Posted: May 30, 2019 at 7:12 am

When they first arrived, Lisbon and Oslo seemed pretty limited. Not great at flying, even less so at landing, to the point where towels had to plug potential danger areas if they couldnt quite stick the landing. Lisbon has almost full use of her leg now, she grips with all of her toes almost all of the time. This is so awesome for her! Oslo has completely mastered flying and landing. He has totally compensated for his splayed leg and leads a full and complete life. Both these birds just needed a chance.

We have been slowly introducing our northern MP girls (Clover, Vera and Nadia) to the sunroom crew, they all do an evening run to the lower field. It is going well so far, Nova and Hannah love friends, the more the merrier, and with the pond+bark mulch+mud, the messier the better. 

Stella is visiting the MP building, in the hopes that she will move into the office. Its more space for her, but we are not pushing it, just slowly letting her get comfortable before she moves for good. Some of you probably know that Stella is not very fond of me. She actually flat out dislikes me…or does she?

Do you know what Owen and Lenore did for their 43rd wedding anniversary yesterday? They came to SAINTS to do yardwork, getting ready for the open house. Happy anniversary you two, I hope you had a nice dinner afterwards! 

peanut war

Posted: May 29, 2019 at 10:21 am

whenever I am at the cottage for a day..i put out some peanuts for the squirrels and seed for the birds. I take any left overs back in before I leave to discourage rodents from finding a new food source and moving in.

this morning I was squirrel watching..there are 2 distinct populations…black and grey. they don’t like each other and always play game of thrones for control over my back yard.

so back to the peanuts…
I put out the dish on the fence for whoever found it first.
today was one of the little black guys.

black squirrel: “holy shit! it is peanut day!!”
he quickly grabs a peanut and runs off to bury it somewhere safe. he is back a couple of minutes later to grab another and off he went again.
I watched him grab almost a dozen peanuts one at a time, stashing each of them in a different place each time!
smart little squirrel.

with one of the last ones, as he was running down the fence with his prize, one of the grey squirrels showed up right in front, blocking his way!

grey squirrel: “whatcha got there buddy? could it be a peanut??”

black squirrel turned right around and hopped off the fence and ran off into the bush with grey squirrel in hot pursuit.

black squirrel led grey squirrel on a merry chase but still managed to stash his peanut someplace and grey squirrel knew there was a peanut stashed somewhere very close.

so while grey squirrel rummaged around in the underbrush looking for that particular peanut, black squirrel snuck back to the bowl three more times to empty it and stash the remainders.

peanut bowl is now empty.
final score…
black squirrel 11…grey squirrel 1 (maybe, not sure he actually found it.)

I just love watching the squirrels… some are way smarter than others and way better at peanut wars!

mystic unwell

Posted: May 27, 2019 at 7:12 am

got home at midnight last night…spent the evening in emerg with mystic. she started vomitting repeatedly at 6 pm and in 2 hours vomited a dozen times. she felt really crappy. because she is diabetic, this added another worry plus i was worried this could be something serious like a stomach torsion…..off to the ER better safe than sorry.
xrays and bloodwork put my mind at ease and an anti nausea injection helped her to feel a bit better…at least it stopped the vomiting.
she wouldn’t eat when we got home but because of the bloodwork i knew her blood sugars were high enough to give her her insulin dose.
mystic slept all last night..she was exhausted.
luna and boomer were very distressed by her illness..so much so that both refused to come into the house…boomer slept outside in the dog house, luna would not even stay in the yard so she slept up against the outside of the computer room door! mystic not feeling well totally freaked them both out!

she is still sleeping, hopefully when she awakes the nausea will have completely passed….mystic unwell is upsetting..not just for her (and me!) but for luna and boomer as well!

picking your own new home.

Posted: May 23, 2019 at 5:24 pm

we picked up little taylor from the airport last night..i think she was a bit shell shocked. it was a long trip down from yellowknife, waaay up north. once she got home, she was nervous and shy but sweet. today she was better but still a bit shy.

i got the brainstorm idea to introduce her to alex..

they were about the same size, same age..might be fun!
so i introduced them..it went fine. they liked each other.
but taylor also wanted to meet nova and the rest of my guys. i was a bit nervous, nova is sweet but she is also a 90 pound uncoordinated, extremely playful dorky puppy.

