Posted: December 12, 2017 at 6:45 pm

i miss baxter’s head snuggles from his perch on high.

i missed a ton of sleep last night because new and absolutely adorable pogo barked and fussed ALL night.

i miss thinking shyla is the sweetest dog in the world. the honeymoon is over and she is a hag over food.

i miss the half of my back tooth that broke off at our xmas party.

and i miss that bottle of wine i traded away for a gravy boat that i then traded with brenda for body lotion stuff.
i miss that bottle of vin!

2 new cows trying to get in…apparently they will go to slaughter if we don’t let them in. but we don’t have room for 2 more cows and one is actually a steer. and our current steer chevy is already a problem cornering and chasing the staff, he can be a bit of a jerk.

new bitchy cat up in the suite is not near as bitchy as we believed her to be so that is very good news.

one more work day then i get 4 days off!
looking forward to that because quite frankly last weeks holiday days off were not any kind of days off and that totally sucked!

we lost baxter (by erin)

Posted: December 11, 2017 at 8:56 pm

Sometimes the unexpected happens. Sad news tonight, we lost Baxter. Baxter was a staff and volunteer favourite, he was a regal boy who came to us back in early spring from an equestrian centre where he had been a barn cat, and a favourite there too. Baxter had a stroke and was taken into to Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley where the decision was made to let him go. One day he was fine, the next… Gone. We are so very sorry for all who loved him. Baxter was a fabulous cat, he enjoyed his time with us… We just wish it was for longer.

saints welcomes pogo (by erin)

Posted: December 11, 2017 at 8:54 pm

Introducing Pogo! She is an adorable little girl who has lost her sight due to diabetes. Her aging owners are needing to move and could not bring her along. Pogo is 12 and she is so friendly and sweet! Welcome to Saints!

busy day

Posted: December 8, 2017 at 5:58 pm

mo and i picked up shyla from the airport. while she is incredibly sweet, she is also highly anxious and is a huge flight risk. therefore she is on complete and total lock down. no one is to enter or exit outside thru the computer room door..it is locked and is to stay locked. the staff will move the other dogs in the computer room in and out as needed and deal with keeping shy safe.
tours this weekend will need to enter the house by the front door into the entrance area with stella.
looks like i will be sleeping on the couch for the next few days.

also in is zoe..the kind of bitchy diabetic cat…since she hates everyone, we have given her the hide away suite..the staff will deal with her care too.

we had some really kind folks thru today who left us with a very generous donation…yay..more vet bills can get paid!!

someone stopped in and told the staff of a mama cat killed on the side of the road with a bunch of kittens running around. the staff went to investigate. what we think they found was a dead raccoon with half grown feral kittens feeding on the dead and bloated body. oh yay. erin is continuing to investigate to make sure they aren’t owned barn cats and if not, i guess we will be setting traps.

i am back to work tomorrow…everyone use extreme caution to keep our new shyla safe!

quick updates

Posted: December 7, 2017 at 9:10 pm

zanders tail tumor has broken open, he has a quality of life assessment with our vets this week. he is an elderly, blind, diabetic and is a poor surgical risk for a major tail amputation. we have him on a good pain med regime but i want to ensure we are covering his pain control needs.

god is feeling better, the antibiotics are kicking in and he is starting to eat again.

thx to shelagh and darin for the painting in the mp room. it still is not finished and we sure could use some help for the second coats.

i finished up tidying the mezzanine storage area..it put me in a bad mood because we are absolute slobs at keeping our non animal areas tidy.

new bunnies smaug and shamus got into a fence fight between their wire cages. shamus ended up with a wound on his nose so smaug got moved to a more solid pen type area.

susu’s addition to her outside yard is almost complete..just needs a few wheelbarrows of gravel spread in there and then we can open it up to her.

winstons new indoor shop area is also almost done, he just needs some hog fuel put into his outside run and then he can move.

new dog and cat arrivals tomorrow. mo and i will be doing the airport run for shy,the chained timid northern dog. the new aggressive diabetic cat zoe is booked to arrive in the afternoon once i am back and can settle her in. aggressive cats that are upset with life altering changes are never fun to deal with so i think i should be here.

4 days in a row..i should get a prize.

Posted: December 6, 2017 at 9:25 pm

would you adopt a cat that poops in the kitchen sink?
that’s exactly what i told patches!!!
she doesn’t care.
so now i am bleaching it out again for another 20 minutes because that damn cat is just gross.

smaug (new bunny) had his neuter today..it will take a few weeks for his hormones to disappear/

another new bunny is here…a family found him in a local park and were able to walk right up to him. they discovered that he was injured and took him to the vets who treated him for a foot abscess. the plan i think was to give him his antibiotics and then possibly return him from whence he came. unfortunately while the abcess did heal..his foot and leg remained a problem and he could not hop around. they had borrowed a cage for him and had him in the backyard with play time in the house but with the weather getting colder and him not getting better, they brought him to us to take over. he is a sweet little bunny…the staff named him shamus (the family just called him bunbun as a temporary name.) he is definitely a family pet who was dumped in the park and recently attacked. he is far too social to have been born out there plus he looks to be a PB lion head rabbit so someone most likely bought him from somewhere.
sucks to be a no longer wanted pet rabbit…a trip to the park, dump them out of a box, and watch the only world you have ever known simply drive away.
welcome shamus..you are one lucky rabbit to now be forever safe. he goes in on thursday for a neuter and xray…hopefully we can help his bad leg.

hey..it really does come in three’s… blimey!

