May 9, 2014

free for all

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what i don’t get is…if we are going to use animals for companionship, for status, for profit, for sport/entertainment, for clothing, for fill whatever human physical or emotional need..why do we think we do not owe them anything in return?

we actually believe we have the right to use them as freebies? no obligation upon us to even attempt to return some value in living back to them???

humans are so freaking cheap..always grabbing for the very best deal. and we are total blockheads..unable or unwilling to view their lives from their suffering eyes.

and we think abuse or neglect is some giant big horrible thing..we do not get that abuse and neglect can happen in small seemingly inconsequential ways.

think about it..who wants to be eating crap food, who wants to be dirty, who wants to be in pain without at least an advil? who wants to live alone without someone to talk to? who wants to live a life that no one really cares about except what they can take from it?

i don’t and neither do you.

it is pretty damn sad.

so many animals here..used up until they were useless and of no value to anyone again.

lucky them, now they are free of the burden of perpetual giving, now their life is about giving back to them.

i wish they all could find that in the end.

just so you know…my 20 day bad idea is i too can do what i want.

May 8, 2014


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rudi had his bath yesterday, he looks much better (yay dionne and erin!!) and his new ramp out to the mp yard has been installed..big thx to ali and works is perfect and rudi is eternally grateful!!

i rushed preacher into the vets on my way into work today..he had a full bladder obstruction and he is very ill altho, now that his bladder is drained and with the cathetor in place, he does feel better. we have been somewhat lax in monitering him. he has done so well passing urine and stool with that fractured sacrum, even if it meant he was totally incontinent that i am afraid we started taking his somewhat compromised wellness for granted. big wake up call because we almost loss him today. preacher cannot feel what is going on back there so he won’t act like a sick and in pain obstructed cat until it could be too late. we will figure out some kind of daily check on preachers bowel and bladder systems so we do not risk this happening again.

i feel somewhat bad because i am always saying not so nice things about him (he IS a pain in the ass who gets into everything, is in the middle of everything and pees and poops on everything!)
but bottom line is…he cannot help that he is bowel and bladder disabled and while he can help being a busy, busy, busy body..he also is a very sweet cat with a ton of character. he is not totally out of the woods yet..we are not sure why he suddenly obstructed again…so we won’t be free and clear until the cathetor comes out and we know he can freely leak urine on his own again.

tomorrow will be chloe’s last cage confinement day…after her meds in the morning, she can once again be free. she is getting progressively more upset during medications and is now fighting back. i am so hoping that with this massive dental surgery, her mouth problems are fixed. the pathology came back on the mass removed from the back of her tongue and it was non cancerous so that is great news for our little feral girl. anyway..she is eating really well, her mouth looks really more discharge, no more pain…fingers are crossed she is done with the mouth problems for good!

glad the rain is baby grass needs it for a while more yet.

reminder to everyone about the annual general meeting on saturday here at saints…everyone is welcome…pizza provided by johanna to celebrate sweet tashi’s life.

May 7, 2014


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kevin said yesterday that ginger did better with ellie. while ellie slept in the shavings pile, ginger just bounced around all over the place and then popped up to sniff ellie occasionally before continuing on her curious way.

zander is 100% settled in..he is a good fit with the june and mystic gang. the posse gets bigger.

i gave rudi a soft sided large crate that we had hanging around here but never had used. i thought he would like it because he was used to sleeping inside a dog house and it would feel familiar (but a little more comfortable) for him. i was right..he likes it. he also really likes all of the spoiling and attention he is getting. it looks like that sore on his testicle is actually healing so i am now thinking it is not a fungating tumor but a pressure/bed sore instead. this would be good news. i also picked up a large and thin anti-fatigue mat and some washable carpet runners for his room so pressure sores should never be a future concern for him and it will help with his arthritis and mobility issues to have secure, non slip footing under him too.

oliver three is a total dick. he is used to dionne and me so we have no problem with him but he was not happy when erin and renee got busy with moving him to the house. erin said he tried to eat them both. way was he going to be successful with the computer guys..robbie and roxy were like the worlds worst match for him. so he is back in his mp room pen and we may not be able to ever get him moved out of there. just in case that becomes his permanent home, i asked the staff to give him a chair. last night he was sitting in the chair looking out the window which made me nervous because i am not sure how secure the locks are on that window..i might want to further investigate that!

jazzy and darby have a matching pen now across from oliver three’s except they have a loveseat in their new pen because there are two of them. jazzy and darby are allowed out of their pen when supervised to ensure they leave pepper alone. so being confined in a pen on a love seat is not a big deal when no one is around.

tammy will be happy…the mp building was settled to bed with the sound of music playing on the DVD for them all…bet rudi thought..what the heck is that sappy crap?!

tinsel the diabetic cat is doing ok…not ready to stay out of her cage yet but trying short foray’s out.

i called and checked on bobbi and rosie..they are both doing well in their new home.

i think that is all of the updates for now.

