Did anyone here want to order samosas?

Posted: October 18, 2006 at 12:28 pm

I emailed everyone but I realized it might be faster to just post.  You are not obligated, but just so I can figure out how many to make, are any of you intending on purchasing the vegetarian or beef somosas.  The price is 10.00 for 1 dozen veggies and 12.00 for 1 dozen beef.  You can email me at sheilakullar@citylumbersales.com. If you could email me before tomorrow afternoon because Leila is purchasing the supplies tomorrow.

5 Comments on "Did anyone here want to order samosas?"

  • Chris Thomas says

    Deb will have to confirm what she ordered for us. Are there going to be chicken ones too???

  • Sheila says

    Chris I received Deb’s order awhile back. She ordered 3 dozen of the veggies and 3 dozen of the beef. She was my first order. Sorry we decided to only do one meat because it would be too confusing to have too many options (meaning we were too lazy)

  • Maureen says

    Sheila, you are not supposed to let our secrets out, it would be way too confusing to make 3 kinds of Samosa’s & we’d have to find another Friday night between now & the fair in order to drink wine & make them… all my friday nights are gone …BTW , I’d like 4 dozen … meat. Next year I may be vegetarian, for now, pure organic, free range beef is what I want.

  • Deb says

    Yeah, how DARE you *only* voluntarily make two kinds of Samosas times a thousand. Yikes! I can’t wait, Sheila, your Samosas are the BEST!

  • Nicole says

    3 dozen veggie and 1 dozen beef (not for me).

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