April 1, 2014

Event info and misc.

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With spring finally here, its time for the Annual Green Thumb Plant Sale. Pre-order your big, beautiful hanging baskets now for only $25. All proceeds will benefit three great animal causes including SAINTS. For more info contact junmo@shaw.ca

 photo plantsale.png

Less than one month until our Amazing Raise Pub Event. Have you gotten your tickets yet? Don’t wait! We are still seeking pledges and sponsorships to reach our goal, as well as silent auction items for the event. For more info contact: events@saintsrescue.ca

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There are still 7 more days of voting for the Share the Bounty Challenge. We are still in fourth. If we can move into 3rd we will win $5,000. Vote every day for Senior Animals In Need Today Society (listed under our full name) – vote here: https://www.sharethebounty.ca/votingdefault.aspx?c=3

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Here is one of the new guys you haven’t met yet, Nacho. Very talkative and friendly. Really nice cat and handsome too!

 photo nacho.jpg

And here is Pac on his way to his new home a few days ago. Saints was lucky enough to be a part of this beautiful boys life, the bridge between working life and a loving home of his very own. Congratulations Pac and family! We wish you many years of happiness. Thanks to all of you Saints supporters, you helped make this possible

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December 14, 2013

If I were to tell you my story…

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it would not be with the words of a half witted child. For I am neither a half wit nor a child, I am a dog and I have lived the life I have lived with some dignity.
I came from a far away place in a shelter with hundreds of dogs. It was not a happy place and many of the dogs never found their way out again. I was one of the lucky ones and was put on a plane and brought to somewhere I had never been before. The first people who had me decided I was not a good dog and to end my life because I sometimes bite people and other dogs. The last dog I bit, bit me back and I lost my eye.
The woman I was staying with did not want me to die so she brought me here, to this place.

I bit Carol right away, as soon as she took me in her arms. I was angry and afraid so I bit her hard. She took me in anyway. I did not like it here, there were too many people and too many dogs that I did not know so I stayed angry and afraid. Carol called me Crazy Horse and laughed at me when I got mad. But she was careful to keep her hands away from me because she knew I could and would protect myself when I was scared. I like her now, she is my friend and I would never bite her again. I still bite other people sometimes because I know that people can sometimes be dangerous to a little dog like me. There are too many people in the world to know which ones are good and which ones are bad and sometimes people lie and say they are good but they do bad things that a dog just cannot understand. I think it is safer not to trust anyone until they prove they are safe for me.

I have a family now. There is Carol, the people I know well who work here and all of the dogs who live with me. Our world is the big bed, this is where happy and safe and nice things happen. I can play with Gertie as long as I play gently. Carol says that Gertie is not very bright and playing rough with her brings out a not nice pup so I play with her softly and quietly and sometimes I just clean her face and eyes. I also really like to run out into the front yard and fence fight with Boomer. Carol gets mad at me when I do this and tells me to knock it off. I am a good dog and so I stop even tho it really is fun!

Carol almost always will hold me close and run her soft hands down my sides. I really like this when she does it but she doesn’t do it all the time. Sometimes her hands are busy with the other dogs, sometimes she is sleeping or watching tv. To get her attention I use my foot to get her to notice me. Carol doesn’t like it when I do this, she says it hurts. I don’t see how my little foot can hurt her great big head but when she says it hurts, I try to do it softer when I do it again.

I have been in many places in my life. Most of them were very scary and I did not like them at all.
Now I have a family that lives in a bedroom. I wouldn’t have thought I would like that very much but I do. It is a nice bedroom and a really great big bed. It fits me and Carol and all of our friends. Everyone in this room likes me and I like them.

It has taken me a very long time and many, many frightening miles to reach here. I do not forget the bad days gone past but I believe each day now that my life can be good. Someone loves me even if I sometimes still become afraid and think biting people is better than risking that they might hurt me or take me away again.

