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The Wizard of Animal Oddz

Posted: March 24, 2017 at 7:39 pm

its a fun (sometimes not so fun) story, with a bunch of weird fuzzy characters who fashion multiple potential death graves for me which thank god for owen, he routinely fills in.

mystic is the good fairy who instead of a magic wand, sports a magic tongue that she freely uses to wash your face (or june’s big ears) spreading magical saliva all around.
june is the cowardly lion, sweet, gentle and afraid of anyone new….she is also a bit of a klutz but she is beautiful.
pepper is the stoic and dignified tin man, she has impeccable manners and knows how to use them….when she wants to.
boomer is the scarecrow…floppy and easy going, he can blend into any crowd..and he will cheerfully sit in any giant hole that the others want him to test out.
daisy is an oversized sociopathic munchkin with trust issues who wants to be adorably cute.
luna is the wicked witch of the west, she is not really wicked just kind of bitchy when she is guarding my bed.
and newbie rain is a whole host of flying monkeys..except his monkeys are pretty good natured and not little jerks.

and i am sad to say that i am the wizard..a little befuddled, confused and can get lost in a closet, which is how i ended up here in the oddz animal zoo. i too suck at driving moving vehicles (you should see the scratches and dents i have accumulated on my poor car!) however i do have little bit of a smarter transportation view than the original wizard… you would never catch me dead in a hot air balloon because i am terrified of heights.

and then there is the computer room crew…

kassa…snow (freaking perfect) white and the 7 freaky dogz dwarfs.

buddy= ancient goofy
vinny= hungry itchy
keats= snarky snoozer
harry= grumpy clueless
rocket= cranky noisebox
oreo… the truly insane.

rain and his many way too happy monkeys flies over here too because he likes playing with his 6 freaky friends.

and IF i can find a poison apple, i am giving it to rocket: the pain in the ass, rabble rousing rockstar.

new cat in…

Posted: March 22, 2017 at 8:32 pm

saints welcomes mocha, who i am going to call maurice because we already had a mocha.

he is an approx. 10 yr old intact stray tom…big chubby cheeks!
he has an eye infection and he is FIV positive.
he has been being fed by some kind folks and they were willing to take him in but once at the vet it was discovered he was FIV positive and they were worried about their own family cats being exposed to him.

FIV still has that unfair stigma attached to it, their vet even told them he would have to live separate from their healthy cats.
this is not necessarily true. FIV is spread by sex and deep bite wounds. once maurice is neutered and assuming that like most cats he refrains from biting others, there shouldn’t be a problem.

in any case, he is a beautiful and sweet, friendly cat. hopefully he settles well here soon.

welcome maurice, glad we could be here for you.

the rescue revolving door

Posted: March 20, 2017 at 7:09 pm

the problem with rescue is..there is no time for climatization, decompression..whatever you want to call it.

i come home to the unexpected emptiness of no maisie to vinny walking in the door.

in some respects it totally sucks but in other respects, it is what it is.

maisie moved past us and vinny needs us.

it is that damn rescue revolving door.

so saints welcomes vinny, he came in last evening and he is a very sweet and gentle dog.
and he is a mess.
his skin is terrible.
he has a vet appointment on Wednesday but we have already started him on treatments and meds. the vets can tweak them as needed but he needed help right away so to hold him until we can get him in, we started him out on our standard skin dog program.
hopefully he will feel better in a couple of days.

vinny is about 14 years old…supposedly a shepherd/husky. hard to see either of those breeds in him right now, he looks like one of those dogs you see on the internet being rescued in third world countries…missing so much of their hair that it is always a pleasant surprise at the end of the videos to see them months after rescue and looking like real dogs again.
vinny’s family got him about three years ago and have been unable to successfully manage his allergies and his skin just kept getting worse.
lucky for him we have had so much experience with severe skin dogs that we should be able to get him under control fairly soon.

anyway..vinny is here, he is a great dog and rain, our diabetic young one, likes him A LOT!

welcome vinny..i promise, you will feel much better soon!

much loved maisie passed away today.

Posted: March 19, 2017 at 5:52 pm

this morning she suddenly had difficulty breathing and was rushed to emergency where they discovered several large masses in her lungs. maisie was 16 years old, lived a hard life and wasn’t with us for long, but she wormed her way into all of our hearts and will be very greatly missed.

love you maisie, rest in peace sweet girl.

(thank you ali for being with her so she wasn’t alone.)

good news all around

Posted: March 18, 2017 at 5:02 pm

brat is doing well..looks like he has control of his bladder, not yet of his bowels. he is up and starting to mobilize unsteadily with his back far so good!! he has a way to go yet.

rain is doing better, we upped his insulin again..he is still peeing A LOT but it is improving..a little. he has been introduced to the barn today, he thought that was great fun.

cleopatra went out into foster care with erin..yay erin and cleo!
violet went out into foster care with jamie…yay violet and jamie!
and my darling little buddy who no one ever looked twice at, went into foster care with lynne today…YAY LYNNE AND BUDDY!!!!

and hey the freaking sun is shining! what a strange and rare occurrence.


