Posted: August 22, 2017 at 6:13 pm

clover is carrying on. she has moments of panic as she searches for her mom and she has a bad habit of jumping the indoor gates ending up too close to the door or in that little asshole oscar’s pen to peer out the window. this morning she had a couple of shallow wounds on her face and neck…we are thinking that oscar objected to her jumping into his pen. it would be nice if we could explain to him that he should be nice because she is really upset. but even if he could understand us, oscar honestly would not care. he’s just like that..it is all about oscar, and she should stay out of his pen.

poor ella has had a tough time. she caught herself on something sharp..a loose fence wire? a nail sticking out of a fence? we don’t know because we can’t find it. but the vets said it is definitely a single tear from something rally sharp. it ripped right thru her arm pit muscle, so i think she was trying to jump over something and got caught. she had surgery and a couple of drains put in and is now in a cone. ella is tough enough to withstand the sutures and drains but she totally upset that her head is stuck in a cone.

i am getting into a pretty smooth routine with stella while she settles down..she is fairly content in the entrance way, it is close to all of the action and it is pretty easy for me to move her thru gates to empty yards while i rotate the other dogs in and out.
i am a little worried because this weekend king of the north is flying down. he better be a good and easy going dog because we are maxed out on prickily dog spaces.

sometimes i wish we could MRI all incoming dogs heads to weed out the difficult ones. sadly that technology is not yet available so we get who we get and bend ourselves into pretzels to make it work for both us and them.
who needs yoga? we have saints!

we are going to be short staffed now until early October so if any volunteers feel like coming up and helping us during the week, it would be greatly appreciated for the next little while.

vinnie is obsessing over his glow in the dark bouncy ball, he keeps getting it stuck under shit and makes me crawl around to retrieve it for him…this game is not really fun.


Posted: August 22, 2017 at 6:34 am

there is so much more to rescue that long ago in my innocence i just never did see.
i have always been a worrier but now i worry about different things.
when i think about what i used to worry about, it always, somehow involved worrying about me.
did people like me, was i a good person, did i do a decent job in rescue, why didn’t people understand me?

now i worry about other things, the animals, staff, volunteers, the occasional ugly underbelly of rescue, the political ideologies of flawed humans with power, climate change and how that affects our children’s children, and i spend a lot of time worrying about the future of saints and how to keep it effective and safe.

bottom line? i am and will be fine. i have been very lucky in life..more than enough luck and good fate to last me til i die.

i don’t know if this more global, less personal worry is such a good thing…me i have control over…everything else is just overwhelming.

for the last 2 nights in my voyages to and fro around here, i have stopped for a few seconds to look up at the clear night sky.
you should see the stars here…thousands of tiny brilliantly bright lights. without any effort, i can see the big and little dippers clearly outlined just beyond my reach. it is an astronomers dream.
sometimes when i am driving back and forth visiting clients, i pull onto a street and the views of the mountains are absolutely breathtaking.
and i think holy crap man, we are so freaking lucky to live in so much soul thumping beauty.
the other thing that has moved my soul to the brink of something just beyond my reach…. is the honor of caring for the dying. people and animals who are fighting their last battles, who have with grace and dignity surrendered to the inevitable and taken their last breaths on this earth…young, old, broken or whole, their journey beyond is soul bending.

i have gone thru long periods in life where my glass felt half empty but as i get older i realize that every single drop of life is so utterly precious, so incredibly unique that it is not half of anything. in and of itself it is totally complete.

i will probably never learn to not worry. true and altruistic zen is beyond me. but i am such a tiny spec in this universe of marvels…i have had such an incredible gift in sharing this life with others and in walking parts of it alone.
sometimes even the occasional darkness and silence becomes the music that feeds my soul.

daniel passed away today

Posted: August 21, 2017 at 8:02 pm

he was one of our sweet rabbits. erin noticed this morning that he was acting strangely, a little bit wobbly and seemingly confused and rushed him down to the vets. his body temperature had dropped dangerously low and there was blood in his rectum. a quick blood sugar check revealed his blood sugar levels were thru the roof, in the end they diagnosed hypovolemic shock secondary to ketoacidosis so maybe he was an unknown, out of control diabetic (but none of us knew anything about diabetes in rabbits, it is virtually unheard of.) he was however overweight, but also the blood sugar levels in rabbits can rise significantly when under great stress, and he was very ill and at the vets which would have constituted great stress. he could have had something like a pancreatic tumor which was messing up his insulin production, or any other number of things wrong that we just don’t know so at this point anything is just a guess. in any case he continued to deteriorate quickly, the vet felt there really was no hope that he could come back from this and we made the decision to help him peacefully pass. these kind of sudden and unexpected life threatening events are upsetting to all of us here, it is hard enough losing them but not knowing what happened makes it even worse.

logan is so going to miss his friend and the staff and volunteers will greatly miss him as well.
rest in peace daniel, you were a very sweet rabbit, we are truly sorry we couldn’t save you.

the temps.