My name is Roxy, TRex and Crazy Horse. I have survived. I am a good dog who sometimes bites and I am loved for who I am.

 photo 7.jpg

It’s been a long and very dark road but I think I finally found home.

July 25, 2013

blonde buddy

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lynn has been after me to write his eulogy, i wanted to wait til i could put in a nice picture..lynne wins.

blonde buddy has a personal connection for me, he belonged to one of my daughter’s students whose mom sadly passed away. it made me sad that this young man lost his mom and then his dog because he had to go live with his older brother where dogs were not allowed, it was sad for the boy and it was sad for his dog. life is not very fair.

buddy was 15 and a half when he came here to live, that is pretty darn old for a yellow lab. he had some arthritis and painful hips, and tempermentally he was a bit of an anxious guy around here.

when lynne lost big bambi, her other beloved foster dog, she asked about taking jelly in. jelly has been sitting around here for years, no one ever applies to adopt her and yet she is such a very nice dog.

when push came to shove and i thought about it, i thought blonde buddy needed out of here more. lynne already loved him so when i said, jelly is happy here but blonde buddy is not, lynne was happy to make the switch in fosters and bring blonde buddy home.

i have no doubt that the last few months of his life were as good as they possibly could be. lynne made sure he went for great walks, ate great food and felt loved constantly. buddy, had a family that he lost, but he found a new family in the end.

providing end of life foster care is not always easy. it is hard to only get to love them for a few months and then lose them. once the heart loves, well it loves…you can’t measure the heartbreak by time, you measure it by the hole they leave behind.

and at the end of the day when blonde buddy passed away, lynne’s heart was broken but buddy’s heart was full. and that is the way it is supposed to be, they pass happy;
it is a gift.


July 23, 2013

why someone should sponsor cocoa the cat

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a lot of folks may not know this but even for saints, cocoa a very unique little cat. he is just a small little black guy with a bit of white but he has incredible eyes…perfectly round and wide like a deer in headlights.

cocoa has been thru the mill and back. he had a good home who loved him very much but he developed crystals in his urine. while his family tried to deal with this, things just went from bad to worse. diet apparently did not work and multiple surgeries were performed when he obstructed….they tried to surgically rebuild him by re-routing the urethra so he wouldn’t obstruct so much.

nothing worked and in the end, something i had never heard of being down to animals was done.

cocoa was given a permanent opening directly thru the abdomen and into the bladder. it is marginally similar to a human version of an urostomy (minus the collection bag)…he has a permenent slit in his belly that constantly leaks pee.

so the problem of obstructing crystals was somewhat solved. the new opening was big enough for most crystals and small stones to come out. but a new problem arose…cocoa was now a constantly urine leaking cat and the leaking could not be controlled.

the owner tried to make due…keeping cocoa confined in one room, trying to get him to wear diapers, anything to prevent her entire home of being saturated in urine.

cocoa wasn’t happy being confined and he absolutely loathed being diapered, his young owner was close to bankrupcy from the cost of his medical care, and her stress from things going from bad to worse without the hoped for miracle cure was adding up too.

sometimes due to deep love for our animals, we go too far into a place neither they nor we can comfortably live. and we don’t realize we can’t live there, until we actually get there and really feel how hard it suddenly is.

anyway…none of this was cocoa’s fault..he got dealt a crappy hand with having a chronic, life threatening crystal problem. he didn’t get to make any of the decisions, he certainly didn’t get any choice in what he was dealt.

he has just had to live with all of it…with the pain of obstruction, with the stress of multiple surgeries, with chronic leaking of urine, with losing his home and now having to spend the rest of his life in a shelter because no one will ever adopt him and give a chronically bladder incontinent cat, a home of his own.

it pretty much sucks to be cocoa, life did not end up being very fair or kind.
he would like to come to the gala and have the great challenges he had and continues to have in his life…acknowledged and recognized.


