Geezer Passed Away Today

Posted: April 23, 2017 at 4:24 pm

Carol phoned me today as she was driving to the vet with Geezer.

Below is my post on Facebook.

Today our sweet Team House Captain Geezer passed from this world. He had end stage kidney disease and had come to the end of his journey on this earth today. Geezer came to SAINTS in April 2014. He was a lucky SAINT as he came from a home where he was much loved and he was much loved at SAINTS. He was one of the kitchen cats and that meant he got along with dogs, people, and other cats … what more could one ask of a cat. He was always seemed to be at the end of the counter, near the door, waiting patiently for a head rub.

This is the third year we have had Team Captains. Since death is an everyday reality at SAINTS it has been a priority to pick a captain that will make it through the 1 month campaign. But that didn’t happen this year. It is a sad yes but maybe it also okay too as acceptance of death is also a reality at SAINTS. Captain Geezer will still be the Team House Captain in spirit.

The Amazing Raise Update

Posted: April 20, 2017 at 4:11 pm

For those that are following our Race to Raise Funds here are our total
Team Barn $975
Team House $1170
Team MP Room $4105
Not Allocated $1635

Total $7885

me thinks we are going to have to do a video of Geezer and Bill 😀😀

The Amazing Raise

Please note that we are having a technical problem with the online total showing for the MP Room What is posted above is the accurate total.

still catching up from my weekend away!

Posted: April 19, 2017 at 9:08 pm

apparently by the time i finished writing my last post, i wasn’t really finished with my true welcome home.
monday night we ended up picking up bratwurst from his foster home and rushing him back to emergency because that little bugger ruptured his disc once again.
he had his repeat, do-over spinal surgery on tuesday to remove the spinal cord compression and we are currently waiting to see how he does.
oh yay, 10 pound mini daxi, with a $15,000 spine now better be able to walk again!
sheesh bratwurst, knock the “help i am paralyzed!” crises shit off!
the whole second episode was like deja vu!

poor little lily…we are pretty sure that wound on her back is either a horrible reaction to an injection or a burn from a warming bag while she was hospitalized, or i was thinking maybe even a nasty spider bite.
bottom line is we are not sure, it was discovered 24 hours post hospital discharge when it suddenly started draining and the hair started falling off. in any case it is a truly nasty wound that will take weeks and possibly a debridemnent surgery to heal again. the wound care is too intense to send her back to her foster home so lily will have to hang out with us for a little longer yet. she can go home when the wound is a bit better and not so intensely critical to care for.

new cat in…baxter is an old, weary barn cat..too old now and starting to need some extra geriatric TLC. his barn folks wanted him to have some extra comfort as he slides thru his senior years.
he arrived this afternoon…so far he is a great fan of saints’ food!

with the money trickling in from the amazing raise and diesel’s awesomely grumpy video..we have started on some of the mp building fix ups. the mp volunteers will be happy to hear that not only does the sink in the main mp room have running water…it also has hot running water. and i just want to say that the very nice plumber who came out to do this…donated it all! what an incredibly kind and generous man!

vern is also busy replacing the broken storage tent with a permanent lean-to to store our outside equipment so we won’t have to worry about heavy snow falls burying and wrecking our stuff in the future..yay vern!

the vets were out to see a bunch of the farm guys…
summer had a long acting antibiotic injection to help her sore foot.
joy is going to get de-wormed.
pink had her nasal openings cleaned out so she can breathe better.
and bill had his feet xrays which were not very good. but the vet is happier with his pain control so for now we can keep going for awhile until they no longer work. but bottom line, like pops with his horrid feet before him…bill is a palliative pony and we will be closely monitering his quality of life.

Diesel Selling the MP Room Upgrades…

Posted: April 18, 2017 at 9:12 pm


Part of SAINTS’ responsibility to our saintly residents is to provide a healthy and safe physical environment. Doing upgrades isn’t the most glamorous ask but it is a necessity. Click on the video and learn a little bit about curmudgeony Diesel and why Diesel would like your help and then click on the link below and donate … for Diesel’s sake

The Amazing Raise



Easter Weekend

Posted: April 17, 2017 at 6:38 pm

as some of you know..i was away this weekend. treated myself to a nice hotel and tickets to see Jane Goodall in Kelowna. I have not been more than an hour away from SAINTS in more than a dozen years so it was a real treat for me.

thursday i ran around trying to get ready to leave but then harry collapsed a couple of times and ended up seeing a neurologist and having an emergency MRI. on my way to Boundry Bay, one of our fosters called and lily (ancient one eyed, blind cardiac dog) had also collapsed so i got her to meet me at Animal Emergency. Lily was in heart failure so she needed 24 hours of oxygen and med adjustments to get her straightened out again. Harry was finally finished late in the evening, besides the MRI he also had blood work and an echo cardiogram. in the end nothing showed up which is kind of good..apparently ancient and wrecked harry at least has a good brain and good heart!

we got home pretty late and he was still quite stoned. but at least i knew that both harry and lily had gotten the care that they needed. i finished my packing just after midnight and was up early to grab my flight to kelowna.

