted: June 30, 2018 at 4:28 am

Noni is doing ok, but I am worried because when she is not eating…. she is just sleeping. She is still pretty sick so I hope this is ok. I woke her up and gave her a drink at 10 pm and will give her another before I head back to bed.

I am awake at 4 am because I just had to clean up an epic poop fest from another one of our newby dear ones. Poor little parapalegic Benjamin came in with giardia and an incontinent para with giardia in the middle of the night is one of my worst nightmares. This particular nightmare has been visiting me for the past many nights. I won’t go in to detail. I will leave it to your imagination plus I have to live it enough anyway.
Ben is such a sweet little boy and none of this is his fault, Due to breeding for the frenchy cockscrew tail, he has spina bifida which totally sucks.

He is on meds for the giardia, which is notoriously difficult to get rid of…but eventually the meds will prevail and life will be better for both of us!

rebuilding a sick baby pig

Posted: June 28, 2018 at 4:08 pm

most people don’t know that the skin is the largest organ in the body…yes it is an actual organ. that is why a generalized deep skin infection is so dangerous..if they go septic from infection, it is a huge area of infection to try to get under control plus it has a massive blood vessel system that readily transports bacteria to other organs.
noni has the appropriate drugs on board and what happens next is in great part up to her now. however there are things we can do to help her along to give her the very best chance.
the beauty of my being a nurse with a great deal of knowledge regarding healing..esp, wounds and skin, is that this knowledge is transferable to the animals in our care for their ultimate benefit too.
so the teaching i provide to my human patients during periods of healing…increased fluids, increased dietary proteins, antioxidants, rest balanced with activity and increased cleanliness are all things we can do for noni as well.
janette has given her her very first (of many) baths.
roane hung a heat lamp over her to prevent a chill.
and i went food/supplement shopping for her.

Noni’s high protein recovery salad

dark green leafy vegies…spinach and kale
super fruits..melons and berries
nuts and seeds..peanuts and sunflower seeds
pig pellets
yogurt (probiotic for long term antibiotic therapy)
add one capsule of glucosamine, chondoiten, and MSM
add one capsule of omega 3 and 4 vitamins

mix together well and feed 4x day

and as our official recipient…it passed the Noni taste test…she loved it, yay!

quick updates

Posted: June 28, 2018 at 8:54 am

firstly re Keats: we switched his home euth app’t to July 13th. i just couldn’t do the 4th…it felt too too soon. i might regret it but i am praying not.

wynnona…the vet has already been here to see her this morning. he will be back again tomorrow. we named her wynnona because her name was winnie but 2 pigs named winnie is 2 too many. erin suggested we call her noni which i think suits her well. it is pretty damn sad watching her try to get up…she pulls herself up on her hind legs like a kangaroo and then gets stuck. she totally freaks out if we try to help her get to where ever she is going which is going to be an issue if she doesn’t regain the use of her front legs soon.

otherwise she is a totally messed up, adorable, fruilt loving baby.

saints welcomes wynnona

Posted: June 27, 2018 at 7:16 pm

first day back to work and i had just gotten out of the shower tonight when a couple of folks showed up at the gate. they had a sick pig who had been down for at least a week and unable to walk. finances were a huge issue due to a limited disability pension. they were hoping we could help with a vet call to put her down. since they lived not too far from here, i went over to have a look. wynnie was about 4 months old, unable to use her front legs and covered in mange, where ever they got her from was not very great. some of our really bad skin dogs come in septic and close to death from secondary skin infections. i thought this might be wynnona’s problem too. the family was happy to turn her over to us for medical care, they knew they couldn’t afford what she needed. she is apparently a berkshire/pot belly cross that they bought from someone a couple of months ago.

chris and i brought her home and set her up with comfy beds and quilts in the front yard previous cat run. she is so covered with mange that i really do not want her near any of our pigs yet, plus she is too weak and small. i called the emergency vet and Dr Ben has came right away and started her on metacam for pain and fever plus antibiotics for her probable infection. he will come back tomorrow to deal with her first dose of ivermectin to start treatemnt for her mange. if she survives, she has small pressure sores and is absolutely filthy and will need lots of TLC and baths.

hopefully we can get her back up on her feet really soon. my biggest fear is that she can’t use her front legs because of septic arthritis which would not be very good.
we will have to wait and see how she does now that she has vet care.

she is currently covered up with her blankey, using another quilt for a pillow..she has had a cut up pear to eat and a bowl of fresh water. she is now sound asleep. it has been a tough day for her. i will give her more fruit and water thru out the night to keep her sugars and hydration up and maybe by tomorrow she will feel a little bit better…right now she is just a very poor sad little thing.

hope floats that feeling crappy is just temporary.

is the 2 week “i promise not to ask for anything” over yet??

