May 1, 2014


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thank you all for the birthday wishes and the great that song!
just me and the guys hanging out after a busy day at work so it is a nice and quiet birthday eve.

babes and spot are home from the is a conehead because he is too interested in his surgical area.
chloe had her surgery. the vet removed a mass at the back of her tongue and she had quite an extensive dental with many extractions. should be home tomorrow if all goes well.
oliver the third (the biting lhasa from alberta) is confirmed and arrives on friday morning.
odie has diarrhea.
tinsel is not eating again tonight so i am holding her insulin yet again. i guess i will have to get her into the vets for a blood sugar check..the lantus may be too long acting for her.
apparently robbie has been a total dickhead today..we had a conversation about this but i do not think he gets that it is he who is the one with the actual problem…(most dickheads do not understand this very simple fact..they think everyone else is to blame.)
i have vern working out the problem of some decent and strong pig spa’s for our guys..the hot weather is coming.
and speaking of, we could use some help in getting the air conditioners and shade tarps set up pretty soon before the old guys bake in the heat.
and jesse is not doing well..he is very weak these past few days..we are starting to consider quality of life issues for him again and are talking to the vets about possibly setting up a home euthanization for him.

i think today is day 12 of round 2 of the no smoking thing..8 more freaking days until this stupid idea of mine is over.

and i think that is all of the current news.


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spot and babes stayed overnight at the clinic, renee will pick them up on her way to work today. the staff told me they were a big hit in the clinic, such utterly sweet little dogs.

chloe has remained at our maple ridge clinic until her dental surgery which is today…hope she does well.

tinsel is doing ok..i had to hold her insulin last night because she had not eaten by the time i went to bed so i hope her blood sugars are not too high today.

theya has settled back in incredibly well. she flops herself in my arms at night and does the licky face thing. she is getting along with all of the other dogs really well too…such a great little fat girl!

hank is now coneless which he likes a lot better but we really need to keep a close eye on his incisions for another few days and re-cone him if he can’t leave them alone.

luna is going to totally wreck her elbows if she keeps jumping over the front fence and landing on the cement.

i lit a fire under the alberta biting lhasa dog and said if he wasn’t here by next wed. his spot would be gone. apparently he is now flying in on friday.

i haven’t let riobbie back into my room. this makes him very sad but the other dogs can at least eat and drink without him charging them which they like a lot better.

i forgot to post that bobbi and rose have been adopted together into a really good home.

the grass is growing in most spots and i will have to fix up where it is not growing.

i think that is all of the news.