May 6, 2014

a rescuers work is never done.

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tonight after fiddling with the final tune ups for rudy’s move to the office (the staff did a great job setting up new areas and moving the crew) i decided to take the dogs for their pm run. good thing i did…good thing i was taking longer than usual dicking around checking out how the grass is growing (not fast enough!)..good thing and perfect timing i just happened to be standing right next to the chicken house when i heard a kerfuffle from inside cuz i had to rescue our turkey.

ohhh crosby, you silly girl. she had climbed into the water bucket (the cool water feels good on her crippled feet…GOD DAMN the commercial farming bastards who CUT OFF HER TOES!!!) but tipped it over when she tried to get back out and caught her leg in the metal handle. THANK GOD she didn’t struggle and THANK GOD i was there to rescue her because she would have broken her leg if she tried to rescue herself. whew!!!..dodged the ancient broken turkey leg bullet! i took out the buckets and replaced it with a rubber bowl for now..will look around for something better when i have a day off.

you know…when you look at what we do for our crippled guys to make their lives a little bit easier…99% of it is no big deal. give the ancient, blind, crippled turkey a safer water bowl..give our crippled rooster who must live on his own an indoor safe condo and a nice and safe outdoor play yard.


build our new crippled bulldog a small and safe ramp so he can go in and out on his own.

oh..ratz…we don’t have the ramp for him yet because we need someone to build it for him…anyone know anyone who can give us a hand???

update post…YAY ali’s hubby is going to build rudy his ramp!!!

May 5, 2014


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i tell ya..these guys are something.

i was pretty pissed off at a few of them yesterday…
andy because he keeps jumping up on my bed to pee on my pillows. this is not like tina who is ancient and occasionally has accidents..this is andy making a choice to get out of his bed, climb up on mine and lift his leg…wanna guess what i think of that? how about going back to the big dog room and me letting june and mystic torment you andy??
i won’t but i sure want to!

and then there is robbie..he can look out any corner of either of his eyes and see a full bowl of food…there is no such thing as a food shortage here. so tell me why he has to jump down salty’s throat because he tries to eat a piece or two.

apparently our new and sweet little baby pig ginger is a little bugger. kevin told me that little brat ran into ellie’s stall today and bit her! ellie was very upset. then kevin tried to introduce her to twosie so they could be friends…ginger’s social skills so totally suck that poor twosie thought she was being introduced to a devil pig child!
someone (if she doesn’t try to put on some nice) is not going to have any pig friends!

zander is settling in well…he has his happy face on tonight. i took them for an after work run and he has been running and playing with luna because she is a lot of fun to chase. sweet dog.

rudy is just an absolute doll. i am going to do some switch arounds to get him moved into the office. nicole told me it will be critical to have him living in a well air conditioned area before the heat gets here. i will try to get the moves done and that room set up as soon as we can.

oliver 3 is still in limbo in the mp room pen. the staff were far too busy playing catch up to work on getting him into the house.

that doorknob spot is getting at his surgical area despite the cone on his head. he had to go back into the vets today because he has the area all inflamed. when i got home tonight i put a neck collar on in addition to the cone..hope that works to leave it alone. sweet dog but not very bright in the post-testicle surgery part of his brain.

i think that is all of the updates.

May 4, 2014

better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all….

