May 3, 2014

today was a too much day…each animal deserves their very own entry but it is just too much….

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so…i will just start at the beginning and go thru the day…

ginger the 6 month old pot belly pig arrived right on time at 9 am. she is a sweet, sweet little pig and very cute too. ginger seems to be making the adjustment to saints really well. she really likes our food, has mastered the art of burrowing deeply into a pile of fresh straw, wags her tail when mo sings to her and is really friendly to all. i think the only thing she wasn’t too happy about was i wouldn’t let her free to explore yet today..i was too busy to supervise and i want to make sure she is well settled so she will be safe.

chloe the feral cat escaped out of her cage by 10 am. this was a disaster because she still really needs both her pain and antibiotic meds…that mouth surgery was massive. luckily renee helped me re-catch her this afternoon so she is safely back in her cage. i think i will make it a new rule..caged cats are not to be touched..leave them for me to is too hard to re-catch the sketchy ones who slip p[ast the unwary and it stresses them out needlessly re-chasing them around when they get loose too soon.

chris brought us a new old dog..he is recently retired from a breeding kennel..very arthritic and needs a far softer life than living in retirement in a cement kennel. i have already started him on pain meds and we need to start cartrophen injections asap soon too. his name is rudy and he in a 7 yr old unneutered english bulldog with a fungating tumor on his testicles. not sure if we can safely do the surgery to neuter and remove the tumor..he is pretty old for a bulldog but i will get him in and see what our vets say. he is not good with the other dogs or cats and is currently living in the medical room until i think of something better for him.

johanna came to pick up the sweet 3 remaining chi’s, they were so very happy to see her. it was so very sad that it was tashi’s ashes and not tashi waiting for her here…such a very sad homecoming for johanna.

oliver the third is doing far so good. he really likes walks. i did not have time to try to blend him in with any of the house guys..maybe tomorrow i will be able to.

lynne lost jelly her foster dog today…she has been quite ill for the past few days. jelly had a highly aggressive cancer removed when she came here and it looked like it had returned again. i am so glad that jelly ended her life in a home of her own. she was originally abandoned in a camp ground and i don’t think she ever forgot how terrible that was for her. she was determined to permanently attach to a person of her own who would never abandon her again. lucky for jelly, lynne gave her the home that she craved. rest in peace jelly, you were a very good dog and greatly loved by many, especially lynne and KO.

jesse was euthanized today. he has been getting so weak lately, i think life was getting pretty hard…he was pushing 17 now. luckily our vet was able to come and do a home euthanization for him so he passed away at home feeling safe. renee was with him and brought him chicken strips and a hamburger, they had a really special bond. mo spent the morning with him because they were great friends too and lynne, erin, renee, and i were with him as he passed on. ahh jesse, you were one of our saints had such a strong heart…rest in peace good dog.

welcome to the new saints and gentle journeys to our much loved saints as they move past us into the great beyond.

hugs to all who loved today and lost.