Posted: May 22, 2017 at 6:44 am

i really want to thank all of the staff and volunteers who worked thru this long weekend, the animals so appreciate your kindness, self-lessness and help!!
i am especially grateful to those super saviors who at the very last minute with only a moments notice, took on the huge job to empty out half of the shop for our rabbit area reno!
that was a hUGE job!

i haven’t been posting because for some reason my computer couldn’t access our site. luckily arnie got it up and running for me again so i am back!

happy to report that one of our long term bunnies, ray…finally got a great rabbit home.

very sad to report that tristie, one of my all time favorite spikey cats, at somewhere around 20 yrs old, passed away on saturday. dawn gave her a wonderful last few years of life. rest in peace tristie, you were a character for sure! hugs to dawn and hana in their loss of her.

we are still trying to tweak things around bear to keep him and everyone else safe and content. he is not making it easy, but if we only did easy, we wouldn’t be saints.

altho…next life, next rescue could have a different mandate…i am envisioning a new focus, name and place…. “Easy Street”…rescuing animals who are not a freaking pain!

floating hope…

Posted: May 17, 2017 at 6:32 pm

it was a bit of a stressful day again today.
yesterday we had multiple discussions regarding the issues with bear and our ability to find responsible and compassionate solutions to manage him. we brain stormed, came up with options, tossed them out when they were found to be flawed, back and forth and round and round. by the end of the day in considering not only his needs but the needs of the other animals here…it wasn’t looking like a very good outcome.
it did not help that when i went to give him his insulin shot last night, he turned on me in anger. i can’t muzzle and restrain a pissed off and struggling 80 pound rotti while trying to stick an insulin needle under his skin.


we gathered again together this morning as soon as all of the staff involved arrived. ideas again were tossed into the pot and then tossed aside..he can’t go in with phoenix’s crew..phoenix is too mentally unstable, simon, robbie and kyah can be nasty and if they push bear too far..one bite and a good shake and game over for them. we considered moving deisel to the kitchen because he is good with cats..but we couldn’t trust him with nicki, squirt and brat. plus if he was in a pissy mood, he would eat the volunteers and the volunteers need access to the kitchen and laundry room.

we thought about the computer room but keats, oreo and rocket are pretty damn grumpy and that just might set him off. we could move keats and oreo into the kitchen, but there was no where in there for rocket because he sucks with cats too.

the mp building was another bad choice because ella would probably start a fight, oscar is a royal dick and a diabetic needs monitering during the night, which would be hard for me to do.

in the end we did compromise with a less than perfect solution…keats and oreo moved to the kitchen…rocket stayed in the computer room and bear moved into there. i have been on rockets case like a dirty shirt..making him stop his rabble rousing shit to give the best chance of acclimatizing successfully in there. this is a trial..we will see how it goes and hopefully it goes ok. we can’t find another solution to house him separately..we are just too full of jerks.
as to his aggression with his eye drops and insulins, since his distaste for both is escalating each day…..we don’t have a lot of choice. he is on lantus which is a long acting insulin 18-24 hours. so we are hoping that we can control his diabetes and clean up his eyes with only once a day medications. that way there are 2 staff members available to muzzle and efficiently restrain to get it done quickly and safely once a day. IF this keeps his blood sugars stable and if this is enough to keep his eyes healthy and uninfected (at least until we can surgically repair them) then we can responsibly and compassionately manage bear here. if not…then there is only one option left and that will totally suck and none of us want to go there.

and i want to add something here in general terms…there are a great deal of people in the animal rescue world who believe that “no kill” is moral and ethical. i would disagree..there are times when what it takes to care for an animal and provide what that animal needs is above and beyond most shelters means. we will not allow bear to live out the rest of his life confined in a cage or a kennel, only out for a couple of walks every day. we also will not allow him to live out his life ill with uncontrolled diabetes and suffering thru deteriorating health, feeling unwell, eventual blindness, kidney function loss and whatever else that means because he will not allow us to treat him appropriately. there are times when despite those that believe in fairy tales, reality supersedes fantasy and reality has to be humanely dealt with.

we are doing our very best to help bear and meet his physical and emotional needs. but we also need to keep our cats, dogs and staff safe so this isn’t a simple solution problem…it is a series of complex issues all stemming from one innocent dog. still…we believe that bear needs us to use our brains along with our hearts.
we are going to do our best for him and hope it is enough.

wish us the best of luck and say a prayer for bear..
hope floats for now..

tough week.