Posted: March 17, 2017 at 6:44 am

this faulty old brain just can’t keep the new dog’s name is actually raiden. and it stresses me out having to stop and think,,shit..which name is it??
so to make my life easier and so i don’t have to stop, sort thru my head and think before i call him and end up getting it wrong anyway…
i am just calling him rain.
its close enough, its easy for me to remember and i can speak it gently and lovingly which is what he really hears anyway.

he is kinda my best buddy now..likes to be near me, slept with his head tucked onto my shoulder, my knee, my hip, my neck..pretty much anywhere he landed when flopping around.

ok so i forgot how much an uncontrolled diabetic can pee…holy batman my bedroom was flood city!
i let him out at 11pm, 230am and 530am (he can’t figure out the doggy door yet) and he still freaking flooded the room!
thank god for lino!!!!!

it reminds me of the good old days…jazz, the deaf and blind rotti who i used to joke about how i needed gum boots and a canoe in the morning to navigate thru her lakes of urine.
gosh she was a truly great dog!!!

i really have been blessed in life to know and love some incredible dogs….and other animals too (gideon, percy, marilla, frodo.)
oh my god i am getting nostalgic, another sign that i am getting old too.

so the plan for today is..erin and i are dropping off rockstar for his dental today. once that is done he is ready for adoption…yay!
then we are heading over to Boundary Bay to learn how to cathetorize bratwurst so he can come home today. he is making a good recovery from his spinal surgery…he has pain sensation back in his toes and he can move his legs. he is not able to stand or walk yet and still can’t pee on his own. not sure how much recovery he will have in the end but it can take several weeks to get as far as he can. and the majority of that recovery can happen at home.

i finally met jaspar the new old wrecked cat. what an absolutely lovely old man! his blood work is back and he has moderate kidney disease so we will deal with that.

hope the bunny’s abscess is coming back on her nose, looks like we did not get it all drained out last time and the antibiotics weren’t able to get at the rest.

there was no point in going back to bed at 0530 after rain’s last outside pee so i decided to stay up and do my own personal laundry. !! now i am guaranteed to have clean clothes for my upcoming work week! and that reminds me..i better go switch the loads around and maybe let rain out again before he re-floods the house.



Rainer is here

Posted: March 16, 2017 at 9:45 pm

the 14 month old diabetic catahoula cross. he is adorable and absolutely sweet. gets along fabulously with cats, dogs and people. super great dog.
he had his first vet visit, insulin dose adjusted. goes back in a week for reassessment.
he already actually likes it here!
AND..he likes sushi!
such a good boy!

we have a few for sure and possible new incomings…

Posted: March 16, 2017 at 8:24 am

stretching financial, workload and space resources. i don’t think we can stretch much 3 days we will be just about maxed out on capacity again.

violet is going into foster care with jamie and daryl which will free up a space in the house kitchen area for bratwurst once he is discharged from hospital. i suppose we could maybe squeeze one or two more really serious desperate little broken ones in there if we had to but brat is going to need a lot of post surgical and rehab extra care.

jaspar the senior in pretty horrible shape for only being 12 years old, is already in and has seen our vets. he came in yesterday while i was at work so i haven’t gone over to the mp building to meet this very nice cat. but anyway, that communal area is now full, so no more incoming sick, senior cats.

vinny is a 14 yr old senior with pretty horrible skin issues, he arrives on sunday and will join airabelle and clover. with the recent addition of a little bit sketchy ella…that makes the mp dog areas full now too.

and at noon today a 14 month old catahoula/pitty cross is going to be tested to see if he can fit in with the big dog thugs who live in the big dog room with me. he was diagnosed at 8 months old with diabetes but is not controlled yet. his young family just had a new baby and can no longer manage his medical care costs nor his as yet uncontrolled diabetes which is causing him to flood urine inside the house. if he can’t live with our big guys, there is no where else appropriate for him here. he is too young and big to be with the old frail guys so here’s hoping he likes the big guys and they like him or he can’t stay here.
i am not supremely happy about trying to fit him in with us..i already have the thuggish dogs eating my pillows and bed, not too keen to invite a goofy 1/2 pitty teenage puppy with the jaws of life to the ongoing saga of my buffet-bed. but geez..he is sick and needs a safe place to land….and lets face it…the reality is…there won’t too many decent and responsible options available to him.
i wonder…do they make kevlar, bullet proof pillows and beds?

here is an interesting fact about rescue…

we actually do not want any of the animals who come into our care.
every time an animal tries to get in and we go thru the process of figuring out if we can or can’t responsibly take them in…i always want to say..sorry, but no.
but what i want to say and what we can actually do is not always the same.
it is not a matter of… do we want? is a matter …can or can’t?
and can or can’t always wins.

don’t get me wrong..once we have them, we want them, we love them, we are glad they are here. and we will go to the wall for them without any regrets.
but before we get them, before we know them, before we love is honestly more like “oh fuck, please god no, don’t make whoever it is have to come here.”

its like the gift that keeps giving that you think you don’t want…until they get here and they get their paws on your heart and you get sucked into their souls.
it is the best gift of all even if it sucks.

no gain. looking forward to the day we have gained enough.

saints welcomes bratwurst.

