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does anyone know if winter is over yet???

Posted: February 19, 2017 at 8:20 am

the damn dog yard looks like a bomb went off in it…wet, dirty toys. half frozen into the ground, the beginning of new holes as the ground becomes unfrozen…i should just cement the sucker then let the dogs even try to do their “lets make a big and ugly mess” twisted dog fun kind of thing! is not just the dogs..the farm areas are a mess too. we will have to bring in lyle and his bobcat to scrape everything up and spread clean gravel and hog fuel.

honestly… unless you are a ski hill…this winter was brutal.

whatever..we did survive. clean up can happen when we know for sure that winter is done messing with us.

animal updates…

did i already introduce lovey?
the THIRD white cat to come into our care in the past month?
she started biting her senior and ill owner so it was no longer safe for her to remain in the home.
she is in settling in mode, hopefully soon she will feel at ease in her new shelter home.

stella is not well..still can’t get up and walk on her own..tomorrow is the re-assessment day after altering her meds to see if we can get her back on her feet.

we put gulliver on a quality of life assessment sheet last week..i am not happy with what we are seeing. we have adjusted his meds again to see if we can make things better for him…so far, not good.

floyd reverted back to his obsession with edwina…she started hiding out in the nesting boxes to escape him. floyd has lost his chance to live with his friends, he is back living side by side but with a fence to separate them. really floyd..ya just couldn’t leave her in peace?? no means no even in duck speak!

i woke up with a headache and my foot is still sore….i would like to climb back into bed but i better get dressed, another day is ready to start…life on the string of a rescue yo yo.

oh but the good news is…distracted, wandering harry is beginning to bond with me. last night he was trying to climb up on my lap and this morning he is drowsing tucked under mt feet.
oh yay, another old homeless dog has no other choice but to love me.

ongoing news

Posted: February 17, 2017 at 6:18 am

zander finally stabilized and was discharged from ER back to his foster home to be followed by our regular vet. three days of critical care was a big bill, luckily we could cover it.

stella was rushed off to the vets yesterday, she suddenly was unable to stand. not exactly sure yet what is wrong with her but here is something interesting about animals under stress.
stella couldn’t walk on her own when she went in yesterday morning but when i picked her up last night? as soon as she saw me she stood up, we opened the kennel gate and she trotted right past me straight thru the clinic to the front door…”hurry up lady…lets go!!!!”
she got into the car, jumped out when we got home and headed right for the front door.
within 5 minutes of being home back near her “safe” bed..she started wobbling and falling over again.
what was that temporary miracle?
it’s called Adrenalin. and it got her back to where she wanted to at home again.
stella is back down and has not gotten up since.

gulliver had a better night following a med readjustment..he slept well which meant i slept well..except i kept waking up and tuning my ears in his direction, just in case i was missing something.
the last med tweak only lasted a day or two, hopefully this one will last longer.

new cat in..his name is maxwell or max-a-million. he is currently recovering from a fairly big dental. sweet boy. he was originally gotten off craigs list when his owner passed away. he was adopted by a young man without a job or any money. max needed a thousand dollars worth of medical care and saints was contacted. we thought to make max a foster cat, cover his current medical needs and then re-adopt him back. but his new owner was not at home very often, remained unemployed and unlikely to have the time or resources to care for max’s future needs. so in his best interests he has come to saints to find a home that will be better prepared for ongoing pet care responsibility.

duke has been having some issues lately, most likely due to his diabetes. he was at the vets yesterday for an assessment.

we are hiring again, we are short 1 possibly 2 full time positions..i placed the ad and will have to deal with wading thru resumes and interviews. so not my favorite thing. finding the right people is way harder than you would think. it is not just about loving animals…it is about work ethics and personal responsibility. its about having enough positive life experience to have not only common sense and actual problem solving skills but also some innate wisdom too. and it is about really hard work that has to be done well because there are lives and their quality of life depending on you. all of this for a not so great wage…makes finding the right people… difficult.
oh well…here we go again.
the good news is..we have some truly great current staff..i am looking into the possibility of cloning. if science can clone a sheep..why not some of our staff??!!

the cup.