Posted: December 5, 2017 at 8:34 pm

haha! my christmas shopping is done. yay!

i did not finish all my pre-ordained chores today…i got sidetracked by a quick trip out to the cottage to check in on a couple of projects out there. oops..my bad. by the time i got home from the vets it was dark so instead of organizing the shop which i should have done… i finished my xmas shopping on line instead. i adopted an orangutan orphan for each of my kids and their families.
if you are having trouble finding the perfect gift for your grown up kids (esp if you suck at shopping for gifts!), check out the orangutan project or one of the other sponsorship giving type gifts on line (saints has those too!) i probably should have chosen saints…but since i live here, sometimes the saints gives me a headache and in all honesty… orangutans never do.

god is sick…looks like an upper resp. sometimes the new guys who haven’t been well vaccinated over time, get sick when they enter a shelter. eventually their immune systems kick in but they need extra care and support until they get there. anyway, he is back in a cage and on monitering and meds. he is kind of pissed about that.

i got a bit pissy myself today when i found out that one of the dogs nipped someone and poppy got out and was in the driveway on the weekend…i was here and no one told me anything. not keeping me informed about stuff is a really good way to piss me off.. so just a reminder to everyone…if anything unusual happens or even almost happened, i need to know about it right away. new rule…tell carol EVERYTHING…(esp. pigs in the damn driveway!)

moving on…

shelagh did a great job starting on the mp room painting..more painting happening wednesday and thursday for those who missed out!

the three new old wrecked cats are cleared for dentals. we will wait until the early new year to get them all in the very best possible shape before they have to undergo surgery.

new sketchy, scaredy cat dog flying from up north on friday, shy has spent her entire 8 years living on a northern chain. and a pissy aggressive diabetic cat who hates everybody is also arriving on friday. oh freaking yay.

ok..day three of blogging in a row…wow. and now saved by the plaintive barking bell…zander is calling me!

God here…

Posted: December 5, 2017 at 7:45 pm

The Busy Body Boss stuck me back in a cage! She said I don’t look well and wants me “monitered.” If I didn’t feel so crappy, I’d like to “moniter” her!
This place sucks!
God Out..(or In since I am back in a cage!)

past saint dora has passed away (by erin)

Posted: December 4, 2017 at 8:41 pm

Dora came to SAINTS back in the spring of 2015, from Northern Animal Rescue Alliance. She moved in with Shelagh a short time later, and has been queen of the castle ever since. Dora had a presence about her that was much bigger than her little body. She owned the world and everything it. Sadly, yesterday Dora passed away. She had been struggling with heart failure these last few months, and Shelagh knew it was time. We are all so sorry for your loss Shelagh (and Magee), Dora was really special.

look! another blog!!

Posted: December 4, 2017 at 8:30 pm

sheila came and helped me get a supply of donations ready to send up to the northern rescues and shelters. tis the season to be sharing the blessings we have been given.
tomorrow the other shelagh is coming to start on the painting of the new wall. unlike certain walls which are about garnering political votes, our wall is practical..it stops ella from biting innocent people AND it still has a welcoming door for her friends!

did you see the photo of mystic on the facebook page…gosh she is beautiful!

i did the feed run and with doug’s help got it all unloaded and into the now organized freezers. he was here working on some of our drainage issues..thank you for this!
today we also had doug2 here, he is volunteer fionna’s HIGHLY talented tool wielding husband who is enlarging susu’s outside pen for her. it looks GREAT….we all are so very grateful!

tomorrow i have one vet visit, and one inmate interview for our prison partnership program. then my chores for the day include digging out and replanting the junipers that previously was a garden but now is susu’s enlarged pen. and finish tidying and organizing the shop. hopefully wednesday i can help with painting the MP wire walls! Thursday I would like to work on the new bird aviaries and if i am lucky, maybe on friday i can take the day off and have one day off before i go back to work on saturday. so far i am right on track getting the stuff i wanted to get done!!!

doug told me today that folks don’t always realize all of the background stuff that goes on around here every day. this week is kind of special..A. i am not sick on this set of vacation so i can actually do shit and B i am on vacation and not sick so some extra stuff IS actually getting done….haha i am not procrastinating!! however even on not so special weeks, there is always lots of background stuff going on…staff meetings, vet discussions, supply and feed runs, problem solving, emails and phone calls, putting out fires, coming up with and fine tuning plans and projects…and of course baby talking to the animals, giving them hugs and kisses, bossing the staff around because one of the animals is clearly wanting something, like thru a door or gate..right freaking now! feeding treats and sharing my lunches and dinners with them. this is why they like me best, i feed them good stuff and make everyone JUMP for them!
this might be why the staff prefer it when i am at work and not screwing around with their very full of caring without my help day.

whatever..i can get away with it because i provide pizza for staff meetings!
i learned this a long time ago..animals and people will like you even if you are a pain in the ass if you feed them pizza once in a while!