Young - Female
Adoptable Medium Spayed/Neutered

Thumper may have started her life as a stray, but she is friendly and outgoing, though it can take her some time to warm up. SAINTS believes all rabbits should have a rabbit friend in the home. If there is already a rabbit in the family that this bunny may form a bond to, great! If not we believe all our rabbits would be happier adopted out in pairs (or more). Rabbits are not backyard hutch animals, they are available only as cage-free (at least mostly), valued family members. Rabbits can easily be litter trained, just like cats! Rabbits are social animals, they like to live inside the home, and as they are naturally diggers, any outside time must be in an escape proof area under supervision. For more information about Thumper, including how to apply to adopt, follow this link or email