December 31, 2010


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To the World;

Maybe Carol doesn’t see the wonder that each new year can bring, but I do.

I was born on a dairy farm, at best to be bred each year by artificial man made means and to have my babe taken away from me within the first few hours of birth. I was to live day after day in a loafing shed doing nothing except when I was hooked up to the milking machines.

I was a disappointment to the ones on that farm, for some reason I couldn’t be bred. The only other use for me was whatever money the meat man would give.
But something unexpected happened when I was at the auction waiting to be sold. I saw some women wandering around looking upset and out of place. I was curious about them so I went over to the gate and I sniffed their hands but then they moved away. Suddenly I was herded into this small arena and the men made me keep moving back and forth while many humans stared down on me and then I was herded back to my pen where I waited some more.

Finally my friend was taken away, I do not know where she is now. And I was herded up into a truck with three little goats and taken to where I live now. I had come to the place where those women hang out.

I have met many new animals here and Percy and Emily are now my best friends. I like to watch the humans as they work, cleaning up manure, pushing wheelbarrows, feeding us hay and grain. There are many dogs running around and horses and pigs and sheep and goats and a llama too.
Every day is interesting and I get to do whatever it is that I want to do.

The humans here are incredibly kind, they talk nicely to us and touch us with very soft hands. All of the animals are happy and fat and have warm and dry places to sleep. We like to spend our days in the bottom field the best… underneath the big trees.

I like this place better than I have liked any other and I am happy there are new years that bring new things into my life…like umbrellas and a good home with good food and a good family to share my days with.

Every new year gets better then the one before and this makes me glad.

It is a very Happy New Year for me: Joy, in this World….thank you and may you all be as wonderfully blessed.


on this very last day of the year…

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i should be recalling all of the good things we experienced during the last 12 months. instead i am slightly stunned that yet another whole year has slipped by in the blink of an eye! huh?? where the hell did the last year go anyway???
phoebe slept in until just after nine am this morning and then literally exploded out of her room and started creating chaos everywhere. so here i am on the last day of the year anticipating another year soon to start with living with phoebe all over again.


one more afternoon shift then i switch back down to day shifts tomorrow..short shifting is always a great way to start any new year.

one new dog to come in…he has been on our possible, last resort list since november and made it up to the incoming list just before xmas. he is an old husky cross up north in an animal control shelter…we are just waiting for him to fly down, probably early in the new year. i don’t know much about him except he is old with a growth on his nose and he was found loose on the highway. i probably should have asked what they named him but i forgot. anyway..i guess i will find out soon enough.

i sent emails back on both of those dogs…the biter and the one where the family has no time. i am pretty sure neither one said what they wanted to hear, sometimes reality sucks. oh well maybe they will find their perfect scenario..just hope it is as perfect for the dog as it is for the folks.

i think pretty much the only thing that is going to make me feel good about rescue today is winning the pepsi challenge cuz at least then all of the vet bills from this year are finally paid.

so while i wish you all a very happy new year…for us, i just see more of the same…a never ending line up of animals trying to get in…a really suckingly poor door(wo)man letting too many in….another 50 or 60 thousand dollars in vet bills ka-chinking away and a few hundred hassles and pain in the ass days coming our way.

don’t get me wrong here…i am not terribly unhappy or dreading what is to come..i am just feeling sort of resigned to the continued challenges of it all.

you gotta love is just like the blending of year into year into year…it is the VERY long story without THE END.

every day is a beginning, there are no endings i guess.

ok..please vote today in the pepsi challenge! today is the real last day!!!

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December 30, 2010

i think the pepsi challenge is done…

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i thought there was still one day of voting left but apparently not. i have no idea what happened at the very end and where we were standing but i guess we will eventually find out good or bad.

thank you everyone who voted faithfully for is now out of all of our hands.

six vet runs today…

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we took in first thing this morning….maybe and molly2 and alf and hilda and jingle-bells. maybe had her sutures out and molly had her checkup and bloodwork and we brought them both home right away. i did up the diabetics and noticed little honey’s pen was full of bloody vomit and bloody poop so i rushed her back down right away. i brought hilda and jingles back with me..they both had their pre-op bloodwork..jingles for a massive dental and hilda for a dental, mammary tumor removal and an entropian eye surgery. the clinic just called and both alf and honey are ready for pick up…i am assuming they both had bloodwork too and honey is probably coming home with antibiotics and gastric meds to hold her til her blood work results comes back.
webster goes in this afternoon to check his thyroid levels…and cali is cleared by her bloodwork for her basal cell cancer removal attempt so she is booked in for her surgery next week. keep your fingers crossed for her!