i did not want taylor squished or overwhelmed. taylor was pretty sure she wanted to take the risk so what the heck..i opened the gate to the big dog yard.
and taylor moved in…i think it might be permanent.
the big dog area has 3 things that taylor REALLY likes….REAL grass to roll around in over and over…a big giant king sized bed to jump on and off of and roll around some more. PLUS not one but two (nova and hannah) energetic large breed puppies to chase and play keep away with.

this afternoon taylor is no longer shy…she picked where and who she wanted to hang out with and my bed room crew just grew once again. i love it when dogs get to make their own choices.
welcome taylor..glad you are happy…i think…depends how much you happy maniacs continue to disrupt my sleep!

new saints

Posted: May 22, 2019 at 9:23 am

Saints welcomes hannah, a sweet 11 month old BC or aussiX. hannah came to us because of a congenital malformation, her bladder drains into her vaginal area, she is missing an urethra so she leaks urine. this is non repairable. hannah is a very sweet dog and she quickly became nova’s best friend. i have to say with all of the oldies here, the youthful abandon of joyful and continuous play is a bit of a treat. i got such great pleasure watching nova and hannah playing catch me if you can and king of the castle on the shavings pile and romping and running thru the pond. last night at bedtime it was several hours of me getting jostled around as they wrestled and played bitey face on the bed. even alex eventually became tired of barking at them and climbed over top of me to squeeze into a safe spot on the very edge of the bed. i think even mystic and luna are somewhat grateful to hannah, nova finally has a young friend which gets them off the hook for entertaining her. they like me just get out of their way and let that youthful joyfulness wear itself out.

speaking of alex, he is doing so well. there is no doubt that he gets easily wound up and barks his fool head off. but he has a good and gentle soul and even tho he sounds quite vicious when chasing after nova and hannah, he is actually just playing…loudly. there has been absolutely no sign of aggression, he listens really well (as long as he isn’t drowning me out with barking!) he is an affectionate and cuddly little guy with a bit of anxiety but the great thing about him is when he starts to feel overwhelmed, he comes to me for a shoulder massage to help him calm himself down. alex reminds me of the ADDH kid who wants everyone to love him but who actually annoys the shit out of everyone he comes in contact with. and the sad thing is these kids (and dogs) can feel that negative energy no matter how well we try to mask it. it just makes everything worse for them. it took me a long time to learn to really love the unlovable, the pain in the ass, the annoying as all get outs. but believe me when i say…when these irritating misfits begin to feel unconditional love and truly feel they have value..their world changes dramatically…for the better.

new dog arriving today from the north…apparently her name is Tay-Tay…i think we will just call her taylor. taylor is terrified of men and is a terrier mix about 8 yrs old. tammy and i are picking her up at YVR this evening.


Posted: May 17, 2019 at 9:53 pm

Where to start? Many things have happened but Frick it’s been busy, apologies!

Sam, the lovely lab x who got adopted and moved to the island with her new people last summer has sadly passed away. Sam had some cancerous masses and some organ troubles, then she was diagnosed with an internal bleed. It was time to let her go. Condolences to Sam’s people, Tricia and Richard.

Rudy had a sore on his tail earlier this week. Could’ve been fly drop maybe, whatever it was it was itchy and he’s now got sores on his bum from trying to rub the itchy spot. We had the vet come out and assess, tomorrow his treatment will begin. Poor guy. 99 problems.

Harry has 99 problems too. He’s back for a visit while Priscilla is on a holiday. Harry has terrible arthritis, he’s in kidney failure and has seizures on top of it all. We are hoping to work out a better med regime so he can feel a bit better for awhile longer. Such a good boy.

All our rabbits got vaccinated against RHVD-2 this past week. Scary, that virus!

Mocha and Molly are both doing well, we love updates!Seriously, how cute are these photos!


loving alex.

Posted: May 7, 2019 at 8:28 pm

they say you shouldn’t attribute human emotions to animals..they have a fancy name for it…anthropomorphism. it is apparently a bad thing, that’s why they gave it a serious (ie difficult to pronounce) name.
except here is the thing..i have lived with literally thousands of animals in my rescue career.
and they have emotions…fear, love, hate, anger, joy, grief, envy, compassion…i have seen it…they feel complicated shit inside them just like we do.

i find myself in conflict when i am trying to tell one of their stories. i want to tell their story with their feelings without adding my own. and that is a hard thing to do. mostly i kind of guess based on what one would reasonably expect any living creature to feel under a certain set of circumstances.
so am i anthropomorphizing?…maybe…i don’t think so but you can each decide.