Posted: February 14, 2017 at 10:16 pm

i have been tired lately, tired of running this unbelievably complex enterprise with all of its challenges and idiosyncrasies.

i thought rescue was about helping animals…being there for them, being kind to them, respecting them, caring for them.

and it is.

but there is so much other stuff that goes along with all of that, all of the nitty gritty details that have to be attended to in order to do what we all want to do…giving the animals that come into our care some sense that they do have great value.

it has been a tough few weeks..the snow, the ice, the frozen pipes, no water, no electricity, staff shortages, my ripped apart bathroom, the fall i had this weekend that screwed up my leg, worrying about both people and animals that i care about.

and sometimes i wonder what the hell i am doing, why not just have a job like everyone else and come home to some quiet and peace.

and then i hold a panicked gulliver in my arms and gently rock him as i wait for him to fall asleep. and i see that harry is changing before my eyes and suddenly becoming irritably aggressive, and i ask about his meds, and i take one off the list, and tonight harry is peaceful and himself again. and i am learning ‘signals for when maisie wants to be fed and when she needs to get out really quick because her diarrhea is about to explode. so tonight she is not barking at me over and over to get her true point across, i am getting her messages clearer now. and zander who has been in a foster home for the past several years but yesterday he suddenly crashed and is in the emergency clinic getting top quality medical care, and we have the money to pay for giving him another decent chance. this is what those irritating challenges mean.

and here is another thing about rescue…it was never meant to be fun.
rescue is meant to accomplish something, like helping someone.
my leg is bruised but it still works.
the pipes are unfrozen and the snow and ice will soon disappear. the power is on and we have tons of water (at least til the dry well hits in june) and the volunteers and staff and our supporters that we can count on are incredibly committed to the well being of saints, to the well being of the animals and to my well being too.

my fire that used to burn so bright that sometimes it burned me has faded to smoldering coals. it still gives warmth, it still does its job..for a few years more…just not so innocently blindly.

these animals..these precious and innocent souls…they complicate my life in ways i never even thought of yet their needs are so simple.
love, care, dignity and respect…people to care for them, about them and some money for their bills in the bank.
just gotta keep my eyes on the ball, and remember to to be a bit more careful of my feet.

oh and be patient, the bathroom will eventually get put back together again, hope floats the floor layers come soon.

rescue is not fun but it fills my life up.
my cup runneth over with many things, but mostly with love for all of us…. past, present and future.

Pub Night for SAINTS March 4th

Posted: February 11, 2017 at 3:17 pm

Romnana did this event for SAINTS last year and raised over $13,000. If you are interested in getting tickets please call or text the number on the poster. This is a 3rd party event and we are not involved in the organizing of the event.

awaiting the worm.

Posted: February 10, 2017 at 6:40 pm

the power was out for over 30 hours..that totally sucked for everyone here. no power, no electricity, no pump, no water. add that to being virtually down 3 senior staff this week and it pretty much sucked around here.
but..lynne came every day and helped us out, jamie, erin, and anne got to some of the most critical vet runs, and arnie found us a scookum generator….so yes we survived.
i came home from work and tossed out all of the freezer and fridge stuff cuz i don’t want to risk a house full of food poisoned animals..that would put me right over the edge.
i am picking up more over time hours at work this weekend but will do a fridge restock and barn feed run before i go tomorrow.

this might be one of the hardest things about rescue but it is also one of the best things too…
when the going gets tough..the tough get going.
saints had some super tough folks that got the really important stuff done despite a bunch of nasty road blocks these past several days…saints folks ain’t wienies fer sure!

FYI apparently the power lines that are down in the driveway and front yard are not hydro power lines which would be totally dangerous but are in fact cable/phone lines which are not dangerous so it is safe for us to come and go thru the gate.

