April 30, 2014

bad day

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it was a sad day..sometimes i hate rescue.
babes and spot went into the clinic for their spay/neuter today. unbeknownest to me, babes was pregnant. horrible for the clinic staff…horrible for babes, horrible for the unborn pups who should never have been conceived in the first place.

the rage i sometimes feel at the absolute idiocy of our species as we breed more and more animals to torture and abuse, to ignore and neglect, to abandon and betray…

i don’t hate rescue…i hate those who have greedily built an ugly and cruel world that needs rescue.

April 29, 2014

AGM May 10, 2014 at 12:30 pm MP room

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breaking bad

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arghhh…some days (or nights) i really hate preacher. last night he apparently climbed up onto the toaster oven counter, climbed up into my cupboard, knocked everything out of the cupboard and wrecked the new saints book by saturating it with soya sauce.


i never heard everything falling out because it all fell on odie’s thick bed so that little dickhead got away with his evil deed without me catching himn red handed.
nice mess for me to clean up preacher, thanks so very much and now odie’s bed smells like soya sauce too.

i am also none too happy with robbie..last night I saw him positioning himself for a pounce on hank when he was coming up the stairs to the bed. i said..robbie don’t do it..i mean it, don’t do it..but he did it anyway so then he got kicked out of my room and sent to the computer room for the night instead. this morning he is acting like his little long and low heart is breaking at his banishment..too freaking bad.

bru TWICE pooped last night and walked all thru it requiring me TWICE stripping down his room and washing everything again.

but the good news is thanks to sheila, theya is finally back. i sent her out to an elderly foster home a couple of years ago and now her mom is in the hospital and her dad can’t look after her so she had to come back. theya got suck in transit partway here which was putting me right over the edge. i do not do well with inbetweening..the animals are either in the homes that i place them or they are here. i am not happy in the grey area between the two..too many things beyond my control can happen. anyway, sheila went and got her for me last night so i could at least put that one worry to bed…big, huge thx to sheila!

hilda and angel had their vet checks yesterday. angel’s bloodsugars are good. hilda’s blood pressure was down a bit, her hernia was about the same, her eye isn’t great and she badly needs a dental..she is heading into abcessed teeth land soon. given the extent of hilda’s cardiac disease..she is a HUGE, HUGE surgical risk. we are waiting on the blood work to come back and if it is decent, we will risk the dental and hope she makes it thru.


robbie is sucking up to me as i write this…”i am a sweet boy carol and you love me, you really do!”

i love the sweet robbie boy but not too fond of robbie the bad bully.

ok..better get dressed for work.

April 28, 2014


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it was a busy weekend, plus i am day 3 of a headache so not feeling all that good.

first off..thank you sheila and leila and everyone who came/donated/supported us for an amazing pub fundraiser…that takes a little bit of the pressure off us all which is good!

secondly the new guys are all settling in well which is also good.

we finally got the dying ornamental cherry trees pruned…one it was too late for the other three may survive. the process was a bit of a hassle because dogs could not have access to either the front or the big dog yard…but whatever, it is done now and they can go out there again.

i guess i did not dodge that biting lhaso bullet..he may be flying in on wednesday..oh (not) yay. and that will be it…we are full again.

nicole tried to take old oliver home on the weekend but he hated her dogs so he had to come back. can’t say he was too upset about it all..he likes it here, thinks this is home. anyway..now i know that while he is good with our dogs…he apparently has issues with other dogs..filing that.

we lost tashi (one of johanna’s visiting chi’s) on saturday. we found her first thing in the morning, she had not been gone long. my best guess would be a heart attack. horrible to lose her, horrible to have to tell johanna her sweet little tashi had suddenly passed while she was away. old dogs with old hearts break our hearts somedays. tashi was my secret favorite..she reminded me of suzie..roly poly babe. rest in peace little natasha and all of our deepest sadness and hugs to johanna for the loss of her sweet, sweet tashi.
(the other three chi’s are handling her loss and doing ok.)

April 27, 2014

Thank you to all our amazing supporters and volunteers!!!

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Odie and Bennie

Odie and Bennie

This is our 5th year of doing this event. For the fifth year in a row it is the volunteers of SAINTS who really help to make this such a successful event. They go out and hound their friends and family for pledges and buy up the bulk of tickets for the pub event and give me great silent auction items. I can’t thank you all enough for always making this such a successful event. Together we raised $12,400!!