Posted: June 25, 2018 at 1:42 pm

it must be.huh???

so vern has the new outdoor cat run framed up…we (as in not me) need to paint it before the wire goes up. he also says we need to paint the new disabled chicken shed because the siding is paper? (feels like wood to me but whatever..he says we ( but not me!) should paint it pretty soon.)

anyone interested in a couple of painting parties? i am back to work this week but can supply paint, brushes, rollers, beer and pizza!

painting is fun, and good exercise..
ok it’s not. but it looks great when it is done.
that’s kind of satisfying..right?

the “what if’s” in rescue

Posted: June 25, 2018 at 8:11 am

keats’ arthritis is horrible and he is at the top of all of his various pain medications. however…he is still perky and bright, he still toddles out to the barn to eat poop, in fact it is the highlight of his day. the staff got him down to the pond last week which is his other very favorite place. he toddled around in the mud which he loves to do and they carried him back when he was ready to come home again. his is really enjoying his laser therapy with laurie twice a week and changes his position correctly whenever she asks him to, plus he loves her treats. we ensure he has safe, soft, warm, dry beds but he still occasionally likes laying in dirt holes best! all in all i am ok with where he is at because bottom line is..keats is actively engaging in life and he is still happy.

except… we found a massive hard tumor in his belly. and it is that tumor that is worrying me. all it has to do is grow 1 cm too big and it could press on something important or it could suddenly start to bleed and keats would be in an immediate crises.

keats absolutely hates going outside our front gate..he is terrified of car rides and terrified of the vet. he has decided that saints small world is where he is safe and happy and all other places are frightening.

so i need to make a choice…pre-arranging for a home euthanization which is not as easy as it sounds. only one of our vets are able to come here and she is now semi-retired and only works a couple of days a week with other clients, booked appointments and surgeries. or risking a midnight crises which means hauling him out to the van when he is most unwell, driving an hour to the emergency clinic with a sweet dog who is very afraid and ending his life in a traumatic and less than ideal way.

my job is to protect keats, to meet his needs, to keep him comfortable, happy and feeling safe. so i am opting for a sooner than later end of life. i think if he passes from the home that he loves with the people who care about him the most, in a familiar environment in which he feels safe…we can avoid the scary “what if’s” that may come his way.
i will tell you tho that this is breaking my heart because keats is not ready yet…he could hit that crises in a day or a week or in another month, or who knows..maybe even not for another 3 months or so. i don’t have that damn crystal ball so i don’t know.

all i do know is i want him to pass gently and at peace, free from fear and trauma. his home euthanization is booked for July 4th. i can’t risk the “what if’s” with him but it is breaking my heart to set him free before he says he is ready.

a couple of new intro’s…

Posted: June 22, 2018 at 11:27 am

lucy is a new cat arrival. she has vomiting issues and her past owner had health issues and was unable to manage her care. lucy is currently upset and is fairly aggressive in expressing her anguish, we are hoping she settles and gets over it soon.

benjamin is a 5 yr old french bulldog with spinal issues affecting his mobility and bladder/bowel control. he is booked for a neurological consult next week to explore possible treatment options if any. he also has the usual frenchy issues..problems with breathing due to conforming to current breed standards. he is a sweet little guy who gets way too happily excited which really is not good for his current health issues.

the back cat run issues have been repaired..vern poured new cement to close up the foundation holes and thankfully the cats can go outside again. before he moves on to his next job, he has kindly agreed to frame in a small outside cat run for our medical room cats. we can add shelves and climbing ramps as volunteer labor allows once the basic structure is complete. the medical room cats will be so happy to finally have an outdoor run of their own.

the other newby cats..carl and bella are slowly making their adjustments..they just need a bit more time.
and newby dogs jax and bailey had their vet visits..bailey is good to go, but jax needs a major dental. both have settled in and seem happy, enjoying the extra TLC.