April 1, 2014

Event info and misc.

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With spring finally here, its time for the Annual Green Thumb Plant Sale. Pre-order your big, beautiful hanging baskets now for only $25. All proceeds will benefit three great animal causes including SAINTS. For more info contact junmo@shaw.ca

 photo plantsale.png

Less than one month until our Amazing Raise Pub Event. Have you gotten your tickets yet? Don’t wait! We are still seeking pledges and sponsorships to reach our goal, as well as silent auction items for the event. For more info contact: events@saintsrescue.ca

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There are still 7 more days of voting for the Share the Bounty Challenge. We are still in fourth. If we can move into 3rd we will win $5,000. Vote every day for Senior Animals In Need Today Society (listed under our full name) – vote here: https://www.sharethebounty.ca/votingdefault.aspx?c=3

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Here is one of the new guys you haven’t met yet, Nacho. Very talkative and friendly. Really nice cat and handsome too!

 photo nacho.jpg

And here is Pac on his way to his new home a few days ago. Saints was lucky enough to be a part of this beautiful boys life, the bridge between working life and a loving home of his very own. Congratulations Pac and family! We wish you many years of happiness. Thanks to all of you Saints supporters, you helped make this possible

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July 3, 2013

Happy Tail Updates and Upcoming Yard Sale to benefit SAINTS

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Here are some great photos of Tina Fey that one of our volunteers snapped a few weekends ago of her at her new home on the island.

Tina was one of those dogs that came from the LA rescue Ace of Hearts in 2010. She was in danger of being euthanized as a senior with a massive mammary tumor. Here she is with her her “Big” sister Keesha.

 photo GetAttachment14.jpg
 photo GetAttachment13.jpg
 photo GetAttachment12.jpg

Also, a few weeks ago we recieved an update from Sporty Bud’s new home!

Hi Carol,

Just wanted to let you know Buddy has settled today; I quickly realized on the ride home that I needed to sit in the back seat with him and he didn’t take his eyes off the road – I guess he wanted to make sure he knew the path back! After a tour around the house and yard we just tried to keep to our regular routine and let him find his comfort with all of us. It has taken him a bit to get used to Blair in fact he took a wide berth around him for a good part of the day – I suspect he hasn’t had the best of relationships with men in the past. He had a good nap and ate all his dinner tonight so that is a good sign. He had an early connection with my niece and it didn’t take long for him to test out her bed. He is a lovely dog and we thank you for trusting us with his care. Will keep you posted on how he is doing.

Helen & Blair

 photo GetAttachment15.jpg
 photo GetAttachment16.jpg

Weather permitting, the next Saints’ yard sale is going to be on July 20. Helga is looking for a few helper to assist with the setting up. Her number is (604) 826-0680 if anyone wants to get in touch with her or e-mail hpirang@shaw.ca.

7331 Wren Street
Mission, BC

Saturday July 20 from 8:30AM to 3PM
(will reschedule if raining).

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January 29, 2013

Happy Tail Updates: Tux (Joey) & Spot

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Here are two happy tail updates. It is always great to hear about our alumni doing well in their new homes. Their families have given them a second chance. These updates just go show how much value seniors have and how much life and love they still have in them.

The first happy tail is about Tux (formerly Joey) who was just recently adopted. His new mom, Lisa has written a great update on her blog entitled “Why I unexpectedly adopted a senior dog and whether I’d do it again.”

Here is a small excert and some great photos.

When we got home, Joey was informed that he would now be called “Tux” (picked by the kids, short for Tuxedo as per his colouring).


Tux had many little surprises for us:

1. He walks beautifully on a leash

2. He doesn’t shred our furniture! Or shoes!

3. He can be left alone at home without being crated

4. He brings us a toy and dances everytime we get home

5. He burrows in our bed like a frozen mole

6. He gives the best stinky-mouthed doggy kisses EVER

7. He is just plain silly and makes us laugh everyday!

Never once have I questioned our decision. Nor has my husband. In fact, we’ve wondered what we did without Tux all these years!

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat!



Please read the full article here: http://walksnwags.blogspot.ca/2013/01/why-i-unexpectedly-adopted-senior-dog.html

The second is about Spot who is a blind JRT that found his perfect home across the boarder a few years ago. His family sent in their annual update on NYE.

Happy New Year Carol and everyone at SAINTS!

We wanted to send our annual Spot update during our final days of our holiday break.

On December 4th , we celebrated Spot being part of our family for three years! It’s hard to believe he’s been with us for so long but it’s clear that no matter how long we have with him, it will never be long enough.