HOPEFULLY things will ease up a bit on us for a little always hope floats til it sinks.

anyway..everyone (human and animal) is ok..everyone survived, it might not have been much fun but then life sometimes is not a lot of fun..most of the time it’s just hard work.
however..the hard working early bird supposedly catches the worm.

so…..we are waiting the gawd dam worm.

well that’s a new one…

Posted: February 9, 2017 at 7:10 am

i had to phone into work..not sick, but frozen. i can’t even get out of the front yard to my car…all three gates are encased in ice and i am not strong enough to break them open. too old and my back is too sore to attempt at climbing the 5 foot fences..i am virtually held prisoner inside saints ice palace gates until at least the staff arrive and break me out.
this of course does not bode well for the roads up here on the mountain..but if i can get out, i will attempt to get into work if i can. freaking world is icy weird.

SAINTS Rescue Beer is Here!

Posted: February 8, 2017 at 8:42 pm

SAINTS will receive up to $10,000 of the sales. Below are the locations.

Mission Springs Brewery

Best Western Rainbow Inn

Liquor Giant
Seven Oaks


Brookswood LRS
Jericho Corner
Shark Club

Central City
Clayton Crossing
Clover Crossing

Maple Ridge LRS

Jakes Liquor Store
Port Moody LRS

John B
Pacific Westwood Plateau

Brewery Creek
High Point
Value On

JAK New West

Liquor Quicker –Tsawwasen

39th & Cambie
8th & Cambie
Broadway & Maple
Broadway & Lillooet

Libations (Dundarave)
16th Street Village
Taphouse (Park Royal)

Northshore Liquor
Northshore Liquor (Lynn Valley)

Oyster River
Metro Liquor
City Centre
Liquor Plus

Oceans LRS
R & G LD
Parksville LD

The Oxy
The Landing
Vancouver Island Liquor
Lady Smith LD

Ladysmith LD

Hospitality Inn
Port Alberni ld
Alberni lrs
Ukee LRS
Buckley Bay

Victoria & area:
17 Mile
6 Mile
Beacon Landing LRS
Beverly Corners
Black Swan LRS
Caddy Bay Liquor Store
Cascadia Colwood
Cascadia Eagle Creek
Cascadia Langford
Cascadia Quadra
Cascadia Uptown
Chemainus Village LRS
City Liquor (4 Mile)
Cobblestone Inn
Commons (CVI)
Cook St.
Cork and Barrel
Cowichan LRS
Cask and Keg
Four Mile (Colwood)
Glen Lake LRS
Gorge Point
Harris Green
Liquor Depot Langford
Liquor Depot Saanich
Liquor Express Esquimalt
Liquor Express Yates
Liquor Express Keating
Liquor Express Tillicum
Liquor Planet
Liquor Plus Cobble Hill
Liquor Plus Duncan
Liquor Plus Royal Oak
Liquor Plus Saanich
Liquor Plus Estevan
Liquor Plus Mattick’s Farm
Local LRS (Saltspring)
Maude’s LRS
Medecine Beach LRS
Monkey Tree
Prairie Inn
Red Lion
Sandman LRS
Spinnakers James Bay
Thrifty’s Tuscany
Thrifty’s University Heights
Travelodge Sidney
Upper Ganges (Saltspring)
Vintage Spirits
Waddling Dog

LRS Liquor Depot (Okanagan)
Liquor Depot (Vintage)
Urban Liquor Store
Mission Liquor Store
Liquor Depot (Kelowna)
Public Liquor Berezan

30th Street
Village Green
Vernon Square

Cherry Lane
Riverside Liquor
Clancy’s Liquor
Fairview Liquor
Peacock’s Perch Beer & Wine

Kamloops Lansdowne Central
Sundance Liquor
Sahali Liquor
Columbia Place
Valleyview Liquor Barn

Hume Liquor Boutique (Nelson)
Warfield Liquor Store (Warfield)

crappy days are here again…

Posted: February 7, 2017 at 7:06 pm

we are really struggling here…the deep snow makes all of the work just that much harder, plus i noticed tonight that it has broken our new-ish $600 outside storage tent. so happy about that!
we have a bunch of staff off right now which makes the work here twice as hard and that sucks greatly too.

