December 31, 2012

last night of the year.

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was someone up here checking on the dogs tonight? it was amazingly clean in every area when i got home. a quick whip thru to let everyone out to pee…i fed and did the diabetics and poof, in a blink of a few eyes, it was done! wow!!

bad news for bess today…the vet found a mass on her spleen today.he did an ultrasound and a needle biopsy and she has hemangiosarcoma. bess is now palliative…that so truly sucks.
we will watch her closely for her time to go.

jazz is home, she came back with a big bag of new toys. bobo has helped himself and eaten most of them so she is probably slightly pissed off. poor jazz…she must of thought she had died and gone to toy heaven til she got home and the big boob brought her back to toy destructor reality.

odie is a bit pissed too…he keeps blindly peering thru the wire kitchen door..he knows damn well there are some pretty cool toys getting chewed to shit where he can’t reach them.

ok off to bed, have to get up at six for work in the morning.

and so another year ends…more of the same tomorrow.

my big bang theory

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humans like things big…big houses, big bank accounts, big bangs to celebrate things…we pretty much like to make a big impression with everything.
not too happy that there will most likely be big fireworks tonight to welcome 2013!



jazzy went out on a trial adoption yesterday, she is coming home today. her new home was still grieving the loss of her 18 yr old daxi and she suddenly realized it was too soon and jazzy was a mistake. this is why we do the 2 week trials…it allows for second thoughts before they become regrets. i am all for folks figuring it out quickly before the animal settles in and thinks they have a home and family again.

floyd seems to be recovering from his injuries but we will be watching him closely. i am most concerned with the wounds under his wings because we can’t easily see them. nugget did a pretty good number on him thru the wire.

choe is on again off again with her eating..i will go back to the pureed baby food for a couple of more days. she does look a bit better to me tho, or maybe that is just wishful thinking.

bess goes in today for bloodwork and a nail trim..i am not touching her bear sized black claws.

lottie is still losing weight, we will up what she is eating and see how she does.

we are waiting on three new dogs to come in..shep from nelson, a deaf senior sheltie named lila, a one eyed senior shitzu whose name i can’t remember, and i thought there was a 14 yr old cat from somewhere?…anyway, no hurry for any of them as far as i am concerned. i am happy to have a bit of a break from new ones. and once they are all in, we are pretty much full again.

everyone have a very happy and safe new years, wow 2013? where does the time go?????

December 30, 2012

rescuing the dick headed ones

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yesterday morning, KO found floyd wounded and bleeding….he most likely stuck his head thru the wire to fight with nugget (cuz floyd is also a dick headed one) and nugget grabbed hold and beat the crap out of him. he is up and about but he has several very sore wounds…luckily fionna brought her hubby along for barn duty and he quickly put up a solid barrier between their two pens.

freaking chickens, ducks and roosters are a royal pain in the ass to rescue.

and here is the thing….

i don’t have to be a great fan of every species….i don’t have to feel all warm and fuzzy or be a sappy puppy hugger for every furred or feathered beast around here. i just have to be a believer that every single creature deserves a life of respect…free from unnecessary frustration, unhappiness,discomfort, abuse or neglect.

nature itself is about as cruel as it comes…but i don’t live in the natural world..i live in a world created by man. and that means i have a responsibility to protect the weak…even pain in the ass ducks and roosters that were bred because of humans like me.

nugget is true to himself…a big, strong and healthy, territorial jerk..he is what nature intended him to be. my job is to minimize the damage that being his true self sometimes brings when living in my human beating the shit out of an equally dick headed duck.

the one thing that i learned long ago from an old timer rescuer is this…sometimes…to know them is to loath them…


every single life is what it is…they are who they are…. and every single one of them does truly have a personal and individual intrinsic value…and i have great respect for all of them.


sometimes i do think they are little bastards and a royal pain in the butt.

maybe this is how god sometimes thinks about us.

December 29, 2012

so sorry to lynne for her loss of bambi today

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hugs from all of us to you. and thank you for giving her such a great home near the end of her life.
rest in peace big bambi, you were a very good girl.


Filed under: General — Carol @ 8:50 am is not eating. i do NOT want to have to start force feeding her…shit.

daphne is home from the vets..i picked her up on my lunch/dinner break between maple ridge/mission shifts…she was really happy to see me. now we wait for the urine tests to come back, hopefully her infection is gone.

jazzy’s potential adopter is coming out this weekend..i will let you know how that goes.

i want to thank everyone for their very kind and generous christmas donations..between those, the bake sale and a couple of late in the year grants that came in….all vet balances are now currently sitting at zero…great big yay! we are starting 2013 with a clean slate.

i hit london drugs for their boxing week sale specifically to pick up a slow cooker crock pot for cheap. i have it and got it for under 30 bucks as part of my cooking healthier food at home plan…(cheaper then buying a new stove!) now i just have to learn to use the freaking thing…today is day one of my learning curve…today is D day in cooking a real dinner here. we will see how that goes. i just don’t get why everything has to cook for 8-10 hours…that is pretty damn slow…i will need to have it all ready to go by 9 if i actually want to eat later today.
i am already thinking…early morning suzie homemaking might suck.

just so you know..nugget is now an absolutely stunning rooster to look at BUT he has also become a bit of a dick. oh yay..the last dick headed rooster we had was hank…(he got a great home) and i was so freaking glad to see the last of him. rusty was the very best rooster i ever met..kingly, gorgeous, and very kind..i wish all roosters were like him but sadly they are not…most are testosterone driven egomaniacs.
don’t anyone take any shit from nugget..he ain’t the boss around here.

oh..and to the very kind person who gave me the glittery little heart soap…i might have to kill you. i washed my face and hands and discovered i looked like a freaking gold sparkly fairy…WTF..are you kidding me??????