Spot’s health continues to be good. In his annual cardiology exam in June, his heart disease showed slight progression but he is showing no outward symptoms and does not require any medication. He’s on a heart-healthy homemade (and I don’t mean the rehydrated stuff) diet of turkey, veggies, and fish oil. We just finished making a batch of Spot food and the entire kitchen smells like Thanksgiving dinner! With Spot’s heighted sense of smell, he is one happy dog when the cooking starts. We often remark that Spot eats better than we do but he is well worth it. Aside from the progression of his heart disease, the only “health” news is that Spot had 4 teeth removed in April. When he was at SAINTs, during his enucleation surgery, he also had several teeth removed. With these 4, we were worried that crunchy treats were no longer in Spot’s future but he has somehow figured out how to get the teeth he has left together for most crunchy things. He only seems to have trouble with food that doesn’t fall apart with one good crunch, like a carrot stick, which can entertain him for a good five minutes because it takes A LOT of work to obliterate carrots. I assure you, he enjoys every minute of the challenge.

We’ve made some progress on Spot “training.” When he came to us, he was not too sure about nail clipping or crates. We’re happy to report that he no longer requires a muzzle to have his nails clipped and, in fact, is quite calm during the process. We can’t say whether it’s a trust he’s found in us or just trying to avoid the embarrassment of wearing a muzzle with flowers on it, but in either case, the experience is always positive these days. Spot also very much dislikes being contained in any way (we can’t imagine what a tough time he had in the Chilliwack dog pound before he came to SAINTS). Since our other dogs LOVE their crates, we thought we would try to turn this around by feeding Spot in his crate, morning and night. It worked…sort of…Spot goes to his crate when it’s meal time and waits patiently (except for the occasional “barrr-ooof”) for his dinner to be delivered. Just don’t try to shut the door. These Jack Russells do not miss a trick. Truthfully, we’ve achieved a lot with him as we regularly catch him napping in his crate when no one is looking.

For the first time in years we ventured away from our home for a few days of vacation on two separate occasions. Our three dogs, all of whom have “special needs,” stayed with our good friends Michelle and Deanna, both of whom are Licensed Veterinary Technicians who we met when our dog Maxx developed glaucoma 5 years ago. They all did really well, but Spot parked himself on our luggage when we came home as if to announce “Next time, you won’t forget me!”


Spot loves the sun and truly relished every minute of our summer stay-cation this year. Being with the family in the warm summer months seems to be Spot’s nirvana.



There aren’t words to describe how wonderful it is to share our home with Spot. He makes us smile every day and we can only hope we have made him half as happy as he’s made us. Thank you for the gift.

Happy New Year from us all!

-Lynne, Scott and pups Spot, Sophie & Maxx

Special thanks to all of the hundreds of homes over the past 8 years that have given our seniors a second chance and a happy ending.

January 27, 2013

for the folks who don’t read the comments…

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3.Hello Carol and everyone at SAINTS. It has been two weeks since my wife and I adopted MYA. Just want to give you all an update as to her adjustment to living with us in the City. MYA thinks she has arrived in dog heaven. She loves it here, has adjusted well and has to be the mellowest, best adjusted, friendliest dog I have ever owned. Such a love suck, always kissing or leaning or demanding a belly rub or quick game of nose soccer.

Never ever had a thought of bringing her back to SAINTS and now on our two week anniversary I am writing to say that MYA has found her forever home.

Thank you all for saving this wonderful dog. It is unimaginable that this sweet girl was not wanted. I read this blog daily and so admire the job you guys are doing. Thanks again for the best old girl in the world.


Dave, Catherine, Deana

August 30, 2012

Happy Tails – Mustang Sally

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I haven’t posted here in a very long time! So with Carol’s permission, I am posting a link to the blog I wrote about Mustang Sally (now Gracie) . We have adopted Gracie and could not be happier! She’s having a good time too!

I wrote a blog post about her which you can see here.

August 15, 2012

Happy Tail Update

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Love hapy tail updates from our SAINTS alumni. Here is a recent one sent to me about Stan the gentleman

Hi Jenn

Sent a few photos of Stan the oh so gentleman. As you can see, he’s got a bowtie to finish off his tuxedo outfit these days. Stan likes to think he’s in charge of an unruly bunch of youngsters, but frankly he’s a big softie and they run rings round him a lot of the time. He can often be found washing one of the others or inspecting what they’re up to. He loves jumping in shopping bags and cardboard boxes. Occasionally you find him tasting from a cup or glass and sometimes catching a few zzzzzzs. He loves a game of football and will chase a laser pointer for hours. According to Dr. Nicky at the Vancouver Feline Hospital he’s a great climber and when he’s boarded there a couple of nights, he’s always to be found sitting on top of the cages!