gee and i still have to go to work this afternoon and look after sick people…apparently it is one of those sicko days.

but hey…the snow is still beautiful up here today….whatever that means to anything connected with my freaking life…but i did notice in my comings and goings that it is pretty out there so i guess that is kind of nice.

please keep voting in the pepsi challenge for us if you can…these vet bills are adding up into a truly monsterous affair.

scrappy went hypoglycemic tonight…it scared the crap out of sheila and leila. good thing i answered my phone!

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the first time is always the scariest because you are not sure what is happening. once you have seen it tho and taken the steps to correct it, the scariness disappears and the next time it gets easier. ahh scrappy he is happy getting to stuff his face freely tonight!

i will probably eventually take on that biting dog if his people can wait…but that is a big if. i think they are not really happy with me right now because they spent a couple of hundred dollars to find out there was nothing medically wrong. is part of the responsibility of pet ownership…making sure that behavioral problems are not physically based that could get better with treatment.
both thyroid disease and diabetes can make good dogs irritable and aggressive….treating the diseases can settle them down again.

anyway….if we do end up taking him, i won’t take him on until we have at least one segregated living area available which we currently don’t have. i am not taking him on without a back up space and plan. i don’t want to take him on and then have to nuke him because i have no where to put him if he becomes a safety issue around here which he probably will be.

however… i suspect they are getting close to the end of their rope and want a solution now…not in a couple of months or more.
oh well..realistically there is nothing i can do about it. if he is still in need when we have an appropriate spot, then we will try to help him. and if another solution is found, including possible euthanization before then…the fact remains….we just cannot help him right now.

it sucks..biting dogs are the most difficult to find an appropriate placement for. they are the most special of all the special needs out there because….biting dogs are a royal pain in the ass to everybody….especially to rescues. they can so easily end up being lifers in rescue and if so we have to give them a decent quality of life while keeping them and everyone else safe….and that is not easy.
still…now i will worry about him and wonder what will happen to him…i should just not even engage in discussions or problem solving…if i just said no i could probably forget them easier and not think about them again.

sigh..i do so want to save them all..but i have been around the block enough to know that i can’t.

rescue is big time sucking at the end of this year.

December 29, 2010

news bytes

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so once my bad mood settled..i do have to admit that it was breathtakingly beautiful up here this morning…six inches of brand new snow. all of the tree branches were laden with snow and driving up stave lake road was like driving along some christmas card road….it was pretty incredible to look at once i was over the scrooge mood.

sick call today….luckily laura came and helped me do up the mp building before i left for work….i just knew those rabbits would be too much for my back to handle.

temporary new foster dog in…her name is honey and she is in the bird holding pen. new diabetic who needs stabilizing…sweet little dog who is not making it over to the house because i am hoping she will only be here for a week or so. once her blood sugars are under control she can go back to her other home. she is not all that thrilled with me or my plan for her care but i am refusing to acknowledge this…i see no need to suck up to her and make room on my bed since she is not staying here. plus..i have a very good feeling that she will try to bolt her little unhappy ass right out of here so she is safer off in a pen with a locking door for now. she is a cute little bugger tho….i put on “Miss Cogeniality” on the big screen TV to keep her company so she doesn’t feel totally bereft and alone.

the dryer guy came and fixed the dryer…YAY!!!! i had to move perdy out into the kitchen wjhile he was working and larry, squirt and little mandy were in there too so i hung around to make sure that perdy did not hurt them. mandy is so freaking cute,,,she just does not care that perdy could and probably would pop out her eye. she was going to sit right next to my feet and stare up at me with her sweet little head tilt and her beautiful eyes. god she is cute!

and perdy did try to take a snap at her but i was right there and she got into big trouble so she decided she better be good.

i spoke to rotti rescue today..they have MAYBE a potential home for molly2…we will see. i did ask for saints to be given the right of first option should she ever run into trouble down the road sometime…and they were happy to agree. several years ago i took in three young demodex pitbulls from the pound that were up for euth. i took them in and started their treatments with the understanding that once the breed rescue had room they would take them on and move them. several weeks down the road, they were considering euth’ing one of them which i did not think needed euth’ing and i wanted her back. they did not want to send her back because they felt she was a poor breed ambassador due to her shyness and saints had too many visitors who might have met her and may have had negative pitbull biases reinforced.