July 3, 2013

Happy Tail Updates and Upcoming Yard Sale to benefit SAINTS

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Here are some great photos of Tina Fey that one of our volunteers snapped a few weekends ago of her at her new home on the island.

Tina was one of those dogs that came from the LA rescue Ace of Hearts in 2010. She was in danger of being euthanized as a senior with a massive mammary tumor. Here she is with her her “Big” sister Keesha.

 photo GetAttachment14.jpg
 photo GetAttachment13.jpg
 photo GetAttachment12.jpg

Also, a few weeks ago we recieved an update from Sporty Bud’s new home!

Hi Carol,

Just wanted to let you know Buddy has settled today; I quickly realized on the ride home that I needed to sit in the back seat with him and he didn’t take his eyes off the road – I guess he wanted to make sure he knew the path back! After a tour around the house and yard we just tried to keep to our regular routine and let him find his comfort with all of us. It has taken him a bit to get used to Blair in fact he took a wide berth around him for a good part of the day – I suspect he hasn’t had the best of relationships with men in the past. He had a good nap and ate all his dinner tonight so that is a good sign. He had an early connection with my niece and it didn’t take long for him to test out her bed. He is a lovely dog and we thank you for trusting us with his care. Will keep you posted on how he is doing.

Helen & Blair

 photo GetAttachment15.jpg
 photo GetAttachment16.jpg

Weather permitting, the next Saints’ yard sale is going to be on July 20. Helga is looking for a few helper to assist with the setting up. Her number is (604) 826-0680 if anyone wants to get in touch with her or e-mail hpirang@shaw.ca.

7331 Wren Street
Mission, BC

Saturday July 20 from 8:30AM to 3PM
(will reschedule if raining).

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July 2, 2013

Faces only SAINTS could love by Rochelle Baker, The Times

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This is my favorite quote from this article published in the Abbotsford Times: “When they get into their senior years, there’s something special about them and they need to be protected, honored and cared for,” says Hine.

Full article available here

Carol Hine has a talent for loving creatures others have neglected or seem to have trouble caring about.

Take Bambi, for example – the dog that now happily resides at SAINTS, the Senior Animals In Need Today Society in Mission that’s run by Hine.

The sweet little Shih Tzu mix was found abandoned, with her fur so matted that her rescuers couldn’t tell at which end her head was located.

Her teeth were also so badly abscessed that most of them had to be removed.

Now the little dog’s tongue constantly dangles from her mouth down her chin.

Hine’s daughter lovingly calls her the “tongue slinger.”

“Nobody wants to invest in Bambi because she’s homely,” says Hine.

“But I have enormous respect for any creature that’s lived a long life and survived, human or animal.”

As such, Bambi is just one of the more than 100 animals currently residing at Hine’s end-of-life sanctuary for senior and special needs animals.

In addition to dogs, cats and rabbits, SAINTS shelters hogs, horses, ducks, a turkey, a donkey, goats and a llama among other things.

Another infamous resident at the sanctuary is Brad Pitt.

The 700-pound hog has a face only a mother could love, but his name is not necessarily ironic, said Hine.

Sunburned and abandoned, he had to be rescued by 12 people after getting stuck in the mud on the banks of the Pitt River.

“I think he’s handsome. Once you get to know these animals they aren’t ugly ducklings anymore,” she says.

The demand on the SAINTS crew can be overwhelming.

The society isn’t taking any new animals at the moment, because there isn’t enough money to care for them.

Hine, who works fulltime as a community nurse, pays for the mortgage on the Mission property where she and the menagerie live.

But it costs about $200,000 a year to run SAINTS, which includes hefty bills for vet care, medicine, specialized feed and the four employees who care for the animals during the week.

All the money is raised by donations and regular fundraising activities organized by SAINTS’ cadre of dedicated volunteers, some who commit every one of their weekends to the sanctuary.

Hine says SAINTS is basically a senior citizens home for animals.

Livingquarters in the houses, barns, outbuildings and pastures are all designed to meet the animal’s specialized needs.