April 25, 2014

quicky news

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the new guys are settling. we had a bit of an upset with the bunnies..they kind of got mixed up in transit so the pairings were off. we got them fixed up today and into the right groups so that is good…whew. dim sum is really trick and trick was really spalding and the two black boy brothers are bonanza and steel. i will try to get all of the pens properly labelled with who is who tomorrow.

babes and spot are fully settled in. sparky is just freaking adorable in a totally messed up way. hank is still flipping over his ouchies..cannot wait until he can get out of that cone!~
and tinsel is here…she is a nice little diabetic cat..AND…absolutely stunning. not really torte..more like a black and orange brindle…very pretty and unique.

i am quite frustrated by the amount of destruction going on in the big dog room..bad enough they are eating the furniture..but luna has now started on the walls….grhhh.

the grass is starting to sprout..in places and barely! i need to pick up some fertilizer and see if i can give it a zap to grow better.

we need a window washing party…if i provide the pizza and beer..who is in for the sudsy fun??

well..the bed buddies are calling..i best be responding…

see you guys tomorrow.

A bit of information on the fundraiser tomorrow

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There are no more tickets available and I will not be selling any tickets at the door.
I didn’t locate 3 items that were for the silent auction. 1 was a white hip length spring jacket and 2 were the new saints books. Can someone please tell me if they know where these items are?
I will be coming Saturday morning to pick up any items that I missed.

another day another dollar

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it was barely a better night. hank still had his periodic freak out moments but did sleep inbetween which was kinda nice.

sparky is a lovely bed buddy…cuddly and kissy.

i think robbie’s back is bugging him..he does seem painful right now.

it is another busy day at work today..this week has been a bit crazy. i am off for the weekend so i will see some of you guys at the fundraiser but i can’t stay for too long because i have the saints pm stuff that i will need to get home and do.

i think today is day 6 of my no smoking do-over..if i hadn’t screwed up on day 16 it would have been day 22 and i would have been done.
no more screw ups..i want the 20 smoke-free days over and done.

April 24, 2014


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so most of the new guys are here..for bunnies we have cinnabun, her 2 young adult babes and dim sum sharing one pen and trick and treat sharing another. i don’t have the names yet on the babes, but will get them in the next day or so.

the new dogs are all now here…babes and spot really are lovely. spot is a milk thief tho..twice now he has hopped up and finished off my milk when i had to get up to do something..my cup was not overflowing..it was pretty freaking empty when i returned! i adore that big whiny freakout baby hank..he is still tossing a fit because his precious little private parts hurt…but he is such a big cry baby weinie, it is totally funny. but i am head over heels in love with our newest old guy..sparky is a ratty looking papillon with a totally messed up eye (pretty sure that sucker is going to have to come out.) sparky wheezes and waddles and is so enthusiastic about everything..he might be wrecked but he is a positive thinker about it all…what a sweetheart.

the last to come in is tinsel..the 12 yr old diabetic cat. i pick her up on my lunch break tomorrow. hope she likes it here.

i haven’t heard a thing about that biting lhaso from the alberta rescue so i think he is not coming which is totally fine with me.

bobbi is home from the vets but not out of the woods yet…she is still on the moniter closely list.

chief is home too…and god damn some freaking asshole to hell…that poor cat is de-clawed. no wonder he is such a freaked out loonie tunes…some idiot amputated the toes on a very emotionally sensitive cat…next life i hope he or she gets to experience the same and see how they like it…bet they don’t.

chloe will be staying in the clinic until next week..she needs to be sedated to have a really good look inside her mouth. either she has utterly horribly infected mouth or she has a nasty mouth cancer..won’t know until she is sedated to find out. in the mean time she is on supportive measures to help her feel better until we know for sure.

ok gotta go check the new bunnies for the last time tonight because some of them now living communally may not actually agree to living communally, in which case i may need to act fairly fast.
and the new dogs are calling me…plus i did not get a lot of sleep last night so i am hoping to get to bed fairly early tonight.

earth to hank???

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it was a fairly horrid night..hank flip flopped and cried (his whine reached close to screaming levels at times)..how much of it was true agony and how much was drama king? i can’t tell you. but according to hank, and he would be the authority on this..he was suffering BIG TIME! he ended up with about 50 mgs of tramadol in him.,.(way too big of a dose but it was either that or a trip to emerg.) before he finally settled and fitfully slept.

which meant the rest of us could rest….hopefully today is a bit better for him.

super cute…super sweet little boy.

robbie most definitely does not like him..he doesn’t like the hormone, or fresh surgical/wound smell…really does not like the whole flip flopping screaming thing either. hope floats they can be friends when hank acts and smells like a dog again.

ok..well i gotta get into work.