whatever..different rescues believe in different things…and i totally get and respect this. BUT any dog that i have had in my home and i am willing to take back..i think deserves that option instead of euthanization. in the end she was not euthanized..i believe her foster family eventually adopted her so it turned out ok in the end.

but it was a lesson for me to learn…if i am going to take on temporary dogs and turn them over to other rescues..i want saints safety net for them in place because i will always feel responsible for them and i want the ability to follow thru with that responsibility if they need. besides we are set up to deal with dogs with varying issues…like maybe not being adoptable for whatever reason may appear down the road.

of course this was exactly how i ended up with phoebe, the red whirling closet dwelling beastie…so maybe it isn;t such a great idea some of the time. but i do think i am pretty safe with this molly…she is a very good dog!
still it makes me feel better knowing we are all on the same page here…and for the rescues we work with, knowing if push came to shove, we would not leave them holding the bag alone on an unexpectedly problematic for whatever reason dog… it might be a bit of security for the rescues. we do need help with the occasional younger/healthier ones we do sometimes get here…no one in their right mind (unless they are dyslexic and can’t read our website) comes to saints looking for young, healthy dogs of any breed.

anyway…we shall see what the new year brings for miss rotti molly, i am very grateful to rotti rescue for their willingness to help her!

ok…deep breath and try to relax…….

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bend forward gently…just a bit…now, flex back up a little bit too….softly, smoothly until you can move.
freaking back! it is spasming again..i can’t let perdy out til i can bend once again. i need to clean up the floors so i can put her carpets down…sorry perdy, just wait a few minutes til i can get myself moving around.

it was a totally crappy night…i had freakng hot flashes every hour on the flashes in a bed full of dogs totally sucks all around.

so i sit here exhausted and i type while swaying forward and back…trying to get my back to relax….with the ceiling fan running cuz once again it is freaking flaming hot!

i am so not in a good mood…first email this morning…senior time..working family, young kids, dog is getting ignored and now is barking and fussing and peeing and snapping and the tension in the family is mounting surrounding this dog.

in a perfect scenario the email goes on to say…we will find him a foster home, they will contribute financially to his care and they can still visit him sometimes too.

well shit man…in my perfect world…all of these guys would be living and barking and peeing and pooping and fussing in perfect little foster homes too where i could go and visit them and feel pretty good.

here is my brutal, i am tired, bitchy, hormonal and in pain, take on this….

if you honestly cannot multi-task, multi-love, multi-care for the needs for each member of your family..then you probably should never have started a family in the first place…. each member will require time and care. and if you cannot handle caring for a 13 year old dog…just wait til you have a 13 yr old child and see what tensions that future holds.

why do we never want to re-home the new baby?…honestly, there are waiting lists thousands of people long waiting to adopt babies…but old dogs? i don’t know of a single one.

shit and now i have to send back an email that is not offensive and rude (unlike this post)..and i don’t want to be bothered cuz i am tired and sore and this kind of thing just pisses me off. fine dump the dog..i don’t really care, everyone else does it so go ahead. but geez…don’t tell me what the perfect scenario is…i already know it…find the god damn dog a solid gold perfect home where he will be cherished and cared for every day of his life. and this does not include finding a happy place for his old family somewhere in his new life.

ok…the back is beginning to bend a little again..i think i can get perdy out for a pee. please do not fall in the snow out there cuz picking you up again will be too much for me.

plus..there is a 9 yr old border collie/lab cross recently adopted from a private home who has bitten legs and punctured them 9 times in the last 10 months. i did get the owners to take him to the vet for bloodwork just in case it is thyroid or something…the blood work is back and apparently the dog is fine…shit! now what to do??? tell them to euthanize or bring him here? i don’t want him here, we are too full. and i don’t want to tell them to nuke him either but i think that they probably should. i get why this dog needs rescue…just not sure i want to be the one to provide it.

i wonder if it ever occurs to folks as they surrender their dogs to rescue that while they just made their lives more easily perfect..they totally trashed ours and the dogs….we don’t have any extra free escape passes here..we are it and it sucks.

i hate rescue on days like today…and by the way…who ordered the god damn snow????

it is like all of these seemingly picture perfect homes..underneath the pure white beauty there is a ton of extra and more difficult work to be had….and i am tired and sore and have to work an afternoon shift today and am so not impressed.

the only thing i think it is good for today is possibly cooling off these constant hormonal hot flashes.