kelowna was great..i spent some time with family and a rescue friend, was mesmerized by Dr Goodall, and really enjoyed the Jacuzzi tub in my luxury hotel suite. that kingsized bed is pristine pure white Egyptian linens and had never once suffered a moronic dog’s idiot teeth!
i got a couple of messages while i was gone..cindy’s heartbreaking deterioration and euthanization of course and a video of june eating my bed.

i made it home by midnight last took a couple of hours for everyone to settle down and forget i had dared to be away for 2 and a half freaking days.
finally made it to bed around 2 am, got up at 6am for work, and after work picked up fosters mario and colin because jenn is away for a week, and then had to go and pick up lily again who was back into our vets with a very large and odd sore on her hip..i am thinking either a reaction to an injectible med that she got while in emergency or possibly a skin infection from something? or even a very slight burn from maybe a heating pack? whatever..we are not sure, what it is and where it came from. the vet has sent a sample off to the lab so maybe they can shed some light on it. her foster wanted her to either come out to saints or stay in the clinic until diagnosed to be sure she wasn’t contagious. she is blind and old and she did not want to stay in the clinic so i picked her up and brought her home.

of course it was pissing down rain when we got back here..i carried in mario, then i carried in colin, then i ran to the shop and brought in and set up an xpen for lily and then carried her in too.

i feel like it has been an up and down whirlwind of everything this holiday long weekend.

HUGE THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO COVERED FOR ME!!! esp to anne who slept over with the saints kids and to erin for ensuring that cindy in her time of great need was surrounded by love and care.

Cindy’s last day.

Posted: April 15, 2017 at 9:21 pm

Today was Cindy’s last day.
She has been fighting so many different health problems, and today she was tired. I booked the appointment, but even then I was not completely sure what the appointment was for. When I saw Cindy in her bed when I went to pick her up,
I knew.
Too many problems. Too much. Too hard.
Cindy came to Saints as a 16 year old cat whose senior owners were moving across the country to live with their daughter, who was allergic to cats. At the time, Cindy was a newly diagnosed diabetic, who had also recently developed food allergies. Saints did everything. Tried everything. Twice. Since last summer when she came to us, we kept her quality of life up, she enjoyed her life.
If it was just the hyperthyroidism, we could have helped her feel better for longer.
If it was just the diabetes, we could have helped her feel better for longer.
If it was just the autoimmune disease, we could have helped her feel better for longer.
But there was also an underlying chronic pulmonary disease working against her, against us, against time.
The weather today was crazy! Torrential downpours, then the clouds would part for a little while before the wind blew more clouds over. On our drive from Mission to the vet in Abbotsford, the whole time the sun shone on Cindy, who was on the front seat of my car. Her face was tilted up to the warmth. As I spoke to her, she turned to look at me. I can’t tell you how beautiful her eyes were in the sunlight. She had gorgeous eyes. But there in the bright light, breathtaking.
She passed away peacefully under the care of Dr. Lawrence of Coastal Rivers. We know we did all we could.
It doesn’t make losing her any easier to bear.

saints foster Bailey passed away yesterday.

Posted: April 11, 2017 at 9:08 pm

post by erin

A letter to my foster parents…
I know it was really hard for you guys to say goodbye to me yesterday. I know that you made the only decision you could, cancer is nobody’s fault. I just want you to know how much the last seven months have meant to me. My life before you is not worth mentioning. But these last months have more than made up for it, and I cannot thank you enough. Taking me home, knowing I didn’t have much time left, was very brave and selfless and I truly could not have been happier! You gave me such a gift, you gave me a loving home and a family of my very own. And even though it wasn’t for long, I want you to know it was worth it. It was oh so worth it to me. I love you.

rest in peace bailey and huge hugs to your family.


Posted: April 10, 2017 at 9:14 pm

it’s sometimes difficult not to get lost in the minutia of rescue.
it’s not just every single need of every single animal.
it’s not just the various needs of all the different people.
it is grass seed and mop heads and lost receipts.
its is deciding between A, B and C in big and seemingly inconsequential things.
rescue is one never-ending, endless string of infinite every-things.
and it gets tangled constantly.

and along the way, there is a beginning or ending for somebody.
traumatized beyond belief.
broken somewhere inside.

yet tonight,
he climbed up on the couch beside me,
in the dark, while i watched tv.
three turn arounds to find his right spot.
and suddenly he stopped, reached out
and kissed me.
three gentle licks
and he untangled me.

clementine passed peacefully away today.

Posted: April 8, 2017 at 8:38 pm

another bout of pancreatitis but this time worse than before. she really hasn’t been happy since salty passed away…just wandering around feeling lost.
clem was a very sweet and ancient little dog and all of us loved her dearly. but i think life stopped feeling good for her and was becoming a burden.
i hope you find salty on the other side clem, we know how much you loved him.

The Amazing Raise is Here Again

Posted: April 8, 2017 at 11:49 am

This year we are raising funds to repair and upgrade the MP Building
– the mold issue in the medical room/cat room
– connect plumbing to the building
– install 2 exhaust fans
– replace the siding in front of the building
– insulate the outside walls that have opened up
– and if enough funds are raised new gutters

Once again we are putting the fundraiser online through Petfundr. Please clink on the link below the poster if you would like to donate and read why Ella, Geezer, and Bill are the captains this year.

Petfundr Link to Donate

Download Sponsorship Form

Download Poster