i had to cancel 2 vet visits and 2 animal surgeries today..we were too short staffed to get them all in and picked up again. this is the first time that the animals have paid the price because everything went sideways here. they will all be re-booked for a less chaotic day.

i did manage to get half the house done before i left for work and luckily lynne came and finished everything else up.

but mo’s back is going from the extra and on going strain of working in 3 feet of snow, erin is being a real pain in the ass. she is barely 2 weeks post op after major surgery and is back on limited tasks but every time i turned around she was doing shit she was not supposed to be doing and totally freaking me out. lynne lost her greatly loved husband barely 2 weeks ago and here she is helping to save our ass. jackie has taken over the mp building on her own and she had not been fully trained to do that yet, poor anne has stepped up and is trying to be 3 people at once and really feeling the load. i swear to god i thought she was going to cry when she left work today. and our other ann just called, her son in law is coming up with the tractor to plow us out again…TONIGHT, in the DARK. it took arnie more than 2 hours to get here on the weekend, and andrea couldn’t get her car up the hill so she parked it and grabbed a ride with someone else. and then there was the house, the mp building and the barn folks who killed themselves for hours this weekend, dealing not just with the insane amount of snow, but no shavings and less people to go around….it has sucked here for everyone since the weather and our staffing levels went nutz.

shit..these guys are the heroes. ordinary people who do not let life get in their way…they navigate life’s bumpy road, pull up their socks, shove their feet in boots and put one foot in front of the other to ensure the saints animals get their care.

yes it totally sucks here right now in pretty much every way…and if we don’t kill our heroes with them trying to take care of this besieged snowy fort…we might all live to work and fight thru another shitty day.

and..they are the folks that makes saints great!

max has gone out into foster care!!

Posted: February 6, 2017 at 6:24 pm

the difficulties and stressers i face in rescue are not all that different than i face in nursing….it just sucks when both of my lifelong endeavors are having trouble at rthe very exact same time. saints is experiencing workload shortages due to medical leaves, vacations and pretty damn crappy weather. and my workplace is experiencing the same kind of challenges so tomorrow i have consented to give up part of my day off.
i am going to regret it, i know that i will as soon as i head into work tomorrow.
however it would be grossly unfair to be asking folks to pitch in and help us over the hump at saints if i am unwilling to do the same for my human clients.

hope floats that March will be better for everyone having a hard time right now!

sailor bob had his vet visit today to see what is going on with him. his bowels are somewhat better, his thyroid is finally under control, he has doubled his admission weight and gone from 2.8 kg to 4.8 kgs so that is all good news. but…he is not as active as he was and he seems to have some abdomen discomfort. he had blood work and we will see how he does.

i totally screwed up when i told work i would come in..i said i would work from 11-3 so i could get luna into the vets and stay with her until they sedated her. but i totally missed that i had to take newbies maisie and the rockstar (who was roxanne til we discovered that she was a boy!_) into the vets at noon. luckily the contact nurse hadn’t left for the day yet so i was able to switch working to 130-530 instead…whew!!!!

and it is snowing again..i think it should stop now.

the really good news today made all of us so happy…max, our long term, parapalegic king charles sweetheart…finally found a great..but also an appropriate foster home today, one that is prepared to meet all of his needs. it has been a long time in coming but max was patient and cheerful and made the very best of having to remain in our care.
until today…
we love him and we will miss him but today, max has a home of his very own…YAY!!

sadie suddenly passed away today

Posted: February 5, 2017 at 8:30 pm

she was found by one of our staff while out on a hike last year. sadie was lost in the bush and found sitting near her deceased chicken friend, all alone in the world.
she was brought to saints and joined our small flock and has done very well. sadie has not been ill, she has been looking and acting like she normally does, no one was concerned or aware that she might be feeling unwell. andrea checked her over carefully when she was found this morning but could not find anything untoward. we don’t know how old sadie was, we don’t know where she originally came from or how she ended up in the bush. all we know is that since sadie came here, she seemed content with her new home and friends and we are so sorry to have lost her.
rest in peace sadie, you were a beautiful girl.