April 24, 2014

earth to hank???

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it was a fairly horrid night..hank flip flopped and cried (his whine reached close to screaming levels at times)..how much of it was true agony and how much was drama king? i can’t tell you. but according to hank, and he would be the authority on this..he was suffering BIG TIME! he ended up with about 50 mgs of tramadol in him.,.(way too big of a dose but it was either that or a trip to emerg.) before he finally settled and fitfully slept.

which meant the rest of us could rest….hopefully today is a bit better for him.

super cute…super sweet little boy.

robbie most definitely does not like him..he doesn’t like the hormone, or fresh surgical/wound smell…really does not like the whole flip flopping screaming thing either. hope floats they can be friends when hank acts and smells like a dog again.

ok..well i gotta get into work.

Plant Sale Help

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Post by Erin. Julie needs help tommorrow morning, around 8:30, just for an hour to help move the hanging flower baskets in preparation for the plant sale beginning May 3. Whos up for this? Also she will be looking for help May 3-4, and the following weekend, May 10-11. Many hands make light work!plantsale

April 23, 2014


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first of all..i want a smoke. second of all..i don’t have any which totally sucks.

babes and spot are doing ok..they came down from their shelf to hang out on my lap for a while.

hank tho is driving me right over the edge…he is so sore from his surgery and such a big freaking baby that he is doing flip flops trying to get at his incisions. he won’t eat, he won’t take any meds..i finally opened a tramadol mixed it with metacam and shoved the foul mess into his mouth with a syringe. i have towels taped around his neck to prevent bending because while his mouth can’t reach the incisions..the edge of the cone can and he is just irritating it all the more. i will be hitting the clinic up tomorrow for liquid antibiotics cuz the pills are for sure a no go.

i feel so bad for him….

chloe is going in to the clinic tomorrow for a mouth check.
chief lost a bunch more teeth and will be coming home tomorrow.
bobbi is in the clinic too because she has stopped eating.

the rabbits and a new old wrecked dog arrive tomorrow from animal control..oh freaking yay not.
new diabetic cat coming in too..oh freaking yay not too.

robbie is either sick or very upset because a newly neutered dog is in his room..i can’t really tell which it is.

i checked up on pac today..he is doing really well and might pop by for a visit soon.

and my wrist hurts..except it isn’t my wrist…it is actually my shoulder blade muscle..referred nerve pain sucks.

i guess i better go watch poor hank flip flop some more…hope those meds kick in quick!

oh and i have lost my cell phone in the house somewhere..can’t call it on the landline cuz the landline is dead again..that freaking phone is such a waste of money..it never works when i need it to work. if i don’t find it by morning no one will be able to get a hold of me.

right now i really do not care.

April 22, 2014


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spot and babe are here..big thx to chris for picking them up. they are booked in next week for spay/neuter, then we will start looking for a really good home.

hank did ok with his surgery today. he should be ready to come home tomorrow.

crosby was moved back out to the chicken areas now that the good weather is back.

the final shake down on the rabbits is done…new homeless rabbits arrive late on thursday. danny was the biggest problem..quite uncooperative even for a bunny…whatever..he won.

chief is back in the clinic for another dental..he has chronic immune originated dental disease.

it looked like dixie might have been starting an early colic..she has a bit of a history and luckily always acts a bit weird initially. kevin was worried and wanted me to watch her..gave her some meds and she’s had a good poop so thats really good but i will still keep an eye on her tonight just in case.

i pretty much did diddly squat today..goofed with the rabbits, picked up some meds, shaved a few problem spots, threw out some more grass seed…honestly..i pretty much did nothing. it was a nice and relaxing day!

my cup overflow-ith…

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tu must have known that i was about to start screwing around in the rabbit room and decided to check out and miss all of the turmoil. mere hours after her death i got an email from AC about an old wrecked dog coming our way and mentioned that they were filled up with 20 stray rabbits and wondered…did we have any room for some? well with some major readjustments..the fact of the matter is we do.
we are in the process of re-adjusting..some of the re-adjusting has not gone well and required a return to status quo. rabbits are so freaking ornery with their own species and what they consider to be their own territory. altho quite frankly and to be perfectly fair…..i can’t see any humans just cheerfully moving over and letting another half dozen humans move into their private family homes either. i guess they have a right to not be happy about this.
sorry guys, its what we do…we are a shelter and shelters give shelter to bunnies without a home, just like you!

i haven’t heard anything on that biting little ass from alberta since i said we would take him..and i just let in 4 other small dogs. by the time he gets around to claiming his space, he may well be shit out of luck if i have given it away. i don’t babysit or chase around animals saying they want to get in..if they don’t get here fairly quickly, and i don’t hear why, i figure they don’t really need me all that much anyway…but whoever is currently banging on the gate certainly does.

whatever..i wasn’t really all that excited about another psycho biter..i just felt sorry for the little bastard.

we are getting pretty damn full again.

you gotta love rescue, the cup that keeps overflowing..forever for you.

