April 18, 2014

good friday or not?

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sometimes it amazes me when i wake up to the peace and quiet of living with almost 50 wrecked animals in my house. none of them are awake yet and therefore the floors are relatively and easy to mop up this early…i sit with my cup of tea surrounded by clean floors and comfortable and safe sleeping bodies.
it is a pretty good feeling.

of course the feeling won’t last..it is a stat and i am working. this means with no staff here today i have more than a dozen dogs to feed/med before i leave for work, a more after work plus the barn bedtime. it makes for a very long day. but thankfully the volunteers are here to take care of all of the stuff in the middle or i would be totally screwed!

it looks like it stopped raining, hopefully the volunteers will get a bit of a break from the wet today..(me too at barn bedtime!)
but thanks to the rain…it also looks like my grass seed is finally just starting to sprout so in a couple of days, i should be able to see which areas will need a little more help. i really need the grass to start growing, i cannot stand this beaten up land look…it drives me insane.

everyone seems to be doing ok…jesse is still barely hanging in by a thread..but the fact of the matter is..he is still hanging in. tu is getting so frail but she is utterly ancient for a rabbit now too, i still would like a few more pounds on gilbert..too bad ollie can’t share some of his!

the chi’s are back for a bit in the medical room while johanna is off to england…shep is settled ok for his month of hanging with us and bru is coming today for the long weekend.

we have two young (3 yr old) small dogs coming in from up north. they are not really special needs except they need to find a home together. we will get them spayed/neutered etc… and then try to find them a really great home. if anyone knows anyone great looking for a brother and a sister pair..please let me know.

and i guess i better get moving on the feeding or i will be late for work.

hope everyone has a good, Good Friday!

April 17, 2014

not fair

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for tess it is all about food…for me, it is all about tess.
damn it.

Tess…”hey! hey! hey! i want some of your dinner!!”

Me…”sorry tess i am not smoking so i am eating it all.”

Tess…”NO. No. NO. i really want some.” as her front slides off the karunda bed and onto the floor.

Me..”way to go..your ass is up on the bed, your head in down on the floor..i am NOT giving you my dinner.”

Tess…suddenly silent and still as she realizes she is stuck.

Me..”ohferchrissakes..here let me lift your ass down to the floor and fine go ahead and have the rest of my gawd damn dinner, you are such a big freaking food baby.”

tess quickly scarfs my dinner back and i want a cigarette.

i want to be rescued….

by someone who smokes.

#ThrowbackThursday Easter with the saints

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Check out these bunnified SAINTS from Easter’s past …







The volunteers were also good sports and let me don them with pink ears

easter 2 easter 3

And would you believe it Carol did too with Mini Me (RIP) and Big Buddy (RIP)


Hope you all have a wonderful Easter long weekend with your friends and family! Special thanks to our amazing volunteers for their extra efforts and time over the holidays.

not so deep but true…

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i wrote a poem years ago called “but”..it is basically about loving/committing/being there for your pet with strings attached. kind of like a built in escape clause.

some of those “but” animals end up here.

too sad.

i have no idea what preacher thought he was up to last night, but he has pretty much trashed the laundry room. this morning i had to make a choice..blog or clean up his mess..guess which one i chose?

my apologies to the staff.

i’d like a built in “but” clause on preacher..man! that cat can and does get into EVERYTHING..he is almost worse than conan the barbarian (except conan intentionally destroys stuff and preacher just tosses shit around for fun.)

there are a few around here that it would have been nice to have escape clauses on…too freaking bad my word is my bond.

speaking of..two weeks today no smoking no cheating..looks like i am going to make it so my good and supportive friend pledge folks better start digging deep and paying up!

and this would be why backing ourselves into a corner without escape clauses might actually force us to do the right thing..like quitting smoking or heaven forbid…keeping our word to some vulnerable animal who needs us to be safe.

my two not so deep thoughts for the day…

dumping pets sucks so don’t be a pet dumper.

never start smoking, it is freaking hard to stop.

