Adult - Male
Adoptable Small Spayed/NeuteredSpecial Needs

Shamus is a sweet, friendly little guy looking for his forever home. He has an old injury to his back left leg, the hock joint was broken some time ago and is not repairable. Shamus cannot hop properly, he cannot get into a regular litter box, cannot use stairs, he cannot jump and climb and explore like he wants to. Shamus deals with this just fine, but care must be taken to keep him safe as his natural defences (hopping, evading, darting around, kicking) are lessened. Shamus is trying to learn to use a cardboard litter box, he may or may not get the hang of it in time. Rabbits are social animals, they do not want to live in a cage or hutch. With a bit of rabbit proofing (and some litter box training), a home can have a rabbit loose indoors just like a cat. For more information about Shamus, please email our adoption coordinator at