got my saints fix

Posted: August 17, 2006 at 2:43 pm

So I have been crazy busy this last few weeks as my brother got married last saturday and i have had all of ireland visiting. I haven’t been able to get to saints regularly and was in need of a saints visit, so Tuesday morning, I left early with my family still sleeping and headed out to saints.

Got to see Saul in natural light and see how poorly I cut his hair last week. He is working his way to becoming the most destructive dog at saints (digging holes everywear, eating the house):

Carol, Chris and I took the dogs down to the sad little pond.

Me, rescuing Ozzie from the pond:

Chris, rescuing Ozzie from the pond (after bad Carol let her be a dog). Smart Jill brought a change of clothes (pretty good for her first visit).

See how fun it is to visit saints! That is a smile underneath Chris’s grin.

One of the cutest saints, everyone wants to hug, but can’t.

Finally, Carol cleaning off wonderful and patient Ozzie:

7 Comments on "got my saints fix"

  • Leila says

    Love the pictures – that Andy is a cute little bugger -and are those thongs on your feet Nicole – good foot wear for going down to the pond.

  • Nicole says

    yes those were thongs, but in my defense, i wasn’t expecting to be pulling ozzie out of the pond.
    one of these days i will learn to expect the unexpected out at saints.

  • Jean says

    Cool – I didn’t know we could post pictures to the blog also! Looks like you had a fun, albeit rather muddy, day.
    And here I thought Carol was working a 12 hour shift today and I felt guilty for not making it over there to clean the barns…LOL, she was having a play day!

  • Carol says

    i did work a 12 hour shift today, and i guess i better quit reading this and go and clean the barn…and nicole…jill’s name is chris. we all work so well together because we are all permanently out to lunch!

  • Jean says

    Oh I really feel bad! Oh well, Carol, cleaning the barn is therapeutic – and we all need therapy, it seems! LOL

  • Nicole says

    crap, i’m sorry Chris/Jill. It’s because you look exactly like a someone I played soccer with who’s name was Jill.

  • Carol says

    lol…i liked the jill captions on the pictures better. but if you insist on wrecking my fun, you missed one.

    no need to feel bad jean, cleaning the barn was fine…chasing pippa around in the dark to bring her in after her pee break was not. why does a sixteen year old poodle have to get frisky and want to play keep away at the end of a very long day??!! i eventually won, but i got dizzy trying to outsmart the tricky little beast.

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