There are mud holes for the pigs and ponds for waterfowl. Plush beds and cushions for animals with mobility issues are ground level.

Little carpeted steps also help them gain access onto couches or furniture.

“Everything is set up so the animals feel like they are living in a home, so they don’t feel like they’re in shelter,” says Hine.

Despite her commitment to providing unwanted animals a dignified end, Hine never prolongs their life if they are suffering.

“The second life becomes a burden, we euthanize them humanely because we want them to go peacefully,” she says.

Given the SAINTS demographic, beloved animals pass on regularly but each is remembered with a wind chime or stone in the memorial garden.

But despite the tears shed when a favourite member dies, Hine and the SAINTS staff and volunteers are rewarded by their commitment to ensure elderly animals finish their lives in comfort and love.

“When they get into their senior years, there’s something special about them and they need to be protected, honored and cared for,” says Hine.

“People would think this is a sad place, but it’s absolutely not the case.”

For more information visit saintsrescue.ca


© Copyright (c) Abbotsford Times

May 11, 2013

griffin died in the car on the way to the vets.

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Edited by Jenn …

I was very sad to hear this morning that Giffin passed away today when my mom left me a voice mail.

I think Griffin came to SAINTS in the winter of 2009. The first picture I have of him is dated January 15, 2010 and in it he looks like a tough little bugger. But really he was all noise and teeth and no bite. I never saw him bite another dog but he sure as shit growled and barked at them a lot. I think he was over compensating for his tiny stature and his lack of sight. The first time I met him was the day he arrived. He was brought to saints by a foster mom of another rescue. She really loved him but he was apparently a biter. Again, I have never seen him bite another dog or person. He bit my rubber boot tho. On the first day I met him, i don’t know why but I shoved my rubber boot in his face and he bit the shit out of it. Stupid rubber boot deserved it if you ask me! But he sure had a soft side. He used to like to try to climb right up to my shoulders and rub his face on my face.


Here is a video that I (Jenn) had made when I was doing the animal videos to help them find homes. I did this on Feb 2011. It was call Griffin: So bad he’s good.

Also, here is a little write up i did about him when I decided that he was one of my favorites call the Princess and the Prick

Giffin was at saints for over three years and I have close to 300 pictures of him. Here are a few of my favorites:

This is one of my most recent photos of Griffin from last weekend. He takes a great portrait.
 photo griffin5.jpg

He had the best ears …
 photo griffin7.jpg

He has very small but he could stand tall …
 photo griffinpugslycarol2.jpg

 photo griffin13.jpg

 photo griffin4.jpg

 photo griffin3.jpg

Bye Griffin. I am going to really miss you little bony bugger!

April 5, 2013

o’grady was euthanized this morning.

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Photo of O’Grady and Lincoln – best buds.
 photo bunnyrabbit3-2.jpg
O’Grady is the grey rabbit (RIP) shown here with his best bud Lincoln. O’Grady came to saints at the end of 2008 with two other rabbit, Gracie and Bella, that had been backyard bred rabbits for meat. O’Grady was devestated after losing his close friends but found love again with Lincoln. O’Grady taught us the love of a rabbit. Read his story here: http://www.saintsrescue.ca/wordpress/?p=2694

Rest in peace O’Grady and be with your friends now. You were a great rabbit.

March 7, 2013

Suddenly losing a friend is so very hard …

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Hi Carol, Jenn, and everyone else at SAINTS:

Just a few days ago, I emailed you a great update on how Bodhi (formerly Alf) was doing and that the vet thought he would live another year or so. Well, I’m afraid I have awful news.

