March 30, 2011

the book…

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i am putting the one and only group order in tomorrow… i think so far i am ordering 14. if anyone wants to me to order for them…just pre-pay on paypal 59.95 plus tax and shipping…..10 books or more gets a 10% discount…20 books or more gets a 20% discount. and i will refund the extra discounts to everyone when they pick up their book from saints once we know for sure exactly how much each book ends up costing.
(make sure you let me know who is actually ordering so i have one put aside for pick up!) for those without credit cards..just let me know and you can still order and pay with cash/cheque when you pick up from here.

i am chuckling here because we made it to the blurb books best sellers list…now my ego is not growing really big over this…because when i looked at the stats it is because 13 books were produced, paid for and shipped out on march 25th.
gee if i had only known we could hit the best seller list so easily..(apparently the magic number is 13)…i might have done this sooner….too funny!

and sheila please send me the list you have of those who already pre-paid at the pubnight (you folks too will get a refund cuz you paid too much!)

Edited by Nicole to add: We are at 20 books on this order. If you are on this order please put through $65 on paypal per book as we will be getting a 20% discount.

March 24, 2011

ok…i uploaded the changes…the book is now available for purchase thru the blurb bookstore (i apologise in advance for any mistakes that i missed but i just want to be done with this completely now!)

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i left the preview on for the entire book this time so you can go thru it cover to cover.

Unbreakable Souls by Carol Hine | Make Your Own Book