Chase’s Predicament

Posted: September 11, 2006 at 9:50 pm

If you leave Chase alone in a kitchen this is what he will do

And then he will try to laugh it off…

Then he will start to look around and realize he doesn’t know how to get off…

And then you will have to bribe him with treats to jump off because he is too CHICKEN to jump down on his own and he is now paralyzed with fear…

And because it looks so cute … we ran and got the camera instead of telling him “bad dog”.  I have to say Chase has taken counter surfing to new extremes. That is what we get for not keeping our counters clear.  We are suppose to be giving Chase “good” doggy manners so that he will be more adoptable. I think we are doing pretty good…

7 Comments on "Chase’s Predicament"

  • Deb says

    Awwww, how could you look at that face and say “bad dog”? Chase is not a bad dog, he’s a good dog who is very good at doing a bad thing.

  • Julie says

    Well I must say it does take talent to get up on a counter. Perhaps he thinks he’s a cat??

  • Carol says

    he is a very funny dog,,,i knew i liked him for a reason!

  • Leila says

    I think you have him pegged Deb. I just hope we don’t have another Copper on our hands. He certainly is the most goofiest dog we have fostered.

  • Jean says

    He certianly does take counter-surfing to new heights! Chase,you funny silly dog!
    I think I’ll stick with fostering the old crippled ones – Isaac can’t jump up on the couch, let alone the counters!

  • Mo says

    Ha Ha Ha great pics, made my morning… Now tell the story about when you guys were out walking Patrick & Chase…. that had me laughing so hard. BTW how’s Chases’s tail ?

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