December 28, 2012

something wicked this way comes?

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hmmm..something is up with bess. last night she spent at least two hours pissing the bed buddies off by insisting on circling around staring at us, then standing and hanging her head on their bed. she finally settled into the playpen and slept. but bess is usually pretty unobtrusive..she quietly finds her comfy spot and stays put. it is not like her to be disuptive so i think something is bugging her.

geez..bambi is really an unforgiving bitch. jerry got into a scrap with her last week cuz jerry is always a total dick and she went right back at him, making him regret picking a fight with old miz toothless. since then she has jumped him a couple of more times..pretty much whenever she sees him. so last night i get up to pee and loyal, blind 18 yr old, dick headed jerry, gets up to follow me…when i came back i forgot to pick him up so i turned on the light so he could get back up onto the bed. as soon as he made it up the steps, bambi was on him like a dirty shirt and beating him to a pulp with her tongue. poor dick headed baby was terrified, he was shaking by the time i pulled her off.

bambi does not take shit from anyone and she does not let the fact that she is old and fat and toothless get in her way. jerry has made a real mistake with his foolhardy initial assault of her and she is going to make him pay…apparently day after day after day.

gideon looks pretty good in the cameras this morning..his weight no longer is freaking me out. he still is a bit thin but he has lost that scarecrow look so i am happy about that.

we had to re-cage chloe…she picked up a URI virus, probably because of all of her stressful medical care last week. i got a convenia injection from the vets for her so hopefully we can prevent a secondary bacterial infection. she will stay confined until she is feeling well again so we can easily moniter her and see how she is doing.

i think that is most of the is still a bit odd, crash is a bit more unsteady, oliver is hanging in and daphne has her bladder recheck today. i am working a 12 hour shift..8 in maple ridge and 4 in mission but then i do have a couple off…yay.

(in case you are wondering..jerry thinks bambi is the wicked one.)

December 27, 2012

not blogging tonight

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i have searched house, mp building, shop and ID tag is nowhere that i can find…freaking thing. i have switched 2 of my evenings to day shifts..maybe i can switch some of the other three…altho good luck to me unloading new years eve evening shift…no one is going to want to work that one.
this just so totally freaking SUCKS! in a fog.

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i feel crappy…up every two hours to pee cuz of the BP meds..and each freaking time i just had to look some more for that missing ID tag since i was up and it is right at the front of my mind bugging me. i don’t get BP has been down… (122/80 yesterday) so why do i still feel queasy, lightheaded, brainless and foggy? i must have put that friggin thing somewhere..why can’t i remember??
big sigh…it is this constant icky feeling of being hung over and out to lunch which is driving me insane. i have only been hung over once in my entire adult life and i hated the feeling which is why i pretty much never drink…drunk is gross and hangovers suck. i am pissed that even without alcohol, i feel like this…it has to be a side effect of the new meds…ohfreakingyay.

sometime today, i will have to pull my car apart, one thing at a time. that is the only place left that i haven’t ripped fully apart and checked…just did a quick rifle thru. and that tag better be in there or i will have officially lost my freaking foggy mind.

December 26, 2012


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on the weekend on my lunch break..jenn took my work ID off my neck and put it on the kitchen counter, next to the toaster. i have not been able to find it since then….did someone pick it up and put it somewhere safe??? i REAllY need it or i can’t access my building at work after hours and i have afternoon shifts coming up.

so very sorry emma for your loss of nudge…she was a great cat lucky enough to have a great home.

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It is with great great sadness that I write to tell you of the passing of Nudge on Christmas Eve. After days of feeling poorly and being on an IV at the vets I picked her up and brought home only to see that she was even worse than she was before I took her in. I syringe fed her and gave her sub Q fluids. anti nausea meds and pain meds at home. It wasn’t working and I could see she was very uncomfortable. I decided to let her go. The decision was not easy but I had run out of options. I gave her a big girl dose of buprenorphine and took her down to emergency early morning on Christmas Eve when Nicole was working and she helped Nudge pass peacefully in a matter of seconds. She looked like she was just sleeping and I held her in my arms and wept. My baby girl was gone. I wanted to throw up. Her bed is still in front of the fire and non of the other cats have gone in it. I never thought I would lose her so soon. Never.I adopted Nudge from you in 2006. She was a mega colon cat who had been dumped because of her health issues. She was always so happy and relaxed, loved being brushed and sleeping above my head in bed, snoozing in front of the fireplace on her back and snoring and generally lolling about in any bed that has a heatpad under it. There was no adjustment period necessary when she came here and she was always accepting of new cats that came in here. In short she was a lovely cat and my good friend. I cannot believe she is gone. Thank you Carol for giving me Nudge. I know you said it was to make up for sending me home with that bad ass Jenny Two!Nudge will never be forgotten. Never.