April 16, 2014

i was feeling somewhat less bitchy

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until until i got home and benny knocked over one of the big bowls of water and flooded the computer room…are you kidding me??? that bowl was in absolutely plain freaking view. i totally love benny but i swear he is the biggest uncoordinated ox in the world.

i stopped at the grocery store on my way home from work..we needed toilet paper and apparently i needed a giant cheesecake. day 13 no smoking no cheating…lets just gain 100 unnecessary pounds, oh please, lets do.

geezer checked out ok at the vets so he is clear to join the rest of our crew. i think we will wait until after the long weekend tho to move him.

bru is back while jenn and jiv are away so heads up to the volunteers..bru will be in with owen this holiday weekend. i am a bit worried that if they both start circling at the very same time, they might bounce off each other. i will have to stock up on a ton of de-circling treats. owen likes buns and bread the best of all…bru is on a strict special diet not sure what i can use when he is with owen. i highly doubt he will want a carrot when owen has a dinner roll.

conan and morgan are playing together on the big cat tree. i don’t know what morgan is thinking..i would never play with conan the barbarian, he is freaking crazy!

gertie got kicked out of my room..when i came home the staff had her in a time out. apparently she was being too rough with angel and freaking angel out. i will take her back to bed with me later but i will pop her back into the computer room before i leave for work in the morning so angel doesn’t get freaked out again.

erin said ollie did ok with his first swim..he didn’t love it but he was sort of ok with it all. we will try him again a couple of more times and see if he developes an appreciation for it. i do not want to be torturing the poor little fat dog.

i guess i better go let the big dog room guys out now that ollie is home and everyone is gone for the day. they have been waiting but i told them if they were not such over reactive donut holes they could have gone out earlier..it is their own fault that i don’t trust them to quietly be outside and behave.

i am feeling somewhat bitchy today

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day 12 of no smoking no cheating crossed off on the calender last night..oh flipping yay.

i am pretty sure i might have been called a hoarder on one of the rescue boards again yesterday.,,maybe not but maybe so. one of the import rescues posted the blog about politics in rescue below. only 2 comments but 6 likes on one of those comments on that post..so either they did not really actually bother to read the post or decided to publically declare their actual support for people politicking in rescue.

i did kind of laugh..who tells the world we are all for rescuers acting like asses?

i have 2 goals in my life…one is for humanity to finally accept that animals are sentient beings in their own right and deserve our utmost respect. and the second is to see rescue grow up into responsible, rational, and respectful adults so we actually WILL be taken seriously..instead of written off as either a bunch of crazies off our meds or a gang of ill mannered and bickering kids.

and this probably would be why rescue dislikes me so much..because i say this shit when i am not supposed to. it won’t go away as long as we pretend behaving badly is ok…been watching the high school drama for nigh on 20 years now..and nothing has actually changed.

and sorry to say but politics in rescue is deadly to the animals..politicking involves a winner and a loser and if the loser happens to actually be up off his or her ass and out and rescuing animals..those same animals are screwed.

don’t screw around with the animals needing rescue or someone like me is not going to like you.

April 15, 2014

today at saints

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i am pretty damn happy with the current numbers and mix of who goes where..it is working out well. of course my enjoyment of this will be short lived. my job is not to sit on our laurels and enjoy some (relatively) smooth sailing. since quite a few dogs have gone out..i need to at least let a couple in. there are currently two on my list..neither one sounds all that fun.
oh freaking whatever.

i re-planted a few of the plants and bushes that did not make it over the winter..finally the rain is back. good thing because the grass seed needs it! i am going to try to get to a few fix up/clean up/pretty up things each set of days off between now and june so when we get close to the open house i don’t have to go too nutz.

i had a good animal day today…all of the guys were actually fairly pleasant to be around. i took tammy out for lunch today tho…she had a close biting the hand that feeds you encounter with tony from terrace on sunday and is currently on 2 different IV antibiotics twice every day. i did not know that tony from terrace was such a dick headed dweeb. tammy said he didn’t mean it. i am sure that he did, it was a nasty bite.