Posted: August 20, 2017 at 8:02 am

the past few weeks have been brutal but we don’t get to pick certain things in life…like when it decides to end. death is a certainty for all living things and our job is to live as well as we can.
for us that means helping others and not letting anger, resentment or hate rule our minds. there is enough of that dirty shit in the world, those kind of negative and destructive emotions sidelines the evolution of all mankind.

i will never say that love conquers all because love doesn’t conquer all. but a personal responsibility to framing the world around us in positive terms and a respect for all living creatures goes a long way to conquering some of the horrific problems in this world.
we are a species of conflict…
i see websites sobbing to save the life of a dog and yet promoting the killing of feral cats.
i see young girls swooning over love of their new horse and yet sending it off for auction a few years later when they can get something competitively better.
i see fathers loving and wanting the best for their sons but marching to destroy the hopes and dreams of other sons.
i see woman who love their babies shaming other mothers over breast and bottle, over attachment theories or cry it out.

do we remember that golden rule…do unto others as you would have them do unto you?
it is so fucking simple.
it basically means…don’t be an asshole.
no buts, no exceptions..just don’t be a jerk.
we can talk about our differences without tearing someones guts out.

on an animal rescue blog in preaching about kindness to animals, i am preaching to the choir of animal loving people.

but what about the muslims, the jews, that asshole racist who happens to be related to you? what about chickens and spiders, and homely old dogs?
what about the autistic child screaming uncontrollably in the next yard? what about the fat person in walmart wearing ill fitting clothes? what about the homeless who could have a shelter near your home? what about the syrians dying while escaping war in overloaded boats? what about your neighbor who hates barking dogs? what about vets who shoot arrows at stray cats? what about men who grab or beat woman, what about woman who hate couples of the same sex? what about a government that turns its back on minorities, on the disabled, on it’s veterans, on any one who is different then them?
nazi’s killing jews, jews killing palestians, muslims killing christians, christians killing muslims, whites killing blacks, blacks killing whites…human beings of this planet practicing genocide.

their hate, our hate, it really makes no difference..it is still hate surrounding us where ever we turn.

we can stand for what we believe in, we can work towards a better world…in big or small things we can really make a huge difference if we do unto others as we want to be done onto.
save a dog, save a cat, save a cow or a pig or a horse from slaughter. save a child from drowning in the sea, save a race or a religon from a bigotted, horribly violent victimization in this world.

for all of our sakes…save ourselves from destroying our humanity….but don’t try to do it with hate or anger or fear.
just do it because life is precious, it is a gift and it is for each of us temporary.
none of us can live forever, we are just temps..but we can use the time we have to make this world better.
it starts with making ourselves better.

hyde passed gently today.

Posted: August 19, 2017 at 6:24 pm

he came in a few months ago, we could see his owner was very ill. he wanted to ensure that his friend hyde was taken care of before his own life came to an end.
we realized quickly that all was not well with our new guy besides being old and blind and have spent the last few months trying to win a battle that we finally lost today.
hyde was a good and very sweet dog. he was well loved in life, both with his previous owner and with our staff and volunteers.
it was so sad that hyde’s best friend passed away leaving him behind. today we are sad that hyde has gone to join him.
rest in peace, sweet good dog, may you both be together and free on the other side.

more carrying on.

Posted: August 19, 2017 at 8:09 am

new old dog from NWT did not arrive as planned. his flight was delayed so the shelter decided in his best interests to send him a different day.
oh…and his name is king by the way.

new in tho is stella, a PB, unspayed english setter, she is only 9 yrs old. she is healthy but the reason i decided to take her is because of anxiety issues. she was a well loved working dog, she was used for hunting birds and deer but has always been an outside dog who apparently goes insane when inside. her family was an older couple, one suffering from dementia and the other with cancer and they were no longer able to care for her. i was worried that if turned into a traditional shelter, she might have great difficulty adjusting to a confined kennel environment. we have room so i thought she might do better here.

stella came in late yesterday afternoon. it was an interesting first night…and not in a good way. she is extremely anxious and nervous and when you are with her…submissive, until you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. when i got back, she had mystic pinned in a corner, right on top of her, daring her to make a wrong move. i pulled her off, told her to knock it off and let mystic escape back up on to the bed and stella jumped right up after her. i held her off, again told her to knock it off but it took several long seconds for stella to change her focus from mystic to me and comply. the rest of the night was ok..stella settled back down on the bed on the floor beside me but mystic, luna and boomer huddled on the bed afraid to move.

now i get that stella is not in her right mind right now, extreme stress for an anxious dog affects their perceptions of impending threats and their reactions are heightened. but i need to be careful because my dogs have already dealt with the trauma results of pepper’s stress and their reactions were not pretty. so i need to be on my toes. i am not sure how long it will take stella to settle and come to terms with her world upside down and if she can find some comfort and joy in this new kind of life.
i will try to be careful and not fuck this up, underneath her anxiety is a really nice dog and she does need to learn to live in a house without going nutz in order to find her a really good home.

summer had her knee surgery yesterday, the vet came and did the surgery in the old rabbit room…thank you to the on site staff for staying late and dealing with it all (we were down three staff!) and to mo, lynn and laura coming up and helping us out! it was hugely appreciated!!!

big bear had his diabetes recheck…his insulin dose is going up again but we are making progress.