the last dog who rocked my soul to my socks was clyde. clyde was many years ago and i eventually euthanized him because he was dangerous. but that didn’t mean that i hadn’t seen into his soul and despite the danger he presented…deep inside there was a really good dog. i should have probably euthanized him sooner before disaster struck. but once i saw him, i loved him, broken beyond repair that he was.

now alex has come in. there is no fear that alex will follow in clyde’s footsteps. while he has a bite history, he is not an unpredictable time bomb like clyde was. and alex is not broken beyond repair…he is just beat up and bruised by what life has tossed at him, he has great potential to heal.
alex has moved my soul in much the same way as clyde. alex is a very good dog with a bunch of unhappy shit going on in his soul and head.

so here is his story, complete with anthropomorphizing…and you can decide if what i think has happened to him emotionally is complete BS.

alex is a 6 yr old multipoo…he knows sit, down, stay. he knows how to dance for a treat, shake a paw, and roll over. someone had him and loved him enough to teach him stuff. so i know at some point, he had a good home.
but alex ended up in a california shelter (i have no idea why..lost as stray? abandoned by his family? only alex knows). the LA shelters are not like our BC shelters that hold maybe 20 dogs? the california shelters hold hundreds of dogs. so there is this little once loved pet in a building filled with hundreds of barking, distraught, upset dogs and his family was no where in sight.
i know he was afraid, in fact i know he was terrified. who in their right mind of any species wouldn’t be?
alex was lucky, he didn’t end up in a barrel full of dead dogs in the shelter back room. but he did end up in a crate in a van full of other stressed out dogs and drove a thousand miles to a pet store adoption event in canada. and alex was lucky again because he was adopted…(i am guessing but i bet his adoption fee was somewhere around $400.)

but alex didn’t feel all that lucky, i think he felt “holy shit, where am I? who are you? what is happening to me? why is everything so unfamiliar, confusing, scary???”
three weeks into the adoption alex was barking in the hedge thru the fence at the neighbor…more stranger danger!!
his new mom didn’t like him doing that so when he ignored her to stop, she reached in to grab him and alex went kungfu mighty with his teeth up and down both arms. this was not exactly the future therapy dog she envisioned.

so alex came to saints. and i look at him and i see this poor wee little bastard who has been tossed away, traumatized in the worst possible ways, sucked into the rescue train with little regard to what he was feeling emotionally, mentally, spiritually and then set up with almost perfect finesse to fail.
and here i go anthropomorphizing again..i can clearly see what he needs to heal.

he needs kindness and patience. he needs to be loved at this very minute for who he is..not for who he could or should be. he needs predictability and stability in this kindness, patience and love.
and one day, that little dog who trusted in life, trusted in his family, basked in the fun and joy of learning tricks with someone he loved..he will come back again.
he just needs some time and understanding with a bit of anthropomorphizing to see things thru his lens in life….these past few months for him have not been pretty.

welcome to saints sweetie.

Plant sale!

Posted: May 5, 2019 at 3:52 pm

Julie and Moneca go above and beyond every year. They host the annual plant sale, raising much needed funds for SAINTS, Elizabeth’s Wildlife, FVHS and Mission Community Foundation.

We are forever grateful to have such a dedicated backbone of supporters. Thank you Julie and Moneca (and you too Joyce!) for all that you do! There’s still lots of beautiful plants available to buy next weekend. 

A week from today is Mother’s Day, and what a great gift idea it would be to pick something up for her from the plant sale! All, I repeat, ALL the money raised goes to charity. It just doesn’t get better than this!

Meet Pearl the second

Posted: May 3, 2019 at 9:43 pm

I want to give a huge shout out to Steven for fixing the doors on the MP building! Steven, you rock! Thank you!

I don’t know what he did or how he did it, but both these doors look great and they open and close better than they ever have. So awesome!

Has little Pearl been introduced yet? She’s the little sweetie that was waiting out at Chilliwacks CARE center for a spot with us. She’s definitely a skin dog, adorable and friendly as all get out. Shelagh has been going at Open House prep pretty hardcore, we are about six weeks out with plenty to do. This is our showcase weekend. Our chance to show others what we do. And what exactly is that?

Happy animals. Lives not only saved, but worth living. That’s what we do.

molly has passed away

Posted: May 2, 2019 at 7:31 am

she had so many health issues stacked against her and yet on sunday she won the luck of the draw and went home with tracy, one of saints dedicated volunteers. we are so sad that molly and tracy did not have more time together but molly had a home at the very end of her life, she had a best friend whose tears anointed her with love as she passed gently away. thank you tracy for loving her. our deepest condolences on your loss.