is anyone free the next few days???

Posted: October 6, 2006 at 7:38 am

the vet wants spritely’s leg  soaked in a bucket of warm epsom salts….tried it last night…it did not work all that well.. it would be easier with two people, i will be home after 5 pm tonight, and tomorrow (and maybe the next couple of days) i think i am on afternoons so mornings would work good.

last night i started worrying about maybe bone destruction from years of chronic inflammation/infection…that thought scared me. i should stop thinking once in awhile and take a break.

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  • nicole says

    i’m out tomorrow around 10 or 11am and i know sheila and mo will also be around then. do you need me to come earlier than that?
    if no one else can help you tonight, i can always come on out and bring oz and honey for a visit.

  • Jean says

    I’m available any time after about 12:30 today, and all weekend except for Saturday afternoon.

  • Jean says

    Oh, and Carol I think you’re having dinner at my place tonight – do you want me to come over first to help with Spritely, or we could do it after dinner – whatever works best.

  • Julie says

    I’m there tomorrow to..
    If you need me i can be there other times as well..

  • Mo says

    If you think you need me I can come this evening, I will also be out Sat & Sun . If need be I’ll drive out every night next week as well.

    I’ve soaked many a hoof…. but how in the world do we soak a leg ? That will be one large bucket. I’ve E-mailed my friend who was going to send me those wraps , and we can start doing that in the evenings as well. Poor girl… does she seem a bit better ???

  • carol says

    she still is not great, a bit better but still low…waiting for the vet to call with the blood results.
    i forgot all about dinner already jean…mmmm! now i remember!
    we can soak her whenever anyone is there since it looks like someone will be around most of the weekend.
    thx everyone!!!

  • Carol says

    we are soaking the hoof and hosing the leg, we are on water restrictions so just a few minutes of gentle hosing at a time….bloodwork is back, all is good no sign of systemic infection.

  • Melissa says

    I will be there Sunday morning carol, if you need help still, well, i’ll be there regardless

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