anyway..i took her out to boston pizza as an apology from tony…if he had any money i would make him foot the bill.

kevin took puff out with him to run a couple of errands..puff really liked that.

erin is taking fatty pants ollie swimming tomorrow night..i doubt kendall has a big enough life jacket for him…i hope he doesn’t sink.

chevy looked pretty scrawny when he got here..today i noticed he is looking really handsome now. he is still small for his age but at least he looks healthy now.

dionne said i could give her another dick headed dog so if one of the two new ones is a pain..i am sending him over to mp land. dionne has a ton of patience for the bad boys..i mostly just want to shoot them in the head.

well..speaking of..time for odie’s insulin..angel’s too but unlike odie-son…she is not a dick head.

i am ok…you are ok.

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it was a low key day yesterday..i did not do much…washed a couple of windows, sorted out a worry, did my laundry, cleaned the bathroom, went out for lunch with mo…had a couple of naps. anyway..i made up for the lack of sleep from the night before which was good but consequently today i have a few more things to do….and..i might not get to them all.

i think i have figured out how despite all of the shit in rescue..i still manage to survive pretty well.
ok..smoking helped..
but its more than that.

its because i don’t care. i don’t care who is good or bad, right or wrong, smart or stupid, friend or foe..it makes absolutely no difference to me as long as the pain in the ass-ers are not in my home…here would be a little bit TOO close.

people get mad at me because i do not think like them, speak like them, twist myself into pretzels to be like them….why would i want to do any of that? but more importantly..why would anyone want me to do any of those things anyway?…why would anyone care?

do you know that i NEVER start a fight in rescue…i will fight back and i will protect myself and saints but i never go knocking on anyone’s door and start whacking away.
and do you know why i will never do this?
because not only do i not really care what other folks are up to, that’s their business not mine…it also because it is totally fucking rude.

if i do not trust someone, i distance myself, if really am against what someone is doing..i turn and walk away.

i am not the cop, the judge, the jury..no one made me a bounty hunter to MAKE someone pay.

i just step around them and continue on my own merry way.

am i right in this?

of course i am right..i ALWAYS think i am right..that’s why i do things my way.

and if i am always right..then everyone else must always be wrong. but i am totally ok with that….everyone else CAN be wrong….really..it’s fine with me..i do not care.

do people understand this>?

i survive in rescue because i am ok with always being right and everyone else always being wrong.

ok..i am joking with you.

i survive in rescue because i am ok with who i am..and i am ok with who everyone else is too because who they are has nothing to do with who i am.

politics thrives in rescue because we think we have the right to write the script on rescue life for someone else or for everyone else to live. we have the right to write our OWN scripts but that’s it.
the really big script writers whose ego’s insist on changing the entire rescue landscape to match their version of the world need to move to hollywood where the budgets are bigger to pay actors to follow these oscar worthy scripts.

politics in rescue ultimately hurts more animals every year than all the abusers and losers combined.

i am ok..you are ok.

live with it.

keep politics out of rescue.

April 14, 2014

Update on Total for Amazing Raise 2014

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Over Halfway There!!!

fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams

a dollar a day

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it was a shitty night last night…i was worrying about something, angel was restless and not well and jesse got caught between his bed and the wall which necessitated a 3 am full pick me up rescue.

all i could think of for the hours i was awake was how badly i wanted to get up and have a smoke so i could relax and settle myself. starting day 11 of no smoking no cheating…oh big freaking deal..it is not getting easier from my point of view.

a sleep in on a day off here is pretty damn hard because the dogs do love their early morning howling chorus..so i am tired and unlikely able to do much about it.

whatever again.

another day, another dollar..hope folks have paid up their amazing raise smoke free pledges because i am SUFFERING here and i ain’t doing it for free.