our lovely pink has passed away.

Posted: October 24, 2018 at 12:08 pm

despite several weeks of multiple antibiotics, we lost her anyway.
pink was a lovely bird..a great friend to crosby (rip) and a great friend for bif.
bif will really be missing her sister today.
rest in peace pink, you were greatly loved and will be greatly missed.

Willow passed away suddenly this morning.

Posted: October 20, 2018 at 4:12 pm

He had surgery earlier this week in an attempt to remove a large bladder stone. He seemed to be recovering well but this morning the staff discovered he was unsteady and twitchy. He died within a few minutes. I believe he most likely suffered a stroke and threw a clot, poor boy.
Willow was a sweet little rabbit and all of his caregivers are so sorry to have lost him.
Rest in peace Willow, you were loved and will be greatly missed.

Rosa passed away suddenly this morning.

Posted: October 15, 2018 at 11:57 am

The barn staff were with her, she was up and eating her breakfast when she suddenly fell over and was gone. We think she had a massive heart attack.
While the sudden-ness of her passing was really upsetting to our staff, I think it was a blessing for Rosa. She has been having trouble with her arthritis in her knees lately and intermittent gastro/intestinal issues these past few months, she was absolutely ancient in goat years.
Thankfully the weather was great this weekend and Rosa enjoyed hanging out in the sun. Her previous mom came to visit her on Saturday and brought her some treats.
Her passing was instanteous, fear and suffering free.
It was a kind death for this special girl who will be so greatly missed here.
Rest in peace Rosa, you were greatly loved.


SAINTS Annual General Meeting – October 21 St. 12:30 PM

Posted: October 11, 2018 at 11:18 am

We will be holding our AGM
Date: October 21st, 2018
Time: 12:30 PM
Location: SAINTS Shelter 33860 Dlugosh Avenue Mission, BC

Everyone is welcome, members and non members.


A Happy Thanksgiving post (with a bit of a twist.)

Posted: October 6, 2018 at 4:19 pm

Thanksgiving weekend..I am working all weekend so it’s no big deal to me except…..
I am thankful for a few special turkeys who are important to me.

Firstly..SAINTS welcomes Ophelia…I am calling her Phee. Phee came to us as her turkey home was downsizing this week and her mom said Phee didn’t want to be eaten.
Phee is an 18 month old lavendar heritage bird who is currently molting. She is super cute now and when her feathers come back in, she will be stunning.
I am grateful for Ophelia, she is a truly sweet and lovely turkey.

We introduced her to Bif and Pink but Pink is not well and Bif is being overly protective of Pink. So I am also grateful to Bif for caring for and protecting her friend who is not feeling very good. It is nice to have a loyal friend at your back. We gave Phee a house next door for now.

And then there is Pink, who is not feeling well. She is having problems with her feet and when we xrayed them, her arthritis is pretty bad. Luckily we were giving her pain and anti inflammatory meds so that was ok. However, Pink also is struggling with an upper respiratory and chest infection. The vets put her on 3 different antibiotics…2 they sent home with her and one I had to get from pharmacy.
Today I went into London Drugs to fill her prescription.
The Pharmacist asked me does Pink have any allergies?…..
I said she was allergic to Thanksgiving,
he laughed. Then he said Holy Smoke this medicine is expensive, are you sure you want it?
I said it didn’t matter, she needed it so she was going to get it.
He said, no really, it is crazy expensive…
curious, I said how expensive is crazy expensive?
he said…$1000.
a grand? for 2 weeks?
Holy Shit.
Then he said wait a minute…I can get her 50 mg tabs instead of 100mg tabs in generic form but you would have to give her 4 pills a day instead of two.
She is already getting pill popped 4 others a day so what is 4 more..right PINK?
So the damage came in at $250 for the 2 weeks of meds..whew, that did not hurt quite so bad.
The Pharmacist said..you are sure you want me to order this? $250 is still a lot.
I said for sure go ahead and order it..Pink is a super nice turkey, I will pick them up as soon as they come in..
I would have paid the $1000 for her meds if we had too..but I am REALLY thankful for generic meds….and a nice pharmacist who found them for us!
Love you Pink and Happy Thanksgiving..so very glad you get to celebrate this holiday in an unusual turkey fashion…. SAINTS way.
(sorry that we have to pop 8 pills into you for the next two weeks tho…that”s a lot i know.)

Our sweet little Zoey has passed away.

