December 31, 2013

well…it looks like we made it thru another year.

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there were a helluvalotta days that pretty much sucked.

whatever…no one ever said rescue was exactly fun so I guess all in all it was what it was and that is just the way that it is.

still on this very last night of the year, the saints animals are all safely tucked in. no one is hungry, no one is cold, no one suffers pain or unbearable loneliness…everyone tonight is ok.

and despite a royal crappola year, at the very end of it all…. I am ok too.

can’t ask for more than that…at least not in rescue.

today on the last day of the year..the bills are all paid, the shelves and bins are all stocked..i even bought new flashlights and batteries for each building and ann told me a single donation came in this morning’s mail of $10,000.00 from a very generous and kind hearted woman. wow, I am stunned…that’s a really nice safety cushion to start off 2014!

it was a crappy year in many respects, but it was a wonderful year too. so many kind and selfless people, so many amazing animals, so many challenges that we did overcome.

what’s that old saying? whatever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger..well we should be pretty damn strong for this next years go around.

I wish each and everyone who feels connected to saints, near or far away..the very best of all happiest new years. may 2014 bring us all peace, happiness, purposeful fulfillment and the strength to meet the days that do not go all that great.

Happy New Year…I am hoping those bed hogs will let me have enough space on my bed for this last and soon, very first day of the year…if not..i will survive, there is always the couch again…I am blessed.

December 30, 2013


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update on shep

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Hi Carol,

I wanted to give you an update on Shep. So far, beside 2 nightly accidents, he has been great. He has been smiling a lot. Although he has a bed he does enjoy just lying on the floor. He loves to walk more than I expected. He is eating well, but he hasn’t taken any weight yet I guess it is a bit soon for him to put on some pounds.

I don’t know what his life was before the shelter, but he still seem a bit insecure and anxious like he’s afraid I will leave him or abandon him. He has a bit of a need to be close to me and know where I am, even when I’m just going to the bathroom. However I have been able to go to the pet store and the grocery store and leave him in the apartment alone without him making a mess. He met today 2 other dogs living in the building and they all reacted pretty well they seemed to like him and he enjoyed them too. Lesley, the building manager, was also here today and met him for the first time in person and she loved him.

I think he also recognized something from his past or at least something one person had. Usually he looks at people and sometimes sniff them when they are close, but he wanted to run to the person that was crossing the street farther away from us. He didn’t see the woman’s face, my guess is that he recognized her grocery stroller.

So far so good I’m very happy to have met Shep.


i don’t get it.

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the not so funny thing about rescue is considering how passionate we are about kindness and respect and dignity towards animals, how can we possibly be so petty and downright mean amongst ourselves. if rescuers ran the world..the world be a wasteland of destruction and dead bodies as we try to take out anyone and everyone who we do not like or disagrees  with us.

for the past 10 years or so, I keep looking for that open forum specifically for rescue where we can check in, scroll around, see what’s new, ask questions, get answers, toss out thoughts, share triumphs and failures with other people in rescue. and every single one eventually runs down the same mean and petty road..the infighting starts, the nastiness creeps in, people start getting fed up and leaving. it really doesn’t matter if the pages are moderated or not..eventually every one of them all fall apart.

I don’t understand this…if someone truly has the goodness inside them to really care about animals, where does that interior goodness go when they open their mouths or type a response to someone else? does it just disappear? is this all there is to us..are we a one trick goodness show? I Rescue Animals so I can do and say and be anything else that I want because I earned the right!

to be what??? to be a dickhead? an asshole? a cyberspace bully? the animals said you could be all of that?

we can be strong in what we believe in, we can be passionate about what we believe. we can share our thoughts and our feelings and even engage in debates and disagreements without sneering, without cloaking our words in contempt.

when we have something to say..we can just say it.

I do not believe in importing because….

I believe in rescue without borders because…

I believe in the benefits of pediatric spay and neuters…

I believe pediatric spays and neuters can cause harm…

for chrissakes..why can’t we just say what we think, do what we believe, and discuss the issues calmly, politely, and rationally…why all of the high school drama?

we say we love animals and are there to help why are we on rescue forums and facebook pages blowing each other up?

we think there are too many rescuers out there so we should knock some off?

while we are in the process of killing off our enemies, explain why that is necessary to the animals in their care.

and the answer to this is because our petty, ill mannered fighting is more important to us then the animals who need our help out there.

we need to quit wallowing around in the wrestling pits and try to be better at this.



December 29, 2013

wanda was euthanized today

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from what tammy described to me on the phone sounded like maybe she had a stroke. it could also have been that her horrible kidneys finally gave up the ghost. but in any case she stopped eating today and was having trouble moving and sorting herself out. this ancient and frail little cat has been palliative since her arrival here several months ago..i was just waiting until she figured it out.

wanda was a very sweet cat and she was a strong survivalist too. right up until last night she was at me demanding immediate food service…wanda was not one to miss a meal at any time.

rest in peace wanda..your body may have given out but you had a heart as strong as a lion inside.


sorry guys…i overslept today

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can the mp building folks please feed the dogs in that buildingÉÉ

sorry and thx.