April 21, 2014

tu has passed away

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she was our oldest and most senior rabbit. tu came to us back in early 2005 from SARS. she was pretty aggressive when she first arrived..we were at the old trailer site and she was in the house in a cage, and i had to use a dustpan placed strategically between her and me in order to clean out her cage. some rabbits are like that..aggressive when cage bound but ok once they have more freedom to move. once we got tu out of her cage, she became a great rabbit..she just needed a bit more freedom to not be afraid.
tu has become increasingly more frail over the past year or so. i thought she didn’t look great last night and when i gave them their treats she wasn’t interested so i figured her end was getting near….tu LOVED russell rabbit..her head was always in the bowl before i was even finished pouring.
tu had a good life with us..many very good friends, some that have passed on before her, some that are still here. if there is a heaven, she will have friends waiting to greet her.

rest in peace tu, you were a very good rabbit and you will be missed.

hi ya

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on to day 2 of no smoking no cheating…if i could have just held out for 4 more days, i would have been in the clear and could have just started smoking again. now i have a whole 18 more days to go again. assuming i don’t have another bad day between now and then..good lord. this 20 day no smoking no cheating thing could go on for the rest of my life!!!
whatever..it is actually a pretty damn smart way to keep working towards successfully quitting smoking…trapped by the 20 day promise/challenge.

anyway..if nothing stresses me out over the next 18 days, maybe i can be done with this burden of 20 day obligation and be free to do what i really want to do!

i got home late last night..luckily chris and michelle had put everyone to bed for me. the barn guys are doing ok dealing with the loss of flicka but it doies feel strangely empty out there for all of us humans.

robbie lost his mind yesterday and rolled over and over in poop. that little poopy bugger was on my bed when i got home so i absolutely had to grab him and bath him.

bru has gone home…but only until next weekend..then he is back for another week here.

three new incoming tomorrrow..the young brother and sister pair flying in from up north and the peeing/marking crypt orchid puggle is in for his surgery tomorrow and will be coming back here once he is done…maybe not until wed..not sure..that’s a pretty big surgery so it depends on how he does.

well.. i got shit to do so i better get to it.

April 20, 2014

Housekeeping…YVR pick-up?

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Post by Erin.
Just some housekeeping things…First, we need someone to pick up the two small dogs being flown down from NARA in Terrace via Airco. This someone needs to be at Airco at YVR at 10:15 Tuesday am. Please leave comment below or tell Carol if this is something you are available to do. These are two cute little things, I pulled their pic from NARA’s facebook page. Their names are Babes and Spot. Freakin cute huh?

Also the Changes Recycling Program at Save-On-Foods is no longer. Instead, please take your cans and bottles to the recently relocated Return-It Bottle Depot (kitty-corner from McDonalds) on Park Street in Mission. I returned my bottles yesterday and donated the proceeds to Saints so I know the system works, you just have to tell the guys at the till. Yes, you still have to sort your own stuff and bring it up to the front to have it tallied and everything, but the new site makes this easy, lots of space! And, cmon, its for a good cause. Unfortunately there is no sign in the new building telling the public that they CAN donate their money. I have asked if I can put one up, so we will see. Word of mouth for now. Tell everyone! 1902799_792774307401555_5747524066303687410_n

bad night..i am tired. thank god this is my last day of this work set.

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i left flicka’s stall door open last night for ziggy..i thought he might like to wander in and out because he knew how deeply flicka was attached to him. when i checked the cameras around midnight..he was laying in the middle of her stall sleeping. i wonder if being in her room gave him comfort?

it was a bit of a tough night, i did not sleep well because of pain. i guess i over did it during the holy shit emily is loose and freaked out encounter..i needed tyenol, advil and robaxin to finally bring the aching down to a dull roar.
it didn’t help that bru decided to get vocal around midnight and share his grief at getting dumped here for the weekend with anyone near who had ears. or that he and owen at different times, each had a poo and walked thru it which made for 2 big laundry loads. sorry folks, i did get those thru but did not make it to the basket of yesterdays left over stuff.