He likes a can of tuna or a bit of chicken now and again. He HATES raccoons and has a small problem with redirected aggression when he sees one but we are managing it quite well. Stanley is very happy that SAINTS took him in until he found his furever home!



May 12, 2012

Pinky the paralyzed pooch nabs new home after TV spot

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Read story and see CTV clip here

By: Darcy Wintonyk and Lynda Steele, ctvbc.ca

Date: Friday May. 11, 2012 9:15 AM PT


February 29, 2012

Happy Tails Updates: Pest and Brodhi (formerly Alf)

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I must appologize. Pest’s new mom, Fionna, sent me this update at the beginning of the month and  I totally forgot to post it. But better late then never.  Pest came into the saints mid-december of 2011.  When he first came in he was devestated at losing his loving home at the age of 12 and would not eat at first and would only hide. His former senior owner was equally upset about losing Pest because he had to go into a care facility. Fionna and Katrina are SAINTS volunteers, who fell in love with Pest while cleaning his area. Pest has scored an awesome home!

Pest Happy Tail Update

Pest has been home for two weeks and is settling in well.  He is getting braver every day and finding out that my dog is not too bad, still hisses at her but he’s getting better.  My dog ignores him and just goes on her merry way.  He found a nice spot in Katrina’s closet to sleep and hide in but has free roam of the house.  We bought him a cat condo for him to scratch and play in but so far it’s been a day and he doesn’t seem to interested in it. I had also bought a large cat litter box and soon figured out it was to small for him, we had to go and buy a GIANT one, seriously!!  He can now do his business comfortably and not be half out of the litter box.  Pest is such a loving, friendly cat and I am confident soon he will no longer be worried about my dog.  
That’s it for now,
Fiona and Katrina

Here are some photos of Pest in his new home


This happy tail update from Brodhi (former Alf) I just received today … which reminded me of the Pest update. Alf came to saints with a bunch of other death row dogs from LA.

Hi Carol, Jenn and team!

As it’s now been a year since we adopted Bodhi (formerly Alf), I wanted to give you an update on how he’s doing. Well, it seems like he’s been here forever, not just a year! He is fully entrenched into our family and our hearts. He really is a funny little guy, with his “goop-goop” grunts (at least that’s what it sounds like to us) and his big flying ears. He really loves his big sister, Katie, and will often seek out her for snuggling – maybe he’s just trying to keep warm but I do think he likes her. He has begrudgingly accepted Roxy as his other big sister (in size) and has even been spotted giving her a lick now and then. We adopted a kitten, Jovie, just before Christmas and wow, was Bodhi intrigued by her! He was a little stalker-like in his curiosity, but now he doesn’t really pay her any attention.

 Bodhi has managed to convince us that he needs to sleep on our bed every night, even though there’s a comfy little bed for him on the floor. He burrows under the covers and even though it’s a king-sized bed, he’s gotta lie RIGHT next to you. Good in the winter, not so much in the summer. But every so often, he’ll come up for air and sleep next to my pillow. My husband originally protested when Bodhi started sleeping with us, but now he steals him to snuggle with.

 Regarding Bodhi’s health, as you know, he had a grade 3-4 heart murmur when we adopted him. At that time, our vet took chest x-rays and said meds were not needed… yet. So we agreed to check back periodically to see how things were going. Around November, I noticed that Bodhi was coughing and sneezing much more frequently than before. So he went in for an x-ray and yes, indeed, his heart had grown in size and there was a lot of liquid in his lungs. So the vet said it was definitely time to start him on meds. If not, little Bodhi probably only had about 6 months left. But now that we’ve got him on a cardiac food, Lasix, Vetmedin, and Benazepril daily, he’s doing great. His coughing and sneezing are way down and the vet doesn’t see why he can’t have another two or so years.

 Anyway, I think that’s about it. I read your blog every day and tell Bodhi what’s going on with his former buddies.

 Take care,

Margie Fox

 p.s. I’ve attached a few photos. The first one is of Bodhi and his German Shorthair Pointer cousin, Asia. They’re almost like twins! The second photo is right after I brought home a new bed for Roxy but Bodhi commandeered the bed for himself. And the third photo is just him snoozing on the couch one day.


It is so great to see these seniors enjoying their final years with such great homes :) make me super happy.

