May 17, 2014

Our New Website is LIVE!

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Hi Everyone

Our New SAINTS Website is LIVE as you can see by going here and we will no longer be posting on this blog anymore.

The New Blog is here

Within a day or so this link will no longer be active.

If you have any questions or find any issues please email us and let us know so we can fix immediately

Leanna, our Web Developer will be around for the long haul making sure everything works.

The first 30 Days are critical so please help us to make the new site GREAT!




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what the heck happened to the rain???? i totally wrecked my back last night after work spreading 200 pounds of fertilizer because it was SUPPOSED to start raining last night!!!!!! there i am tonight after work with a sore back draining the well, watering the water starved grass…with a few choice words for yesterdays not very accurate weatherman!0

lyle came and fixed up our wrecked barnyards, kevin came and started working on the chicken pen, erin came to keep an eye on tess until i got home, michelle came to help me do bedtime and all of the scheduled weekend warriors came to care for our guys sooo… (except for the sunny weather)…. it was a pretty good day.

hoping there is enough water left in the well for a hot soak in the tub to loosen up my sorely abused poor back.


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preacher passed peacefully yesterday. so heartbreaking to lose such a young and happy cat because he was too badly broken to be able to fix a second time. not that we ever really fixed him the first time, but at least he could leak and now he lost even that ability. asked about the possibility of PU surgery..i asked dave. he said that wouldn’t help. the problem was not in his penis or urethra, the problem was within the bladder muscle itself and we couldn’t remove his bladder..(we can for people, but not for animals.)

sometimes i think these guys have a shelf life…we bring them back from the brink of hopelessness once, but then lose them again not so far down the road. maybe once death truly marks them, it is a far gone, or in a few months. or maybe it is just what it is…some lives get to go on and some lives don’t.

preacher thru great effort and expense got the chance to live for another year. he was happy, he was loved..maybe that is all he was going to get. i hope for him, it was enough.

rest in peace preacher, you were a very good cat and i am so sorry we couldn’t save you the second time around.


May 15, 2014

quick updates

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not a great day.

the douglas college students tour went ok..they seemed to really enjoy themselves.


tess started seizuring while they were here. it was quite a long seizure and we had to give valium per rectum to get it to stop.i bumped rudi out of his vet appointment and renee and i took tess instead. tess started seizuring again as soon as we got home (a very bad sign.) we gave her more valium and have started her on a hefty dose of phenobarb. she is not able to stand yet, so besides the after effect of two serious seizures, that is a lot of drugs in her today.


i also discussed preacher with our vet…the staff really like him at the clinic but it is looking pretty grim…the meds are not working at all this time around. dave said they are having to cathetorize him twice a day with no other options as they are unable to even express his bladder. his urethra is clear and not obstructed so this all has to do with the profound nerve damage he suffered with his original sacral fracture. i have booked his euthanization for tomorrow…so utterly sad, this totally sucks.

crazy for lovin’ you

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crazy is as crazy does and our original one of a kind crazy is getting old now. i watched phebes this morning trying to find one place to step off the cement and on to the grass without getting her feet wet…(apparently even a bit of morning dew is too much for her sensitive feet!) makes me somewhat sad….if phoebe could have found a single, patient, good humored home with just her and one pretty special human…she would have been far happier i think. unfortunately no one in the world was willing to give her that home and so she got stuck with equally crazy me.

busy day today…30+douglas college vet tech students coming in for their regular first semester tour.

somehow we have to get rudi into the vets which is not going to be fun because rudi hates car rides and vets…he turns into a raging snapping beast (and this would be because he has been sexually assaulted collecting semen for years in the clinics because this is how bulldogs are bred..) pretty damn sick if you ask me…bad enough these dogs cannot breed on their own but to take it one step further and take over and milk them so to be able to artificially inseminate brings it to an altogether lowest of the low. poor dogs…they have been bred into K9 frankensteins..they cannot breed without intervention, they cannot give birth except by cesarian section, and the pups pretty much can’t survive right after birth unless they are on an oxygen machine and to top it all off they live with respiratory, mobility and cardiac issues for the 7 or 8 years that these mutilated bodies can live. and all because we like that massive, squat, flat faced body tortured look…buy a bulldog pup…$3000 for the dog of your dreams. poor things.