big thx to all of the easter holiday weekend warriors for being here for our guys. big thx to everyone who helped out with flicka’s final hours and big thx to erin who came up to check on emily after i had gone back to work. while she was here she rescued luna who had climbed out the window again. this time into the pouring rain with no way to get back into the house again. such a sweet dumbo girl. erin also saved owen who apparently got himself wedged in behind the washer..poor blind babe. quick note for everyone to leave the laundry garbage bin and laundry linen basket where they are to keep this from happening again.

yesterday was a pretty rough day….day 16 of no smoking no cheating and i cheated and smoked.

i know i owe all of you folks who pledged to this, 20 days of no smoking at the very least. so today i am starting all over again..today is dqy 1 of no smoking no cheating for me.
so sorry i am such a freaking nicotene weakling..40 years of using smoking for coping is a really hard habit to break.
i will try harder.

April 19, 2014

flicka’s passing

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i woke up wide awake at 430 this morning and decided to get up. i cleaned up a few messes and made myself a cup of tea and sat down in front of the computer. when i looked at the horses in the cameras, i noticed that flicka was laying down. flicka NEVER lays down and it freaked me out. she got up a minute or two later but then she went down again so i got dressed and went out to check on her. she was up again when i got out there and she looked ok..she was bright and interactive and did not seem distressed so i went back to the house. i watched her in the cameras some more and i saw she was nosing her belly and then she went down again. i went back out and just wasn’t sure, was she colicking or not? i thought that she was so i called the vet.

brent got here about 630, checked her over, didn’t think it was actual colic but thought she was in pain. i had given her 5 units of bantamine which he said was good and he said to feed her which i did and she ate really well. brent said he would come back and check her again around 8 am. i had to leave for work soon so i called mo and =asked if she could come early and keep an eye on her until brent came back. when he came back he drew some blood, tubed her and put a bunch of oil into her gut and told mo to call him if she got any worse.

by the time i got home for lunch, flicka was out in the field, grazing and looking perfectly fine. i thought we had dodged the colic bullet. a few minutes later jamie came in to the house saying mo was calling me because flicka was down. we called the vet and for the next couple of hours we kept forcing up to her feet to walk a little bit before she just couldn’t do it anymore and had to lay down. i gave her another 15 units of bantamine while we waited for the vet to get back, he was on another emergency call.

it was horrible watching her suffer, making her get up and walk and unable to stop her from her going down and rolling and then making her get up again. jamie, mo, laura, kevin and i stayed with her. when the vet finally came back he gave her an IV dose of torb and a sedative and tubed her again. this time bowel contents came back up the tube, he said this was very bad news and she was fully obstructed. he doesn’t think it was colic..he said he was 95% sure she had a tumor blocking her gut somewhere.

flicka was 34 years old..too old to be dicking around with major surgery..i made the call to let her go. by then the torb and sedation was working and she was feeling more comfortable. she passed peacefully with all of us with her.

after she was gone we let the other barn guys come to her. ziggy was upset and wanted to stay next to one of us. emily licked her all over, dixie and raven came close and wuffled her with their noses, and rudy was very upset, pulling the blanket off her and pawing at her to get up again. we put everyone to bed early and i shut emily up in the cow barn because i knew she would get really upset when the truck came to take flicka away.

i was right, when the truck got there, em lost her mind and started bawling and climbing over the half door. luckily before she could seriously hurt herself the door gave way to her two thousand pounds of grieving cow. she flew at the truck and the man and i barely managed to slam the gate shut before she reached them. i got her down into the bottom field where she bawled and ran the fences while flicka’s body was loaded into the truck. once the truck was out of the barnyards, i let em back in and she flew to the gate staring right at the truck and crying.

the man said in all of the farms where he picked up dead animals, he had never seen such a profound emotional reaction before. em learned it from percy..she knew the truck that took her dead family members away.

so utterly, heartbreaking sad watching her grieve

i can’t tell emily that flicka’s death here was a gift. she did not die alone and terrorized by coyotes in an empty field which is where she came from. here she was top of the totem pole..lead mare, head honcho, big boss. here she had a young donkey who she was convinced was her babe, she had dixie and raven and rudy who thought she was a queen and she had emily who thought she was family.

and she had us..the people of saints who loved her and gave her the very best care they could possibly give to this special horse.

her passing today was hard for her, hard for everyone here but up until today her life here was good.

rest in peace flicka, you were greatly loved.