November 2, 2011

New Tails and Happy Tails and Sad Tails

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Over the last few weeks we have had a lot of newbies in. I don’t have pictures of the new ones that arrived this week but I would like to introduce you to the new tails here at SAINTS:


Papa John




Flicka (and Pops)


Coco Puff



I have posted a bunch of new pictures on the SAINTS Facebook Page in the October Album

Here are some Happy Tails:

This is a story about Wilbur and Charolette off to their new home posted on the BC SPCA’s website and will be featured in their printed newsletter: http://www.spca.bc.ca/branches/west-vancouver/news/a-home-for-wilbur-and.html  

–although Wilbur and Charolette have gone onto a even better home
here is an update posted on Diggin’ Pigs Lovin’ Goats Facebook page
Wilbur and Charlotte are settling into the routine around the farm. They’re lovin’ the meals here with all the great gleanings I’ve found. Supper was rolled organic barley, yogurt, cheddar cheese, and a bunch of Chum Salmon heads and carcasses. Yum!
The big challenge is that Wilbur is actually a bit bigger than my barrow Mollison and the male tension is big. I’d never thought of this as he was supposed to be 7 months old and should have been significantly smaller. I don’t know how it will work out as I can’t leave them unattended. Bummer.

Here is another update on former SAINTS Nudge:


Hi Carol! I know I have said this before a thousand times but I’m saying it again so that makes it a thousand and one times, Nudge is such a lovely, lovely cat. I am so lucky to have adopted her from Saints and have her in my home. Her easy going manner and gentle nature make her a joy to be around. She is beautiful inside and out. Hard to believe I have had her almost 5 years. To think she was almost put to sleep because of her mega-colon and nobody wanted her so she ended up being surrendered to Vetcetera on Grandview. How she ended up at Saints I don’t know but I’m glad she did or I would not have her now. She is such a good friend and will be 12 next year. She’s still a “heavy set” girl but she is so warm and cuddly and she just loves lounging on the bed or in front of the fire. I have taught her to do the “pony jump”, when you show her the flat of your hand she jumps up to “nudge” it! She won’t be dressing up for Halloween but she will be having her annual photo with Santa in early December. A great great cat and a “happy tale” from Saints.

Emma Baldwin, Feline Fancies Pet Care Services

as you can see all animals have value but many animals find themselves without a home … here is a a sad tail … Hal is at the vet clinic of one of our volunteers and he does not have much time. He needs a home and he might be your nest best firend. If you want to help this sweety, please email volunteer@saintsrescue.ca.


This is Hal (we renamed him at the clinic, he was previously just ‘kitty’). He has been nearly impossible to get a good picture of!

He’s ~10 yr old persian, male neutered, black exotic shorthair. His owner brought him to our clinic for euthanasia because he wasn’t using his litterbox. Our vet refused and we have had him in hospital with us for the past few weeks but we need to find him a home! He’s really sweet and talks…. a lot! He uses the litterbox in his kennel (although I don’t know if he would in a house… can’t make that guarantee!) He’s been tested for FELV/FIV and is negative, had a full geriatric blood panel/urinalysis done, vaccinated…. But he needs to go to a home that realizes he may start peeing everywhere again and be prepared to deal with it. He also will need a dental cleaning, with possible extractions. I don’t want him to go to someone to only be back in the same situation again. Thank you so much for posting this on the blog for me! I really appreciate it. If we don’t manage to find a home for him soon then we are going to have to euthanize…. and I hate to think about that.


August 30, 2011

Potpourri of Happy Tail Updates

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Hey its Tuesday and you might have noticed that there is no “Take Me Home Tuesday” animal feature. That is because due to time constraints, I am changing it a monthly feature called “Monthly Match-ups” so stay tuned for the September one.

 I did not want to leave you with nothing for today so I am posting a potpourri of recent happy tails  sent to me  …

Here is an update on 2 former saints kittens. They had terrible ring worm and were part of a hording/cruelty seizure–many of you may recall the Forgotten Feline bust. Their mom and siblings came to saints and were all treated and then adopted out into loving homes.

Stella and Colby were adopted into separate homes in the same apartment and get to hang out and visit each other often. Stella is now known as Edie (aka Dirty Butter). Her mom says that she is a really sweet cat with some serious “tude.” Apparently she whips her brother into shape, no problem.  Colby is not known as Georgie and is also quite the character. His family describes him as “a big gainly, suckyboy with a lot of bossy attitude. In other words, he’s perfect”

Edie (Stella)

Colby (Georgie)


Sebastian was adopted out 2 weeks ago to my brother and sister in law. He is doing really well and loves Annabelle their 14 month old daughter. He is getting lots of love and attention. Their other cat Lily however seems to have a bee in her bonnet about the new family addition but seems to getting less hissy by the day. I visited Sebastian on the day his first day in his new home and he seemed relaxed and happy … purring up a storm and visiting the food bowl regularly.


I think Sebastian might need a bigger bed haha

And the most recent adoption was by one of our volunteers, Carol Anne, who already has a number of former saints. She has taken on Sweetie (aka meanie) and we are are grateful for it. Apparently sweetie has already made friends :)