sheila and i interviewed three potential new board members with the skills we need to help move us into the future. we have always done a pretty good job here but all of us are grass roots, working in the trenches types, saints is evolving to need more than that. i am pretty excited about adding the future view and journey to our current day by day focus.

i did get to spend part of the day at the cabin with jenn and emmalyn. i did my laundry, we had lunch, did some furniture rearranging and played with em down at the beach. i need more time for things like this. it was a tough week, last night was tough too..i was awake a lot worrying about things and this weekend is shaping up to be fairly busy. it was a bad time to be switching to a new job but hopefully once things settle here and i find my new groove at work it will all eventually work out.
hope floats this is true…sooner than later too.

foster saint hendrix (aka scratch) has passed away

Posted: August 18, 2017 at 8:02 am

he was an old discarded pitty with an old man face. jenn came and met him and gave him the home of his dreams.
we are so very sorry for your loss jenn and so very grateful that hendrix was able to spend his last few years in a home that was truly amazing.

carrying on….

Posted: August 17, 2017 at 6:11 pm

clover is having a hard time. she tore off three nails today in a meltdown when one of the staff took ella out for a walk. and she started to flip out again when it was harry’s turn. we are going to close that room down over the weekend to decrease clovers stress. harry and ella will have to forgo walks for a few days until she settles, she needs both of them with her right now.

we had to split the rabbits again due to fighting which kind of sucks. we were hoping for 2 very large communal areas but now one of the communal areas has been split into 3 until we can build one more pen. whatever..the rabbits apparently get to dictate who gets to live where.

bif (the turkey) decided it was a brilliant idea to fence fight with ella the dog. there was tiny quarter inch wire between them but bif got her beak caught in the wire. she has split her beak and broken off the tip. the vets have seen her, cleaned and bandaged it and said it will heal. i am just shaking my head at the stupidity of both of them. fer chrissakes how hard is it to just ignore each other?

sad news for rudy, he is coming up to 31 years old now and has developed several melanoma tumors on his penis under the shaft..the vet said it is too extensive to surgically remove them so we will just watch and wait for them to cause him problems, he is palliative now.

summer the goat is going to have surgery on her knee within the next week or so. the vets have seen her many, many times regarding this knee, we have tried many, many different treatments. nothing is working so it is time to try to fix it surgically.

there was supposed to be a new dog coming here today for possible admission to saints..the family was a no show, tried calling but the mailbox is full so am not sure what is happening.

new old dog flying down from the North West Territories SPCA tomorrow morning…please god let him be a good boy, our asshole spaces are all used up.

these past couple weeks have been brutal for us…so many losses, short staffed, huge looming vet bills, lots of stress and sadness.
but we are coping…one problem, one issue solution, one heart break at a time…one foot in front of the other, eyes on the bouncing, erratic ball.

things will better, things will settle, they always do…but in the mean time, there is still work to do.

safe journey to saints new old north dog…sorry, i don’t yet know your name (huge thx to shelagh for picking him up at the airport tomorrow for us!).
here is his photo…

kind words from a saints supporter for the staff and volunteers

Posted: August 17, 2017 at 7:46 am

from bill…
I understand that things have been rough lately….. I am thinking of not only the precious animals but the wonderful people working so very hard at Saints. Please don’t get discouraged……….know that we all are so very grateful for your hard work. I wish we could do more.

another sad day at saints

Posted: August 16, 2017 at 9:02 pm

airabelle passed away today. when she came in from far up north, she had an aggressive mammary cancer. she had surgery to remove the tumors and altho we hoped it hadn’t, we knew it might have spread.
airabelle suddenly stop eating and began vomiting, we took her into the vets. the xrays and blood work were not conclusive…cancer or a massive internal abscess? she was rushed over to Boundry Bay Specialty Hospital for an emergency ultrasound and hopefully a possible surgery. unfortunately her liver was full of tumors and she was beginning to bleed out. airabelle was helped to pass peacefully away with erin and renee at her side.

airabelle was happy here, and erin was not just her primary caregiver…she was part of her family that was rooted in mutual love and respect. her shy and anxious daughter, clover. who depended on airabelle to make her world safe, feels alone and afraid right now.
but clover is not alone here, she has made friends with ella and harry and erin loves her as much as she loved her mother.
clover will be treasured and well loved with us, i think airabelle knows this and is at peace leaving her daughter safe in our hands.

airabelle, you were a beautifully kind and loving dog and will be so greatly missed.

and another sad loss….

mo lost her beloved ripley this morning, he and his brother gizmo were two of the very first saints. i called them the box babies. 5 tiny, flea infested kittens abandoned in a box 13 years ago in the middle of a heat wave. only three were alive when they were found and i named them tinderbox, tacklebox and trinketbox. trinket died within a few days but against all odds tackle and tinder made it. these two were phenomenal babes, i had never met anyone like them and i intended to keep them…that is until mo came. she saw right away how special they were and when she offered them a home, i knew they would be incredibly loved by her.
2 little very special tossed away cats..and mo loved them with all of her heart.
rest in peace gizmo beside your brother…mo carries you both safely forever inside her huge heart.