Posted: May 16, 2017 at 8:42 pm

it has been a very tough week.

conan the barbarian was rushed to the vets over the weekend following what we think was a stroke. while he is not fully recovered, he is doing well. conan is ancient..somewhere around 18 yrs old.

vinnie was rushed into the emergency clinic late on sunday night, suddenly he was frantic and unable to pee. he spent the night in hospital, and returned home the next morning. it appears that his prostate is greatly enlarged and there is concern it is malignant. they were able to insert a cathetor while he was in hospital and currently he is again able to empty his bladder on his own again.

kyah had an eye enucleation today, the eye was blind and we have been trying for months to fight off infection with medicated eye drops. the vets decided that enoughwas enough and that she would do better with that eye removed. she is now home but not a happy camper tonight.

we are having a really hard time with our new guy bear…he has been growling at us when doing his eye drops and when giving him his insulin. yesterday he did try to bite the staff during his eye meds so now he has to be muzzled for that. so far i am still doing his insulin without a muzzle and i am hoping we can continue with that. however the real issue with bear right now is he is escalating in aggressive behavior around the cats. today there were several significant issues so now the cats are locked up in the back rooms until we can figure out what to do. we currently do not have any cat free segregated areas to move him to…we have too many other problematic dogs who are not safe to move.

and finally this has upset us all here..we have had to abandon our efforts to catch the last 2 baby rabbits.the neighborhood was upset at the rabbits removal as they really enjoyed watching the mom and the babes. since we were no longer welcome on private property to trap them, it made a very difficult task impossible. we feel sick inside that we were unable to trap the last 2 babes, and due to their very young age, we don’t expect them to survive on their own.
in the end, we were able to get mom, 2 surviving juveniles from her previous litter and 8 of the tiny newborn babes, but i think all of us consider this a failure since we had to leave behind, 2 innocent and helpless babes.

i know folks who believe in the same things that we do might be upset and think unkind things of the neighborhood but you have to understand that firstly not everyone thinks or believes in the same things and secondly good hearted and very kind people sometimes don’t know or understand why catching the rabbits and removing them was so very important. once mom came into our care, and we realized she had left vulnerable babies somewhere, we had to try to re-unite them. returning a weakened, thin and in poor shape mother back to the park to try to survive on her own and care for her nursing babies was not a responsible option in our minds. but not everyone agreed with us so we had little choice but to respect their rights to refuse us access.

it sucks, but such is life.

the best we can do is hope that somehow the 2 babies survive and live out healthy and happy lives. please let it be so.

thank you to laura, erin, renee and anne for trying so hard for so many hours..even in the pouring rain.

tonight the sheep and llamas were sheared..thank you to taryn and shelley for staying late to help get them done!

our 2 little guinea pigs got a great home so we are really happy about that!

there might be more news but i am too tired to think of it.