December 28, 2010

bits of stuff

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finally wilma’s bloodsugars came out of the high range…she was 11 today at her vet appointment…YAY wilma!!!! now we can finally do a glucose curve to fine tune her insulin regime..that is booked for next monday. i told the vet he can write the day off for any of his staff getting any work done…they all just love to sit on the floor and rub her belly whenever she comes in….and wilma loves it too!

mandy’s chest is still not clear but she is a little bit better…so… we carry on and she gets re-checked next week.

i bathed little bambi today…she was being an utter hag and picking food fights everywhere. so i tossed her in the tub and gave her a good bath and that distracted her…she hasn’t picked one single fight since. good girl!

i think we are going to try to remove that basal cell cancer from cali’s neck…just waiting on her last blood results before we decide for sure.

tina-fey is back…her new foster mom’s existing big dog…really did not like tina-fey much, it happens sometimes. is not worth the risk to tina’s life so she is back home again. can’t say she is all that upset…we had a nap this afternoon and tina climbed up inside the back of my sweater and found the absolutely warmest place to nap. and for my part i am not sure if i woke up with a menopausal hot flash or a chi in my sweater hot flash but whatever it was, it was freaking hot!

and i am just about to have some baileys and hot chocolate….mo took pity on me and gave me a bottle because this year for xmas, i didn’t get any….and she got FIVE…wow!
thx mo…really looking forward to this before i go to bed tonight….this way if i have any more hot flashes..i can blame it on the alcohol!

oh…and only three more voting days left in the pepsi challenge…please everyone vote, it would make life so much easier for a little while if we could actually win!

making sense of it all…

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in any kind of life change it is the finding the balance, making new things familiar and predictable that determines our eventual ability to not only accept, but to enjoy.
i remember 25 years ago when circumstances forced our family to move from kelowna to maple ridge where my husband had found a new and better job. i did not want to move, our family and friends were in kelowna, i did not know anyone where we were going at all.

and i hated it…maple ridge wasn’t even really a town of its me it was just a far out and faded blending of one place after another from vancouver…i did not like living there.
i remember about 3 weeks after our arrival figuring out that dewdney trunk road and lougheed highway ran parallel to each other and zellers was in the middle.

ahh…i finally had a reference point, i had somewhere that i could go on my own without getting lost all the time….things got better for me from there.
i needed something to become familar and routine for me….and it became a geographical location that actually made some kind of sense in my head.

this morning i watched molly2 cheerfully shoulder check jelly as they both rushed back into the house. when i sat down in the computer chair with my tea, molly came and once again laid her head on my knee.
and her face and her eyes were different…she was softer and more peaceful…”ahhh….” said i as i stroked her lovely face….”you are making some sense of it all around here now.”

i was molly’s one reference point but now she is able to start grasping other reference points around her too. and this is good.

the biggest challenge in rescuing animals and bringing them into a multi-species and busy communal shelter is giving them the intitial predictable reference points that they can grab on to. each animal is different..for the cats it might be a very favorite kind of food every day or it might be a very private place for their bed….for dogs like big bambi it was having a patient sounding board that she could complain in the face of each day. and for molly it was the lap at the computer for her to lay her head on when she was feeling upset and afraid.

from that one point which becomes predictable and familiar…the rest just starts falling in place.

and this is what i find so fascinating in rescue…this ability of animals to find the balance around them without a great deal of effort from me.

it is so easy to give a faavored treat here and there…so easy to set up a private and comfy bed…no effort at all to listen to an unhappy dog or keep a lap free for some overwhelmed head.

the first point of all rescue is giving a single safe reference and then watching them build out from there.

all of our new guys are well on a becoming familiar road now….it is such a relief for me when they get there.

good rescue is about solid predictability….even in the sometimes chaos of saints.

jelly and molly are back out in the yard again and they are playing together…molly has a second reference point now, it is her cheerful jelly-bean friend….oh yay…..lets hope jelly does not teach molly how to be a jelly-head, one idiot reference point is enough around here for me!