Dove - Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium

Paris’s story likely begins in a pet shop. Bought and sold with no regard for her quality of life, or life at all. Paris was probably a “release dove” used at weddings,  a symbolic gesture meaning peace to humans, but a death sentence to a dove. Barbary, or Ringneck Doves such as Paris, cannot survive in the wild. They are completely domesticated, with no fear of predators, and no knowledge of naturally occurring food. They also have no homing instinct, (unlike white homing pigeons, the more humane choice of release birds) but this is not widely known. Paris was lucky, found in a garden, in a pretty residential neighbourhood, and brought to S.A.I.N.T.S.  Ringneck Doves can live about 12 years. While her exact age isnt known, Paris is an adult, likely between 2-5 years old. She is tame, and she can be handled easily enough to be taken in and out of her cage, while being confined safely indoors. Doves are gentle, easy birds to care for. For more info on Paris please contact our adoption coordinator at


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