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and better to have been loved and then lost than to have never been loved by anyone.

i have said it before..death is not the unfeeling monster..death is simply the natural progression at the end of having life.
i cannot imagine a life of not loving greatly, of not being loved and of not greatly grieving those that left me after giving such a gift of loving in life.

my own losses of those souls who took me over and made us one…not only did they bless me in life, but they bless me in their passing because i carry them inside me still.

at some point, if we are lucky..we find a way to come to terms with death. it is the one thing we all have in common. it is the one road we all walk together, some further ahead, some further behind but it is the very same road that eventually will lead us all to the very same place..the end of this life as we know it.

in the meantime our journey can be filled with as much love as we are willing to give. maybe for some souls like black buddy, the love we gave was just for a very short space..but that love he received here was hugely important to him. it made the difference between a life of hardship and loneliness and being loved and cared for at the end.

and this is why there is saints….the hearts here are giving, and giving of more..we don’t selfishly hold ourselves back to protect us from the pain of more loss. our pain is nothing in comparison to not only the gift of love that we give…but it is less than nothing when we receive back the gift of their giving their trusting hearts to hold safe until their end.

caring for our saintly ones is a priviledge…we are given souls so overflowing with our own love and their love in return that it lasts us forever.

how lucky are we to care for the ones who will leave us one day, far too soon.

i will love you guys….forever.

May 3, 2014

today was a too much day…each animal deserves their very own entry but it is just too much….

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so…i will just start at the beginning and go thru the day…

ginger the 6 month old pot belly pig arrived right on time at 9 am. she is a sweet, sweet little pig and very cute too. ginger seems to be making the adjustment to saints really well. she really likes our food, has mastered the art of burrowing deeply into a pile of fresh straw, wags her tail when mo sings to her and is really friendly to all. i think the only thing she wasn’t too happy about was i wouldn’t let her free to explore yet today..i was too busy to supervise and i want to make sure she is well settled so she will be safe.

chloe the feral cat escaped out of her cage by 10 am. this was a disaster because she still really needs both her pain and antibiotic meds…that mouth surgery was massive. luckily renee helped me re-catch her this afternoon so she is safely back in her cage. i think i will make it a new rule..caged cats are not to be touched..leave them for me to is too hard to re-catch the sketchy ones who slip p[ast the unwary and it stresses them out needlessly re-chasing them around when they get loose too soon.

chris brought us a new old dog..he is recently retired from a breeding kennel..very arthritic and needs a far softer life than living in retirement in a cement kennel. i have already started him on pain meds and we need to start cartrophen injections asap soon too. his name is rudy and he in a 7 yr old unneutered english bulldog with a fungating tumor on his testicles. not sure if we can safely do the surgery to neuter and remove the tumor..he is pretty old for a bulldog but i will get him in and see what our vets say. he is not good with the other dogs or cats and is currently living in the medical room until i think of something better for him.

johanna came to pick up the sweet 3 remaining chi’s, they were so very happy to see her. it was so very sad that it was tashi’s ashes and not tashi waiting for her here…such a very sad homecoming for johanna.

oliver the third is doing far so good. he really likes walks. i did not have time to try to blend him in with any of the house guys..maybe tomorrow i will be able to.

lynne lost jelly her foster dog today…she has been quite ill for the past few days. jelly had a highly aggressive cancer removed when she came here and it looked like it had returned again. i am so glad that jelly ended her life in a home of her own. she was originally abandoned in a camp ground and i don’t think she ever forgot how terrible that was for her. she was determined to permanently attach to a person of her own who would never abandon her again. lucky for jelly, lynne gave her the home that she craved. rest in peace jelly, you were a very good dog and greatly loved by many, especially lynne and KO.

jesse was euthanized today. he has been getting so weak lately, i think life was getting pretty hard…he was pushing 17 now. luckily our vet was able to come and do a home euthanization for him so he passed away at home feeling safe. renee was with him and brought him chicken strips and a hamburger, they had a really special bond. mo spent the morning with him because they were great friends too and lynne, erin, renee, and i were with him as he passed on. ahh jesse, you were one of our saints had such a strong heart…rest in peace good dog.

welcome to the new saints and gentle journeys to our much loved saints as they move past us into the great beyond.

hugs to all who loved today and lost.

May 2, 2014

the perfect fit can come with stretch.