i think today is the day the vet is going to talk to me about preacher…i know he re-obstructed again and needed a cathetor reinserted. the meds should be working by now to decrease his bladder spasms but it looks like they are not.

two new saints in…

belina is a sweet little fat meat bird who luckily fell off the truck. we are scrambling around to get her and crosby set up…crosby will be so happy to have another good friend.

and little dixi…mostly white, mostly blind senior JRT. she was in foster care with chilliwack animal control for more than a month and really was not doing well…pretty much just hang out in the laundry room, not interested in interacting with the people or other animals, no interested adoption applications coming thru…it was time to move her into more long term sanctuary type care. she seems to be doing pretty well here so far, not upset by the move…we will see how far in terms of socialization she can go.

only one day off this week and then back on for six…i have a TON of shit to get done today so i better get to it.

May 14, 2014

the guardian angels score a big one in helping all kinds of needy animals…YAY!!!!

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plant sale

big huge thx to the guardian angels for their time, effort and really hard work with the annual spring plant sales..looks like they came pretty damn close to $10,000.00 divided between three animal charities (saints, elizabeths wildlife and fraser valley humane society)…great job you guys and heartfelt thanks for the help and support from the senior crew!

(if anyone has any photos of the sale and can email one to me, i can add it to this post.)

May 12, 2014

so i am just going to throw a few things out there…

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and those who are better educated or more informed on the newest stuff than me about animal things can chuckle or sneer or shake their heads in disbelief and simply think i am crazy.

but i do have my own thoughts on some things.

firstly..the de-bunking of “the pack” “alpha,” and “dominence” theories.

i live with up to 40 dogs at any given moment, day in day out for more than 10 consecutive years now..i eat with them, i sleep with them, i play with them and i keep on top of them so they are not allowed to go totally bezerke. and it is not the same 40 dogs this past is actually hundreds of ones coming in, old ones passing on, forever changing populations. i don’t think theories..i live my personal theories with many, many different dogs.
and here is what i have learned…all of the broad sweeping theories are wrong because they miss one very vital fact..each individual dog is unique..physically, socially, enviromentally, spiritually, genetically…they are all one unto their own.

3/4′s of my dogs here have no pack hierarchy, they do not give a rats ass about where they or anyone else stands in the pecking order. they live their life their way. they care about themselves and they care about me. 1/4 of my dogs are firmly entrenched in pack behavior and pack hierarchy..they care about themselves, they care about me and they care about the standings of the other dogs around them too. these dogs do have alpha leaders and they do have pack members scraping the bottom of the totum pole. there are dogs so inherently dominent that they can walk in here brand new off the street and have every other dog give way to them without a second thought. dominence is really just personal power and some dogs have a ton of personal power around other dogs.

the question becomes…which dogs will not participate in pack behaviors and which dogs will?

dogs raised solely and singularly within a safe family environment without a lot of trauma in their lives in my experience display far less pack behaviors. i personally think these dogs are more civilized..but that’s just my personal opinion. in any case these dogs are far more interested in the lives of human beings than they are in the lives of other dogs. dogs raised in multiple k9 households, dogs who have suffered from physical or emotional trauma or socially isolated, feel somewhat bewildered or unsure of human expectations and are more likely to form strong bonds with other K9′s… and that is when i start seeing more pack type behaviors. the more they are interested in what other dogs are doing, the more they are likely to display pack behaviors. pack behaviors are really just pack rules, they are simple and easy for the dogs to understand..not as confusing as human rules. these dogs can have strong emotional bonds with their chosen humans but they are more likely to revert to pack behaviors when their human is not around for them to focus on.

any species that lives and interacts together communally over an extended period of time will have some kind of latent or more readily apparent pack mentality..and this includes human beings.