Posted: March 13, 2017 at 11:24 pm

so we have a new little guy on our rescue books…saints welcome “bratwurst” a little mini-daxi. bratwurst suddenly became paralysed yesterday and his young owner just did not have the $6000-$8000 required for major spinal surgery. brat was signed over to saints in order to give him the best possible chance of recovery and rushed over to Boundary Bay Specialty Hospital for a consultation with Dr Gordon and his neurological specialty team. after diagnostics it was determined that brat had a ruptured disc that was causing spinal compression, he was prepped and rushed in for emergency surgery to stop the bleeding, remove the clots and relieve his spinal cord compression.
time is of the essence in these types of surgeries, once 48 hours has past the chances of permanent spinal cord damage increase drastically.

we have dealt with so many past parapalegics who never had the chance for timely intervention. it is really hard on the animals to have to live as parapalegics and it is really difficult for their caregivers because it is a ongoing lifelong, day in and day out battle in preventing pressure sores, urine scald, multiple daily bladder and sometimes bowel expressions, frequent bladder infections, formations of crystals and bladder stones, plus the daily care of a significantly physically disabled animal who requires a lot of extra physical and emotional care. it is not as simple as putting them into diapers and a wheelchair.

because these specialized surgeries are so prohibitively expensive, so many animals just don’t get a second chance. so brats young owner did what was best for him and signed him over to a rescue who not only could provide for the cost of his care but also has the experience he needs post operatively to achieve the best results. the post surgical rehab on these guys is 8-12 weeks including severely restricting mobility plus ongoing physiotherapy.

and here is the kicker..even getting the surgery within the first 24 hours post injury..brat only has a 50% chance of full recovery. maybe he will walk again, maybe he won’t…maybe he will be able to pee or poop on his own and maybe he won’t. there are no guarantees …just providing the best possible treatment and a big dose of faith and hope.

but we will do our very best for him and he certainly is medically in the very best hands with Dr Gordon (he is the surgeon who repaired eddie, our 14 year old cocker who ruptured his spinal discs. eddie has made a full post surgical recovery and is currently running around brenda’s home and heart like a goofy, happy, 15 yr old puppy!

so..little bratwurst has a decent 50/50 chance. he came thru the surgery ok tonight, they removed the pressure on his spine and he has been moved into intensive care. he will spend at least the next several days receiving ongoing 24 hr specialized medical care.

and i just want to remind everyone to spread the word around about having pets on limited incomes…if you are going to have a much loved animal depending on you who may one day really need expensive medical care..please get pet insurance. some plans will cover up to 80% of costs..a $6000 surgery suddenly becomes a more manageable $1200 cost. i know it sucks to pay into a plan every month that maybe won’t ever have to used…but god forbid if something bad does happen, that insurance will feel like a lotto win to both your animal and you.

fingers crossed that brat recovers well, however this goes tho..we will ensure whatever it is, he gets what he needs.

fun… no harm no foul

Posted: March 12, 2017 at 6:18 pm

i think the biggest mistake we make in living with animals is not recognizing that each individual is uniquely complex, just like you and me. these guys aren’t simpletons..altho when they keep eating my bed i might momentarily disagree! but really the reason they keep eating my bed is because some of them actually enjoy ripping shit up…toys, pillows, beds..they enjoy it and it satisfies something inside of them..kind of like humans who like popping those little pockets on bubble wrap or cracking their knuckles. tearing the fluff out of my pillows is fun!

now i suppose if i yelled at them or punished them for wrecking the pillows, they might decide it is no longer fun. but more likely they still would think it was fun and i was just a bad tempered grump.
anyway..i don’t want to yell at them over something as stupid as a $3.95 pillow (i learned to buy them cheap!) so i try to remember to get up in the morning and put the pillows high on a shelf where they can’t reach.

there are lots of things that humans do that we think are fun…that maybe the animals don’t think is such a great time…petting zoo’s, pony rides, marine parks and enjoying the antics of the little monkeys and penguins in captivity. its fun watching cute baby animal videos on the internet..babies who for some reason are not with their mothers. its fun dressing pets up in costumes or carrying them around in a blinged up purse. some humans think hunting and fishing is fun but i bet the hunted and the ones with the hook in their mouths actually think it hurts.

different species, different strokes for different folks. fun can be different for every living being.
on the big universal scale of fun things, the dogs tearing the shit out of my pillows in a fearless and reckless “them against pillow” game, is a pretty harmless kind of fun. who am i to turn it into a bad thing that they have done?
the bad thing was mine when i left the damn pillows within reach of their paws and teeth!!.

and the bottom line? the pillows are inert man made things..they are not alive, they do not have feelings, they are not living hostages in human made captivity so ripping them up causes them no pain or emotional harm. a pillow doesn’t care if it is under my head or flung around by a dog.
lets face me pillow destruction is simply a minor inconvenience…. no harm, no foul.

this is some of the pillow thugs….out at the barn getting treats, another really fun thing!