This morning, Bodhi collapsed and suffered a heart failure episode (as the vet called it). He fell over, urinated all over himself and couldn’t breathe. We rushed him to the closest vet that was open – South Burnaby Vet. In the car, he was panting, gasping and totally out of it – he even defecated in his blanket. Bodhi was thrashing about and his tongue and gums were cold. They put him on oxygen treatment while we went to get our daughter from school. We made the heart-breaking decision to let Bodhi go, and even though I wanted it to be at the vet where Bodhi was well-loved, he wouldn’t have made the 10 minute car ride over. So we did it at South Burnaby and they were great even though they didn’t know us or Bodhi. They brought him into the room so we could have some time with him. Bodhi actually started to go on his own before the vet came in with the euthanol, but she administered it anyway to help him along his way.

We are still in disbelief that our little Bodhi man isn’t here with us. We knew his time was not long, but we didn’t expect it to happen so suddenly. Our hearts are aching so much. I wanted to tell Bodhi’s SAINTS family first as we are just so thankful that we found this little guy and had two great years with him.

Thanks again for giving us our Bodhi.

Margie, Graham, and Una


Katie, Roxy and Jovie (Bodhi’s furry siblings)

 photo 2a7e2a3e-5131-42b1-a542-5105d0ab7373.jpg

And just a few days previously, this happy tail update ….

Hi Carol and SAINTS staff/volunteers,

I thought I would send you an update as it has now been 2 years since we adopted Bodhi (formerly Alf), the JRT/Chi/Doxie mystery mix, from SAINTS.

Bodhi is hanging in there, health-wise. His heart murmur is now about 4/6 and he’s pretty much at the maximum amount of meds. He has a decent amount of energy, enough to go for a few short walks every day and once in a while get the zoomies around the house. The only problem is that he does cough quite a bit. I’m sure it’s not comfortable for Bodhi, so I will be getting cough suppressant meds from our vet. He has very regular check-ups and the vet & staff absolutely love Bodhi! Our vet estimates Bodhi will be around for another year or so. Bodhi & I celebrated that good news by going shopping! He picked out a new collar and a new bed for himself.

Our little Bodhi has turned out to be quite the sneaky foodhound. A few months ago, he managed to break into our food pantry and steal 3 peanut butter granola bars out of the box and scarf them down in a matter of 15 minutes. The next time he chewed up a case of club soda – he was probably pissed when he realized he did all that work for a bunch of lousy cans. Luckily he didn’t try to open one! He did, however, score one day when the cupboard was left open a crack – he wiggled his way in and got the liver treats off the shelf. I wonder if he shared with his two bigger sisters. Probably not.

Since he came to live with us, Bodhi has been a bit weary of Roxy, our 85 lb GSD mix. He used to snarl at her if she came too close. Eventually, he accepted that she’ll be around for a while; but while he stopped growling at her, he still kept his distance. However, we are happy to report that he has finally recognized Roxy for the great snuggle buddy that she is. I have attached a photo of Bodhi and Roxy canoodling on the couch together. It makes me smile. Also, a Christmas photo of Bodhi with his sisters, Katie and Roxy.

Bodhi is such a wonderful dog; we are so thankful you let him come live with us. Thanks again to everyone at SAINTS – we always tell people what amazing work you all do to care for these abandoned and forgotten animals.

Kind Regards,


 photo bodhi.png

 photo bodhi2.png

Losing a friend suddenly is so very hard. Our condolences cannot ease that pain or feeling of loss for your family right now. Brodhi (formerly Al) was on death row in a LA shelter before coming to SAINTS and he was so very lucky to make he way into your wonderful and loving family. You gave him the best home and a happy ending to his life. Thank you for loving Brodhi.

January 29, 2013

Happy Tail Updates: Tux (Joey) & Spot

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Here are two happy tail updates. It is always great to hear about our alumni doing well in their new homes. Their families have given them a second chance. These updates just go show how much value seniors have and how much life and love they still have in them.

The first happy tail is about Tux (formerly Joey) who was just recently adopted. His new mom, Lisa has written a great update on her blog entitled “Why I unexpectedly adopted a senior dog and whether I’d do it again.”

Here is a small excert and some great photos.

