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Posted: October 7, 2006 at 10:04 pm

i have been having an email conversation about quality of life for palliative animals, sometimes people contact me to pick my brain about end of life issues and sometimes i contact others to pick their brains about stuff i want more info on too. and it reminded me that i wanted to do a round table discussion group  workshop  type format for people working in animal welfare. i thought that since there is such a vast pool of knowledge and experience around here, it might be helpful for us to get together periodically and discuss various issues, experiences and solutions. obviously, i personally am interested in end of life issues and care for seniors. i was wondering if anyone would be interested in participating in something like this?…there are alot of different topics that different people can host depending on their expertise and interest. ferals, FIV’s, and feLVs, behavioral issues, training methods, adoption/foster/volunteer/fundraising/grant porposals, charitable registration, starting a rescue, supportive/alternative therapies (herbal, homeopathic, holistic), raw feeding, goal/careplanning, enhancing shelter environments…the list is endless…i wonder if anyone would be interested in exploring this further.

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  • Jean says

    This is totally weird – I have been sitting in my armchair this evening composing a blog in my mind regarding the “education” aspect of Saints (or of animal welfare/rescue, in general) based on a number of conversations/experiences I had this week with people unconnected with Saints who are inadvertantly contributing to the problem of the unending line of animals in need.

    I don’t claim to be terribly well informed on any of the topics you mention, though I know a fair bit about some of them. I’ll certainly help out where I can.

    My friend who does professional fundraising (and who teaches a university course on advocacy and proposal writing) has volunteered her time to give a workshop for animal rescue people on grants/fundraising. She’s an awesome teacher, a lot of fun, and a dog lover too.

  • Anonymous says

    I would love to attend something like this and would be able to attend if it was planned for a weekend sometime.

  • Rae says

    I got a new laptop for my birthday and it seems if I post on it I’m anonoymous. The last post was mine.

  • Mo says

    Hi Rae

    You just have to fill in your name before you post & it will show up.

    i’d also be interested in participating in something like this.

  • Julie says

    sure. why not! it would be a very useful experience to share and exchange ideas this way.

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