Pepper Potts

Leonberger - Adult - Female
Adoptable Large Mix Spayed/NeuteredhousetrainedPrefers No CatsPrefers No Dogs

Pepper Potts is 3 years old. She is a big, fun, fluffy girl who loves children, she is totally comfortable with them, and belly rubs from kids are her favourite! Pepper has some dog aggression, she does guard food (from dogs, not people) and has some barrier aggression (again, to dogs, not to people), so Pepper is looking to be the only dog in the home. She may be ok with a cat, and really wants kids in the home, but no other dogs. Pepper is a bit lacking in the training department, and could use a refresher course on manners, but she is an all-around good girl. Pepper loves freedom, she is active and is a medium energy dog who would benefit from long walks or acreage. She would need to be kept busy during the day if left alone for long periods, chew toys, and regular access to the outdoors would be ideal.