When we got home, Joey was informed that he would now be called “Tux” (picked by the kids, short for Tuxedo as per his colouring).


Tux had many little surprises for us:

1. He walks beautifully on a leash

2. He doesn’t shred our furniture! Or shoes!

3. He can be left alone at home without being crated

4. He brings us a toy and dances everytime we get home

5. He burrows in our bed like a frozen mole

6. He gives the best stinky-mouthed doggy kisses EVER

7. He is just plain silly and makes us laugh everyday!

Never once have I questioned our decision. Nor has my husband. In fact, we’ve wondered what we did without Tux all these years!

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat!



Please read the full article here: http://walksnwags.blogspot.ca/2013/01/why-i-unexpectedly-adopted-senior-dog.html

The second is about Spot who is a blind JRT that found his perfect home across the boarder a few years ago. His family sent in their annual update on NYE.

Happy New Year Carol and everyone at SAINTS!

We wanted to send our annual Spot update during our final days of our holiday break.

On December 4th , we celebrated Spot being part of our family for three years! It’s hard to believe he’s been with us for so long but it’s clear that no matter how long we have with him, it will never be long enough.

Spot’s health continues to be good. In his annual cardiology exam in June, his heart disease showed slight progression but he is showing no outward symptoms and does not require any medication. He’s on a heart-healthy homemade (and I don’t mean the rehydrated stuff) diet of turkey, veggies, and fish oil. We just finished making a batch of Spot food and the entire kitchen smells like Thanksgiving dinner! With Spot’s heighted sense of smell, he is one happy dog when the cooking starts. We often remark that Spot eats better than we do but he is well worth it. Aside from the progression of his heart disease, the only “health” news is that Spot had 4 teeth removed in April. When he was at SAINTs, during his enucleation surgery, he also had several teeth removed. With these 4, we were worried that crunchy treats were no longer in Spot’s future but he has somehow figured out how to get the teeth he has left together for most crunchy things. He only seems to have trouble with food that doesn’t fall apart with one good crunch, like a carrot stick, which can entertain him for a good five minutes because it takes A LOT of work to obliterate carrots. I assure you, he enjoys every minute of the challenge.

We’ve made some progress on Spot “training.” When he came to us, he was not too sure about nail clipping or crates. We’re happy to report that he no longer requires a muzzle to have his nails clipped and, in fact, is quite calm during the process. We can’t say whether it’s a trust he’s found in us or just trying to avoid the embarrassment of wearing a muzzle with flowers on it, but in either case, the experience is always positive these days. Spot also very much dislikes being contained in any way (we can’t imagine what a tough time he had in the Chilliwack dog pound before he came to SAINTS). Since our other dogs LOVE their crates, we thought we would try to turn this around by feeding Spot in his crate, morning and night. It worked…sort of…Spot goes to his crate when it’s meal time and waits patiently (except for the occasional “barrr-ooof”) for his dinner to be delivered. Just don’t try to shut the door. These Jack Russells do not miss a trick. Truthfully, we’ve achieved a lot with him as we regularly catch him napping in his crate when no one is looking.

For the first time in years we ventured away from our home for a few days of vacation on two separate occasions. Our three dogs, all of whom have “special needs,” stayed with our good friends Michelle and Deanna, both of whom are Licensed Veterinary Technicians who we met when our dog Maxx developed glaucoma 5 years ago. They all did really well, but Spot parked himself on our luggage when we came home as if to announce “Next time, you won’t forget me!”


Spot loves the sun and truly relished every minute of our summer stay-cation this year. Being with the family in the warm summer months seems to be Spot’s nirvana.



There aren’t words to describe how wonderful it is to share our home with Spot. He makes us smile every day and we can only hope we have made him half as happy as he’s made us. Thank you for the gift.

Happy New Year from us all!

-Lynne, Scott and pups Spot, Sophie & Maxx

Special thanks to all of the hundreds of homes over the past 8 years that have given our seniors a second chance and a happy ending.