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i was watching luna sleep tonight…so peaceful so relaxed. i was thinking that bringing her here was not the best thing for me…or for saints. but it was the best thing for her. she’s happy, she fits. i cannot imagine luna in a typical family home..she’s too wild…too free..too determined to be herself. and i think all of the problems she had in the past were directly related to the fact that luna is not your typical dog. she is just so much more than that…her spirit is like butterfly wings. she was battering her wings against the confine of bars she just could not understand.


so many animals here just do not fit anywhere else..sometimes it was not their fault. people got them or bred for all the wrong reasons and in ignorant frustration or selfish greed screwed them around. but some of them were just born luna, like phebes. the difference between these kinds of animals and people is..people can make choices about how they want to live…animals are stuck with whatever we choose to give them.

chloe is home from the vets…she will remain caged for a while yet until she is finished her meds.

babes and spot moved over to join the bed buddies, they are pretty damn happy to be hanging out with me on the bed…i am starting to regret switching out the kingsized bed.

oliver the third arrived safe and sound from alberta. he is currently in the mp room in max’s old pen but tomorrow i will be trying to blend him in with some of the house guys..i am hoping he can live over here where i can spend more time with him and keep an eye on him too. he is a cutie patootie..really hoping he is not as big of an ass as i have heard.

my birthdays are special…these are the days that i am supposed to be grateful. i have been gifted with a pretty good life…a wonderful family, a career that i love, and an extra purpose in life…my work in rescue. so my birthdays are not days for refusing to give back, if an animal tries to get in on my birthday..they always get in. it doesn’t happen every year..but it happens on quite a few. this year was more special than usual…yesterday it wasn’t one asking for was two.

ginger arrives tomorrow..she is a 6 month old pot belly pig whose family cannot keep her anymore. and zander arrives on sunday and is a dog used for therapy at some kind of rehab facility…he kind of screwed up recently and sunk a tooth in a clients leg when he was accidently kicked during some rough housing (i bet he was most likely reacting more to the rough housing than he was to the kick.) anyway..a dog tooth in a clients leg is not social service acceptable.

two more misfits not fitting so well where they birthday gift to them…we will help them fit in here.

May 1, 2014


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thank you all for the birthday wishes and the great that song!
just me and the guys hanging out after a busy day at work so it is a nice and quiet birthday eve.

babes and spot are home from the is a conehead because he is too interested in his surgical area.
chloe had her surgery. the vet removed a mass at the back of her tongue and she had quite an extensive dental with many extractions. should be home tomorrow if all goes well.
oliver the third (the biting lhasa from alberta) is confirmed and arrives on friday morning.
odie has diarrhea.
tinsel is not eating again tonight so i am holding her insulin yet again. i guess i will have to get her into the vets for a blood sugar check..the lantus may be too long acting for her.
apparently robbie has been a total dickhead today..we had a conversation about this but i do not think he gets that it is he who is the one with the actual problem…(most dickheads do not understand this very simple fact..they think everyone else is to blame.)
i have vern working out the problem of some decent and strong pig spa’s for our guys..the hot weather is coming.
and speaking of, we could use some help in getting the air conditioners and shade tarps set up pretty soon before the old guys bake in the heat.
and jesse is not doing well..he is very weak these past few days..we are starting to consider quality of life issues for him again and are talking to the vets about possibly setting up a home euthanization for him.

i think today is day 12 of round 2 of the no smoking thing..8 more freaking days until this stupid idea of mine is over.

and i think that is all of the current news.


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spot and babes stayed overnight at the clinic, renee will pick them up on her way to work today. the staff told me they were a big hit in the clinic, such utterly sweet little dogs.

chloe has remained at our maple ridge clinic until her dental surgery which is today…hope she does well.

tinsel is doing ok..i had to hold her insulin last night because she had not eaten by the time i went to bed so i hope her blood sugars are not too high today.

theya has settled back in incredibly well. she flops herself in my arms at night and does the licky face thing. she is getting along with all of the other dogs really well too…such a great little fat girl!

hank is now coneless which he likes a lot better but we really need to keep a close eye on his incisions for another few days and re-cone him if he can’t leave them alone.

luna is going to totally wreck her elbows if she keeps jumping over the front fence and landing on the cement.

i lit a fire under the alberta biting lhasa dog and said if he wasn’t here by next wed. his spot would be gone. apparently he is now flying in on friday.

i haven’t let riobbie back into my room. this makes him very sad but the other dogs can at least eat and drink without him charging them which they like a lot better.

i forgot to post that bobbi and rose have been adopted together into a really good home.

the grass is growing in most spots and i will have to fix up where it is not growing.

i think that is all of the news.