Husky - Senior - Male
Adoptable Large Spayed/NeuteredhousetrainedPrefers No CatsPrefers No DogsSpecial Needs

Enok is a Greenland Husky. He has spent his life as a sled dog in the NWT. Everything is new to Enok, and everything is potentially scary. The right home for Enok will be patient and understanding and know that Enok has never been a pet before, and some things take time getting used to, other things likely will not change. Enoks tends to guard his food. He has never had a bowl of his own before, and he is not interested in sharing with other dogs. Feeding with other dogs in the home just means they would need to eat separately, Enok likes some other dogs, but not all. Ideally he would be the only pet in the home, with people who are around more often than not. He lacks real social skills, being a sled dog does not leave alot of opportunity to make friends. Slow introductions into new situations are a must, at first Enok had trouble going through doors, walking under ceiling fans. He views sticks or anything that resembles a stick (broom, mop) as a threat and he will cower, run away, try to hide. This is likely just something that is so deep seeded in him , and probably will always be something his new family would have to understand, accept, and try to work around (like sweeping the floor without him in the room). Enok will make a great companion, he loves walks, has great manners and is looking for that special someone who is willing to commit, to show him the life he deserves. While Enok is fine with kids, rambunctious, busy children are probably going to be too much for him. A calm, predictable home will a steady routine would suit him best. Enok eats a bland, gastrointestinal diet, he loves it! Slower, older cats that lumber around may be ok in the home, but young fast moving small animals will likely be a little too enticing to not chase, so supervision would be necessary. Enok is a great dog, looking for an equally great home, we know its out there. Is it with you? For more information including how to apply to adopt Enok, follow this link http://www.saintsrescue.ca/adopt/ or email saintsadoptions@gmail.com