we are all on some kind of team at some point in our lives.

so to say pack behavior in dogs is a myth or all dogs participate in pack behavior..both are right AND wrong. some dogs do…some dogs don’t.

next…all dogs can be saved, all dogs can be trained, all dogs can be rehabilitated, all dogs problems can be fixed if we do all of this the right way.

no they can’t.

and why is this?..because dogs are not machines.

we are talking living, breathing, thinking, feeling creatures with DNA/genetics affecting them, hormones, neurotransmittors, chemical balance or imbalances, past experiences good or bad, learned behaviors, coping mechanisms, physical health good or bad, including mental health issues as well.
if every person could be fixed into kind, respectful, peaceful, compassionate citizens..well maybe then could also our friends the dogs..dogs brains are not less than ours. they are not a tinker toy to be tuned to our frequency just because we think we can.

finally all companion animals need a home but they need the RIGHT home. luna failed in both of her previous homes..not because she was with bad people..she was with good people who really cared. but luna needed more than that..she needed the freedom to unlock and climb out windows, to jump 5 foot fences, to dig holes to china, to chew up the door frames, to run and to run and to run and to drive her family crazy while still feeling like she was deeply loved and forever safe no matter what crazy wildness possessed her. how many homes do you know like that? not many. which is why she is here. you can’t train this shit out of luna..this need for the freedom to soar past boundries is inherently part of her. she does well here because she can spread her wings safely here. and she knows where her safety lies because for all of the fences over which she flies…she never flies over the perimeter fences…she stays safe within these because this is where she wants to be.

there is no point coming to saints and asking to adopt chloe because you fell in love with her photo and you absolutely adore pure white cats. you adore cats that you will never touch? that have to be chased down and cornered in order to take to the vet, that if she feels frightened and unsafe will hide under the couch for weeks at a time, peeing and pooping under there and you will have to be sliding fresh food and water to her? that if she ever got outside would be lost forever to you? is that the kind of pure white cat that you love?

animals are not the sum of what they look like or what we want them to be. they are the sum of everything inside of them and all of that in infinite combinations make them like us, totally unique. and they have their own personal needs.

they deserve our recognition and consideration of this when choosing new pets to join our families.

ok..blah blah is done.


max cat was at the vets for a check up and xrays..his chest is bad again.

tinsel’s blood sugars are good, but we are awaiting the rest of her blood work to see if something else is going on.

gabby was in also, she is FIV and has a slight cold…no treatment required at this point yet.

anne came out and finished grooming owen..he is a bit of a bald baby for now.

phoebe is such a hag…she bit poor little sparky on the tongue.

vern came out tonight to talk to me about the possibilities surrounding the new permanent pig pools and to look at the big dog room to give us an estimate so we can apply for a grant to fix it up. it is far too hot in there in the summer and far too cold in the winter so we are looking at a total gut job to bring it up to year round comfortable living for the dogs. his wife deanne came out with him..she is one of my nursing buddies. deanne is always fascinated by our animals so we visited the barns and all around. the animals were happy for the break in the usual night time routine. mystic and crew got to run around the fields for longer and luna spent her time flying over fences over and over to impress their sweet dog abbey with her amazing flying ability.

i am a bit behind on the bedtime stuff so i better get at ‘er and get it all done..i think that is all of the new stuff plus another long blah, blah post from me.

May 11, 2014

the blog may be down on and off for the next week or so.

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we are getting ready to switch over to our new website so there will be times when it is inaccessible due to the change over and final tune ups. don’t will be back!


rudi is looking good…he is walking better and more importantly..he is feeling better now that we are getting a handle on his arthritic pain.

preacher is not doing great at the vets..they tried to remove his cathetor twice and both times he obstructed again. hopefully once the infection goes down, he will be able to leak urine on his own again.

ginger is settling in well, super cute baby pig!!!.

oliver the third has his moments when he is going for walks and then has his moments of not getting along with others very well.

zander is settling in..he is a bit of an odd dog. not ready to bond with any human yet..seems content to just develop relationships with the other dogs.

