May 17, 2014

Our New Website is LIVE!

Filed under: General — Leanna Hoskins @ 9:09 pm

Hi Everyone

Our New SAINTS Website is LIVE as you can see by going here and we will no longer be posting on this blog anymore.

The New Blog is here

Within a day or so this link will no longer be active.

If you have any questions or find any issues please email us and let us know so we can fix immediately

Leanna, our Web Developer will be around for the long haul making sure everything works.

The first 30 Days are critical so please help us to make the new site GREAT!




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what the heck happened to the rain???? i totally wrecked my back last night after work spreading 200 pounds of fertilizer because it was SUPPOSED to start raining last night!!!!!! there i am tonight after work with a sore back draining the well, watering the water starved grass…with a few choice words for yesterdays not very accurate weatherman!0

lyle came and fixed up our wrecked barnyards, kevin came and started working on the chicken pen, erin came to keep an eye on tess until i got home, michelle came to help me do bedtime and all of the scheduled weekend warriors came to care for our guys sooo… (except for the sunny weather)…. it was a pretty good day.

hoping there is enough water left in the well for a hot soak in the tub to loosen up my sorely abused poor back.


Filed under: General — Carol @ 6:07 am

preacher passed peacefully yesterday. so heartbreaking to lose such a young and happy cat because he was too badly broken to be able to fix a second time. not that we ever really fixed him the first time, but at least he could leak and now he lost even that ability. asked about the possibility of PU surgery..i asked dave. he said that wouldn’t help. the problem was not in his penis or urethra, the problem was within the bladder muscle itself and we couldn’t remove his bladder..(we can for people, but not for animals.)

sometimes i think these guys have a shelf life…we bring them back from the brink of hopelessness once, but then lose them again not so far down the road. maybe once death truly marks them, it is a far gone, or in a few months. or maybe it is just what it is…some lives get to go on and some lives don’t.

preacher thru great effort and expense got the chance to live for another year. he was happy, he was loved..maybe that is all he was going to get. i hope for him, it was enough.

rest in peace preacher, you were a very good cat and i am so sorry we couldn’t save you the second time around.