March 28, 2011

oh yay…good morning, not.

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i get up at 5 am..clean up the mess..have a quick cup of tea, get dressed and poke the diabetics. when i turn on the lights in the mp building to clean up their mess and to poke those diabetics…mama, papa and four baby rats run past me and slip thru a hole underneath the kitchen cupboards.

oh thank you so much for moving into one of my buildings so i can once again be a rodent murderer you freaking stupid things.

i get into my car and stop to get gas…i am on my way by 6:15 and for once i will not be late. i check my schedule to see if it is 2 morning shifts and 3 day shifts or 3 morning shifts and 2 day shifts and imagine my surprize to is in fact 3 afternoon shifts and i was about to be 6 hours early for work today.

piss me off…and too bad for the rat family cuz now i have lot’s of time this morning to figure out how to put together a big dent in their take over the world plan again.

and i have time to check my emails this morning now too…

7 year old standardbred mare heading for auction on march 31st..old healed spiral fracture sustained on the track, no good for riding…was bred successfully for a foal last year (oh yay again,) owner is very upset that circumstances are such that she has to be sold off immediately for meat. apparently is on the list for greener pastures (racetrack rehab/rescue) but no room in sight yet.
anyone know anyone? i have the contact info.

i have to say that this one really bothers me….it feels too much like mom is getting the really shitty end of the stick here….altho i am sure one day, the foal too will be facing the same. i really wish people would quit breeding horses…lets just breed them, use them, make them our friends and then stick them on the slaughterhouse truck when there are no other options left….hey man why not? it is fun for us while it lasts.

sigh…maybe instead of planning rat deaths..i will phone around and see how much horse boarding somewhere costs.