spot and babes are doing great..i must say that their penchant for “licky face” can be a bit excessive at when i am trying to watch tv!

tinsel remains like the LAZIEST cat in the world..she is going in this week to the clinic for blood sugar checks.

both geezer and natcho have fit in here like well worn gloves…super nice cats!

shep goes back to his foster home this week…such a very good dog!

theya is doing really well…snuggle bunny sleeps in my arms at night and every time that i move, rolls over for a tummy rub!

it was a beautiful day at saints today…everyone enjoyed their times out in the sun.
not sure if i am personally ready to forego the rain…my grass growing is not quite ready for dry sunny weather but it looks like that is what we are getting so i guess i better start pulling out the hoses to water in the evenings for now.

the AGM went well yesterday..thank you johanna for the pizza for everyone!

and happy mothers day to every mom of human or animal kids…moms are so good at sharing love!

May 10, 2014

What’s the Plan Stan??

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the best laid plans of mice and men…

it amazes me how a seemingly good plan on the surface can be a sink hole waiting to swallow some poor animal alive. it’s the whole ripples in the pond thing..those ripples can sink some poor animal’s ship if the waves are big enough.

i think THE ABSOLUTE WORST THING you can possibly do to an animal, is add them to your will with money attached… never bog down a living creature with dollar signs. even good people get weird over money and the animal becomes a secondary consideration to the cash. remember fergus? we got him because he was left to a friend with some money in the will..but the money wasn’t enough and the executor would not fork over more so fergus was taken into a vet to be euthanized. lucky for him the vet clinic called us. same thing happened with an elderly breeder who left in her will to care for the dogs and the dogs were sent out to some pretty suspect places, again without any cash. a decade ago, another elderly woman left her property to rescue to care for her cats. a few weeks later, those cats were getting shifted over to other rescues without any money attached. this happens all the time to seniors with senior pets in the private sector too..the senior dies, and despite the many family promises made, the family splits up the estate and if fluffy is lucky, she might get to come here or she might just be euthanized…but the family have no intention now ma or pa is gone on taking in their stinky, leaky elderly dog or cat.

so what is the answer?..well quite frankly if whoever you are leaving your pet to cannot financially afford their probably is not the best place for them. and if the only reason they are willing to take your pet is because there is money attached, then again it is not the best place for them. we want someone to WANT to care for our animals..not feel obligated or resentful while trying to find a loophole.

anyway..i don’t know what the answer is because over the years, i have gotten a lot of dead people’s animals here and i KNOW that was NOT what they expected. i have seen wills gone wrong, trusts gone bad, and promises betrayed..the best laid plans of mice and men and the animal is still left hanging, unwanted, not safe.

for me..i don’t worry too much..i have a rescue whose mandate is to take in senior and special needs homeless animals..i bought it, i built pets own the home and if i die they get to stay put and won’t have to go.
anyway..that’s my plan and i think it is a pretty damn good one too!

AGM day

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when i called and checked on preacher yesterday, he was doing ok..he had eaten a little on his own. i will check in again later today.

oliver 3 had a pooh butt yesterday..i came across him seriously trying to kill the staff in the driveway when i was home for lunch as they tried to de-poo him. it is pretty much unanimous amongst the staff..everyone would like to see oliver three magically disappear. this has got to be a first…every pain in the butt biting dog here has someone in his or her corner..jerry, roxy, odie, phoebe, puff, jazz, pepper…but apparently not oliver 3. anyway…i decided i better help so we whipped the little bugger into the shower and cleaned up his butt with warm water. big sigh…that is one little dog filled to the brim with negative thoughts and feelings..guess we better start working on that.

it is nice when i wake up early and everyone here is still asleep. might be even nicer if i could sleep in with them, but this morning that is not to be…too much stuff on my plate today to be laying around in bed.

which reminds me…my one hour of peace and quiet is up..time to get moving and get some stuff done.

heads up to saturday warriors..i will be gone before you get here but should be home by 1100 i hope.