The Silent Screamers

Posted: May 14, 2017 at 6:45 pm

please feel free to post and repost.

bunnies..those cute little long eared creatures..adorable.
but they are the victims of fantasies whose underbelly is monstrous.

wild rabbits are brown for camouflage, with long, strong hind legs to run, bred for centuries in the wild with inborn survival instincts.
domestic rabbits are bred in tiny and barren wire cages, their waste falls thru to the ground to keep their coats clean and are every color under the sun. they have long ears and floppy ears, fluffy and short coats, they are bred to be cute and small. totally innocent, totally vulnerable, bred to be pets without survival skills.

they are basically bred to appeal to the human heart..so they can be sold. they are a product specifically bred for one reason only…to make dollars and cents.
pet bunnies are bred by the millions in commercial bunny mills to be sold to pet stores and then to be sold again to consumers…nice people with mini vans who live in suburbia.
baby bunnies taken away from their overbred and physically drained mothers the second they start to eat on their own.
if mom can be bred again to get another litter in 31 days, she is bred. if she is too worn out to breed quickly again, she is dead.

baby bunny is shipped to the pet store.
the younger, the smaller, the cuter and more vulnerable the better, and the quicker they sell.

child sees cute little baby bunny in the pet store, mom and dad lecture child on the amount of responsibilty it will take to care for.
innocent child promises anything, everything, that bunny has touched his or her childish soul.
a cage, bedding, food and water bottle are purchased for $100-$200 and bunny is tossed in for about 20 bucks.

and at first it is a fairy tale, look how responsible the child has been, cleaning the baby, cuddling her, making sure she has food and water and toys.
but slowly it is not so exciting, slowly it just becomes hard work.
baby is growing and tries to escape being picked up and cuddled.
baby isn’t so fun anymore, the cage starts to stink.
the parents start getting mad at the child for not keeping the promises made.
sometimes the rabbit is moved outside to a hutch all alone in the yard.
feeding and cleaning are few and far between and generally involve family threats and arguments. bunny is lonely, uncomfortably miserable, all alone in a dirty pen.
maybe she dies in that dirty lonely cage in 5 or 6 years..silently screaming in isolated and useless protest, year after year but nobody hears her.

or maybe she is boxed up and taken to a nice park with lots of grass and trees and flowers, here she can live her life free with the company of other abandoned bunnies.
but the males start raping her, day after day. they rape her even when she is pregnant or has brand new babes.
she gives birth to 10 in her first litter, but by the time the babes are 2 months old, 8 of them have died, picked off by coyotes, eagles and owls, chased to death by little children who are desperate to catch a pet baby rabbit or by roaming cats and dogs. but this is ok because mom just gave birth to 10 more so no one really notices the 8 who were dead. the few that survive will go on to breed relentlessly. it doesn’t matter if only 2 or 3 from each litter survive, mom will breed more, and the female babes will soon be raped repeatedly themselves and slowly and slowly the numbers will climb while many more will continue to die. the original mom will be dead within a year or two, her body worn out by litter, after litter, sometimes 6 pregnancies and births in a single year. she is the only one who knows how many of her babies died before their first year.
and eventually she too will silently scream as her weakened body is seized by a predator, or simply silently fades away in the cold and rain.

the park go’ers and the neighbors love these sweet bunnies, it is such a lovely sight to see them frolicking in the field. they see the sweet fantasy, not the ugly suffering underside.

in about 5 years, the park will be over run with rabbits. the municipality will have to start culling to get the numbers down..just like Richmond, just like Kelowna, just like the campus at the University of Victoria.
hundreds of thousands of once cute and sweet little bunnies become the victims of mass murder…because a baby was sold in a store for profit. because the buyers eventually dumped her loose in a park. because instead of spaying the pet bunny and giving her a decent home, she was left to try to survive on her own….
as she screamed in silence that she deserved better.

more on the rabbit hole…

Posted: May 12, 2017 at 8:02 pm

we caught 3 more babies today…we know there are at least 2 more that we didn’t catch..maybe a third. so we currently have 7 babies in our care but a few more to go before we are fully successful.
after commando crawling thru the dirt for a sneak attack and later flying across the yard and landing fairly hard, (luckily not crushing any fleeing babies,) we decided i was best suited to the brains of the operation while leaving the tricky agility shit to everyone else. i will say tho that i personally netted 3 of the 7 babies so while my agility sucks, my baby bunny score was still pretty darn good!
but…. ouch.