Posted: October 3, 2018 at 11:36 am

Zoey and Zsu Zsu came to us several years ago, they were the senior sheep of a hobby farmer who suddenly became ill and wanted a safe place for his last 2 elderly girls to spend the rest of their lives. Quite a few of our animals over the years have come in by request of my coworkers. Zoey and Zsu Zsu were neighbors of one of the occupational therapists that I worked with and she too wanted a safe place for them to land.
Initially both Zoey and Zsu Zsu were shy with us. They did not like to be touched and watched us from a cautious distance. Over the years they became more and more trusting. As Zoey’s age related dementia progressed, she became out and out friendly and sought us out for treats and affection.
This past year has been a difficult one for Zoey as she hit her very late teens’, she became more and more demented, she started to lose a lot of weight and became blind in one of her eyes. We separated she and Zsu Zsu from the younger, more rambunctious sheep, started feeding her more grains and soaked hay cubes and she replaced the weight that she had lost and actually was starting to look a bit chubby. Several months ago she banged her blind eye on something and ended up with a very large abscess that had to be drained and due to the aging process, she developed arthritis and needed pain control added to her comfort regime.

Altho Zoey was a frail and elderly sheep, she was also a tough cookie. She weathered each and every physical challenge like a warrior and found her way back to enjoying life again and again.
On monday afternoon we noticed she had a bit of a green discharge from her nose and on tuesday we had the vets out right away, she was so old and frail we did not want to risk waiting too long. Dr Ben came out and diagnosed that our special little girl had pneumonia and gave her a long acting antibiotic injection right away.

Sadly it was just one challenge too many for this sweet gentle girl. She slipped away early this morning and we are all so very, very sad.
Zoey was a great little sheep in so many ways and she has left a big hole in not only the barn yards and in Zsu Zsu’s heart but in the hearts of all who knew and loved her.

rest in peace our very dear girl, it has been our honor and pleasure to care for you here.

sometimes life simply sucks…we do what we can to make it better.

Posted: September 23, 2018 at 6:52 pm

losing lenny was a tough go. it is hard bringing deeply suffering animals into care, giving them everything they need to feel much, much better and watching them start to bloom with all of the possibilities of a better life before them and then to suddenly lose them to an unseen cancer hiding somewhere.
we console ourselves that lenny did not die filthy and matted and soaked in urine and feces. she died clean, dry, warm and well groomed with a full belly and the hope of walking on her own again one day soon.
she died surrounded by love and care, because the two must go hand in hand. care without love is lonely. love without care hurts.
but both of them together is a more gentle way to leave this world.

brooklyn the elderly bulldog is here and has settled in well. she came from a good home that grew too elderly to care for her anymore. her skin was a mess, her eyes were cloudy and full of green discharge, her teeth were rotting inside her mouth. it is sad to see a dog deteriorate in a home where she was well loved. but as humans too near their extreme elder years, they aren’t always able to do what they once were. and sometimes not only do they suffer, but those they love and need to care for can suffer too.
her skin is getting better, she had a dental last week. she now has medicine for her sore eyes and pain meds for her sore joints. last night i watched for the very first time as brooklyn was able to jump up into a chair. it made my heart glad to see her feeling so much better.

we have also welcomed cookie, a little parapalegic daxi. cookie was well loved by her previous mom but a few years ago someone in her life was not so kind and cookie was beaten, burned and badly injured. her mom was no longer able to provide the intensive paraplegic care that cookie required and so she was entrusted into our care. cookie is making the adjustment, she is a sweet little dog with a resilient spirit, we will do all we can to help her be happy here.

next week a tiny little Felv kitten is coming into our care. kittens born with felv do not have a long life span. the younger they are when they develop the disease, the more havoc it plays on their systems. older cats have some kind of immune systems in place to help them deal with this disease, but babes do not. we will take very good care of this little one so that the short time of life that she has is one that she feels is worth living.

i cannot stress enough the the heartbreaking plight of lost, abandoned or feral unspayed and unneutered homeless cats. the suffering in their lives and their offsprings lives are a direct result of irresponsible humans. these little warriors need to be honored, protected and valued. their homeless lives are extremely difficult, and they are innocent victims of mankind’s greatest flaws…our ignorance and selfishness and these little creatures pay the price.

i also need to stress that for those living on limited incomes that have pets sharing their lives..pet insurance is a necessary part of providing care, it is their safety net so they do not unnecessarily suffer without proper care.

i pray that one day, all humans try to be better in caring for these innocent souls who share our lives.

W4W Table Sponsorship

Posted: September 16, 2018 at 6:32 pm


For those that want to give a little extra or cannot attend the event but would like to help out. You can sponsor a table. We have 18 tables sponsored and would love to get just 2 more. This is $250 to do and is totally tax deductible. A company, person, or family can sponsor a table and the more people you get to chip in the less it costs each person.

Please email at events@saintsrescue.ca if you are interested in sponsoring.

Here is how you can pay.

1. Click on this link goo.gl/v2azWR Just below the purchasing a ticket box there is a place to enter a donation.(This is our preferred payment option)

2. Mail a check to SAINTS. 33860 Dlugosh Ave. Mission, BC V2V 6B2. Please mark your check with W4W table sponsorship on it.



