and on even bad days, good things happen…

Posted: October 16, 2006 at 9:24 pm

i just got the call. suzie has a home with a very good friend, a huge worry lifted as that poor little cat will not end her days in my bathroom but in a home where she will be loved.

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  • Jean says

    Yay!!! That is awesome, I am so happy for Suzie. She is such a lovely cat and so in need of her very own home.
    And so, yes, even on a bad day wonderful things happen at SAINTS. It’s so good to end the day with a smile.

  • Carol says

    another worry jean that you could fix for me if you have time this week (no not phoebe!)…could you put some simple hooks or latches on the outside of the shutters of the barn windows before halloween…i just started worrying about flying rocket things flying thru the windows and igniting the hay…holy crap that is a scary thought.

  • Julie says

    I’m glad Suzie found a home, she’s a beautiful little girl. I’m sure she will be very happy and be treated as the princess she truely is.

  • Jean says

    No problem – I was thinking that the other day when I put the animals to bed – it will help keep it warmer and drier when the snow blows, too.
    And I need my donkey and piggy fix anyway!

  • nicole says

    woo hoo, that is so great. I’m sure they will know soon enough how lucky they are to bring her into their family. I will miss sitting with her in the little bathroom.

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