i was supposed to have dinner with my family tonight but unfortunately we brought the new dog in too late in the day to risk leaving him here alone. so i ditched my family fun tonight (bad grandma!!)
bear needs some time before he is fully settled and i need to know and trust him a little more. cancelling kind of sucks tho.

however…rescue is not always convenient!

yogi bear (we call him by his given name “bear” but wanted to fancy it up a bit for him and so added yogi to bear!)…anyway..yogi bear is quite a nice if slightly overwhelmed fellow. he seems ok with the cats, seems ok with the little kitchen dogs and seems to like rain quite a lot. i won’t have a chance to do more intro’s than that so weekend folks heads up….bear is only introduced to rain and the kitchen crew, he has not met anyone else yet.
bear is supposed to be a lab/rotti cross..the shelter thought he looked a bit like a sharpei…it could just be his not so great skin plus recent weight loss because of his diabetes..or..maybe he does have some sharpei in his mix. his current issues are..recent diagnoses of diabetes so he is not yet controlled, he has some skin issues that may or may not be related to his diabetes and poor health or maybe he does have an allergy component..not sure about that part yet. he may or may not have a mild case of demodex..i think maybe because his immune system is taking a beating right now we will treat him just in case because the odds are pretty good that given his health issues, demodex reasonably could be a problem. he also has entropian but that will have to wait for a surgical repair until he is healthy enough for his neuter. other than all of that, he is a perfectly good, slightly dented and scratched up, used dog with a really nice temperament.
welcome to saints yogi bear..and you are freaking darn cute!

anyway..i am kind of tired and sore. too old to be running around trying to catch baby rabbits with butterfly nets 2 days in a row. laura will carry the rabbit rescue mantle over the weekend because i am back to work.
hopefully those last babies will be caught quickly so we can climb out of the rabbit hole and move onwards to making their new life good.

laura…good luck this weekend! and may the (bunny or butterfly net) force be with you!!

down the rabbit hole

Posted: May 11, 2017 at 7:38 pm

and straight into rabbit hell.

lilo and stitch went to the vets today.

lilo may well be pregnant (rabbits can breed like rabbits…)
and the neighbors have been witness to stitch having his way with lilo over and over the past few weeks.
but the really bad news today was lilo had actually given birth recently and the bulging we felt were her mammary glands full of milk.

soooo..we sent laura on a hunt to find lilo’s missing babes..she found them…at least 8 of them!
next laura and erin and i spent a good chunk of today catching said baby rabbits, we managed to catch 4 of the 8 today.

and here is the really, really bad news..as hard as it is catching baby bunnies, we don’t have a lot of choice..these are tiny, still nursing 2 or 3 week olds plus lilo may very well already be growing new babies. rabbits will actually breed again on the very day that they give birth. rabbits do not practice abstinence, nor do they have any birth control sense.

theoretically with doing the math…in a couple of weeks, if we manage to catch all the tiny babies (and we sure as heck are going to try) and if lilo has another 8 or 10 buns currently in the oven…we could soon have 20 extra rabbits.

i KNOW better than to dive down the damn rescue rabbit hole..but somehow i forgot.

today was one of those bang your head against a tree and scream…FUK!! FUK!! FUK!!

wish us luck tomorrow as we go back out baby bunny catching again…tennis ball sized baby bunnies are freaking fast and tricky!!

and could people please quit dumping their pet bunnies out into the “wild”..it is grossly unkind and irresponsible and it totally destroyed my day!!!