December 28, 2013

lines in the sand

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as rescuers, we all draw lines in the sand. some have more lines than others, some wipe out their lines and then draw new ones depending on prevailing winds.

my big thing as a rescuer is…you ALWAYS take your animals back in an instant if needed. you do not stall, you do not make excuses, you do not refer to others, you do not refuse to return phone calls…you get off your ass and you get that animal safely back as quick as you possibly can…like in the next 20 minutes to 24 hours.

you never dick and fart around if one of your animals needs you drop everything and BE THERE for them ASAP again.

as soon as I hear a rescue has not taken back one of their animals, I do not bother to even listen to the excuses..short of being dead or currently actively bedridden and dying, or an absolutely atrociously horrible rescue to begin with…there is no freaking excuse. once I hear a rescued animal has been denied an open ticket to return..that rescue ceases to be a rescue..they are just another bullshitter out there pretending to do rescue work.

this line for me in not written in sand,,it is written in rock hard cement.

I have always said that the only way to survive and flourish in rescue is to be able to think outside the box. if we want rescue to move forward and soar to new heights, we are not going to get there by regurgitating everything we hear over and over cuz it HAS to be right.

every moment in rescue is unique..there may be commonalities and similarities that we have based our experience on but if we cannot keep an open mind that many moments in rescue are unique and different unto themselves we fail to use our heads and think about the possibilities out there to help each individual animal.

what works for me might not work for someone else, my way of doing things might be too foreign or difficult for someone else to even consider. maybe someone has already tried it and did not have good results…maybe they feel my way is just stupid.

whatever. because…we are all different, with different strengths and weaknesses too. but I will tell you one thing..if we as rescuers cannot grow, we will never get to where we want to go.

and no one grows in a locked box,,you need to blow the top off to grow.

fine to have lines in the sand that change as we evolve..fine to hang on to the tried and true ones we have forged in cement that always will keep our animals safe from harm. the trick is however we draw our lines and in whatever medium we choose to draw them in..we do not let the lines themselves cage us forever in.

unless it is about taking our animals back…do not screw around with that uncompromising hard drawn line…that one irreversible line is what defines us as rescuers, we forever stand by those that we saved.

that’s my deep thought for the day.

only one update…tedZ has a hotspot on his butt…poor little zombie boy.

heads up to the weekend warriors

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we moved capone back to the office for now so luke could again have his safe “there is food in the air” place.

please remember to have all beagles safely placed away from each other and all frail dogs BEFORE starting to feed and keep them in safe places until all feeding is done and all bowls are picked up and taken away.

also remember to put roxy away before any visitors get to the house for the tours.

jazzy is in jail again..her biting of strange people and pretty much any dog is escalating. the mp room is not the solution for her but until the new dog play yards arrive, she is stuck there. my plan is to move her back to the house when we can safely confine her. I think she does better under 24 hour surveillance where she can have more freedom to be loose with my watchful eye on her. the pens are due to arrive around the 8th of January so she will have to make due in her jail pen with supervised periods out until then.

I am also not too happy with darby’s behavior when folks arrive to that room so I am thinking about doing something different eventually with him too. in the meantime if he is being a twit…toss him in jail with jazzy until the visitors leave.

I have decided the mp room does not work in the best interests of problem dogs so I need to think on this further.

ahhh…so many little ankle biters right  now…they are a big pain in the butt….anyway, please be proactive to keep our visitors safe until I figure this out..

the computer room is pretty damn empty feeling with both chance and shep not here.

I hope everyone has a good day today, and I will try to pop home briefly on my lunch break.

December 27, 2013

chance passed very peacefully

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I was a bit worried about it because he can be such a dip stick at the vets but he was a very good boy and everything went smoothly.

we had a nice conversation in the car on the way was the usual things we say to each other. I tell him he is so freaking cute and he makes baby noises back to reinforce his cuteness for me.

there is no doubt that our little Mongolian monster faced many challenges in his life and he was at times a challenge to care for. but I still say he was the very cutest dog I have ever seen and I think he was one of the very most lovable that I have ever known.

I have loved that dog since the moment of his arrival, he cast his spell on me..i don’t care that his body was destroyed, I don’t care that he sometimes bit people hard, I don’t care that there is not a single person on this earth who could get ear and eye meds into him without losing a finger.

there was just something about chance…a spark, a glow, an internal strength, that warmed those that loved him deeply inside.

we love you chance and we are sure going to miss you, rest in peace. you were the BEST little Mongolian monster ever!

the best laid plans of mice and men

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don’t always work out.

luke and nikki are ones fault here but they were upsetting the cats. Heidi is still too raw from trev’s loss to deal with the cats being upset by 2 new dogs. the fact of the matter might have worked out in time or it might not have…not a good time for any of them (cats, dogs or broken hearted humans) to be taking the risk.

on a brighter side…shep went out on a permanent foster trial..martin originally contacted us about odie but odie is not a good candidate to go with him to work. I will say that there was a definite connection between odie and martin when he got here…odie REALLY, REALLY liked him and martin REALLY liked odie but he still was a REALLY bad candidate to take into work.

on the really freaking sad side…I have been sitting on the chance quality of life fence for several weeks. with all of the deaths lately and since chance was toddering still on the fence..i decided to leave him there until he fell off.

today when renee was bathing him, instead of loving it like he always does..he started biting. same thing started happening when she tried to get him dried off and chance usually loves the rubbing and blow drying while being dried off. so there goes the two last things that chance enjoys in a day. I have bumped Ollie out of his vet appointment at 4 pm and will be taking chance in instead.