Posted: September 10, 2018 at 7:09 pm

new dog in..her name is brooklyn and she is a mess….bad skin, bad eyes and bad ears…really bad is what i see tonight. renee got her a vet appointment for tomorrow thank goodness and one of the staff thankfully have already given her a good bath. i am going to give her some meds tonight to decrease her itching so she can have a decent sleep and tomorrow, we will hopefully have a good treatment plan.

one of our newest fosters, who no one except me has met yet was just diagnosed with mouth cancer. hintza is a lovely, cheerful, energetic 8 yr old white shepherd with a wonderfully funny personality. we are going to investigate a little further to see if there are any possible treatment options for him. this is quite a stressful time for his foster family because they adore this goofy boy.

lynn took lenny to abbotsford for her physio appointment today…she said lenny did really well. she sure is tired tonight tho, passed out and snoring..she is such a cute little girl!

i keep thinking the front door is open! our volunteer wonder guys installed a new front door (the old one was rusting and had sharp metal edges just waiting to amputate some poor dogs toes!) this door has a big window in it. the entrance way is so bright now, i keep thinking the door is open when it is not. thank you guys! LOVE the new door!!!

one of our barn volunteers has sadly moved away. and we are really going to miss him. rick was a super nice guy and as a parting gift to the saints animals he left a donation and 3 super duper great wheelbarrows that everyone is going to LOVE! thank you rick and we will miss you! hope you come back for a visit soon!

huge thx to ali for organizing a volunteer potluck this past weekend…it was truly enjoyed by all (esp. mad max and diesel!)

so glad the rain is back!!

i think that is all of the recent news.

the winds of change!

Posted: September 8, 2018 at 8:29 pm

i have been trying to wrap my head around no longer “owning” saints. it is a bit of an adjustment and don’t get me wrong..i truly believe it is a good AND the right thing.
however…for me personally, it is the end of an era. i grew up and was christened in the down and dirty age of rescue..the age where “real” rescuers gave up almost everything…friends, family, privacy, comfort, financial security, sometimes even basic necessities, like running water or electricity…and some times, eventually……even their sanity. deprivation was their badge of courage, rescue was NOT for weenies!
i never made it all the way to that kind of “real” i wasn’t giving up EVERYTHING! i watched those guys really suffer some days and said to myself… “no freaking way am i living without a flush toilet, a hot water bath or a working washer and dryer!” and i kept my job..it helped keep me somewhat sane plus i needed to work to pay the mortgage (and i actually love my job.) i also managed to mostly keep my family intact and my kids and grandkids all still like me! i gave up a lot tho..but not like the old timers… the animals got 99% of saints and i got 1% of a home…which included..half a ( half eaten) bed and a 5×6 foot bathroom (which everyone uses) but with a bathtub and a washer and dryer, (if i can slip in my stuff between saints loads of wash.) honestly..it was enough and way more than my past mentors.

but really..giving up stuff and space wasn’t really that hard. the lack of privacy wasn’t exactly easy but whatever, i got used to it over time.
giving up self respect..that was a hard one at times, i mean sometimes swallowing my pride and just accepting that folks would define me whatever way they felt they had to. it was like being stuck in limbo in the court of perpetual judgements and opinions of you.
because here is the thing…once you become the figurehead of a fairly successful rescue, once your name is irrevocably linked..all kinds of interesting things happen.
depending on perceptions and experiences…sometimes you are a saint, sometimes you are an ass, sometimes you are on someone’s pedestal until they kick it out from under you. sometimes you are the kindest of all compassionate souls but to someone else you are a raging haglike toad. unfortunately you do sometimes over hear conversations, and sometimes someone whispers not so nice shit in your ear. sometimes you hear of people making fun of you, or telling anyone who will listen that you really do have angel wings underneath your flannel shirt and halos woven into your hair.
the bottom line is you are burdened with all kinds of labels and judgements..good, bad, friendly, not friendly, some downright ridiculous and some outright ugly and all of it from a far larger than most people’s average world. many of these definitions of you floating out there are impossible to live up to and some just plain fucking hurt.

this is something i do share in common with the old time rescuers…they had to carry this kind of shit too.

but here is the thing…rescue no longer has to be like this. it no longer has to be all or nothing, an individual’s heart, mind, future and soul no longer has to be handed over in order to save animals….the future holds a more balanced way now as caring for animals becomes more socially acceptable than it used to.
people can actually get paid now..as in a real job now… in shelter care and animal welfare. animal welfare and shelter volunteers can spread their wings and get so much more involved and hands on in so many different ways and still balance it with their other home and work lives. no one HAS to be St Francis or the horrid troll under the bridge, no one has to be the crazy cat woman anymore..folks can just be normal people working together to do an important job.

it is a totally different future coming our way and it feels a little alien to me…(yes..a tiny bit of that rescue rebel in me is a wee bit sad…it has been an interesting kick ass/ass kicked adventure.)
but the practical, common sense part of me, after almost 20 yrs of this shit, says…its about time and thank freaking god! it is now ok to be normal in rescue.