Posted: May 11, 2017 at 8:34 am

lots going on this past week or so…

thx arnie and laura for doing the Douglas College vet assistance student tour! sounded like they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

the reno’s are continuing..
the mp building has hot running water, the rotting siding boards were replaced, the shop dryer vent was repositioned so it no longer shoots moisture into the mp building, the mold was removed from the interior walls and fiber glass wall panels were installed, new gutters were installed to move water away from the outside walls, the new outside equipment shed is complete, replacing the snow crushed tent, the power washing is done, the painting of the facia boards has begun, and the mp building now has a solid wood fence to create a privacy barrier from the house bullies for the mp building dogs, pig and cats!. we spent a lot of the fundraised money on making that building better and safer for our animal friends…plus the vet accounts were all paid up to date to the end of april which was another $17,000.00.

we are so grateful to everyone who helped us raise these funds..just want you to know we are putting them all to very good use making senior and special needs animals lives better!

saints welcomes lilo and stitch… 2 abandoned bunnies that saints volunteer laura and her friend managed to rescue from the bush. we are pretty sure lilo is pregnant…which may mean more freaking bunnies…OMfreakingG! they go in for their vet check today and hopefully re pregnancy…we are wrong!

we also have a new dog coming in today…a youngish rotti/sharpei with horrible skin and a new diagnosis of diabetes who happens not to be neutered…sounds like the perfect wrecked in various ways saint…oh freaking yay!

we suddenly lost jack, our sweet little budgie the other day…blueberry was devastated and went into deep mourning.

rest in peace little jack.

luckily to help our depressed and lonely blueberry, we were able to find a homeless budgie at one of the shelters.

saints welcomes Pi..blueberry’s new companion…already they seem to have become very good friends. i bet jack is happy that blueberry is no longer sad and alone. and we know pi is happy to now have a beautiful new friend of his own.

and this weeks fabulous news is…olivia and dickens are out on a trial together to the same great home…. olivia as an adoption and dickens (due to on going health issues,) as a foster. we are super happy for both of these lovely cats!!

SAINTS’ Open House

Posted: May 9, 2017 at 2:14 pm

sooo…we gotta problem.

Posted: May 8, 2017 at 7:19 pm

our super efficient and amazing llama whispering llama shearers have retired.
i am having a hard time finding a replacement.

however..kevin our kind and brawny annual sheep shearer says he will give it a shot to shear the 2 llamas..however..if the llama’s don’t want to be sheared…(and i am betting they won’t)
he might need a couple of strong guys to help hold said reluctant llamas who are (literally) attached to their hair!.

soooo…who is up for an adventure??? who is a brave and adventurous soul????
who wants to become our St.llama shearing heroes?????

save a date…Monday May 14th 4 pm!!!

if you are willing and able…PLEASE let me know!

The Amazing Raise Total

Posted: May 8, 2017 at 2:14 pm

The total is $50,023.  Wowzers. 

Thank you to each and every person who shared, liked, or retweeted our story.  And a very humble and grateful thank you to everyone who donated to make our campaign so successful. 

We had two incredibly generous supporters of SAINTS donate $10,000 and $5,000 respectively.  We  got $3096 extra yesterday at the culmination of our campaign at Townhall Maple Ridge pub.  The online total is $31,927.  That all adds up to $50,023 which netted us $47,156.00

Here is our list of repairs at the beginning of the campaign
– the mold issue in the medical room/cat room
– connect plumbing to the building
– install 2 exhaust fans
– replace the siding in front of the building
– insulate the outside walls that have opened up
– and if enough funds are raised new gutters


We were able to do all of the above, including the gutters.  And we were able to also
– put in a higher fence between the MP room and House as some of the dogs were jumping over it
– a new shed with 4 walls and door to replace the outside storage tent that collapsed on us
– power washing of buildings
– painted all fascia boards on the house and MP building

Any additional funds left will be used to pay off outstanding medical bills.


And here is how each team did

Team Barn $7,155

Team House $8,420

Donations not designated $7,350

And what to do,what to do about Team MP Room? The $15,000 donations referenced the Diesel video but did not designate a team. After mulling it over, getting feedback, and asking Diesel we decided Diesel should get the credit as Diesel does reside in the MP Room.  Sooooo……

Team MP Room $24,002

Diesel is demanding that next year they just make him the Captain because he did the heavy lifting…