Posted: October 24, 2006 at 1:40 pm

leila took phoebe to meet a trainer friend of hers to get an expert opinion on our red whirling wonder. andy watched her leave, and the second i opened the gate to take the dogs for a run…woohoo, andy was comin’ too! he has refused to come ever since phoebe stepped foot on this property. guess that means he doesn’t like her. he had a blast, he ran and ran and then would charge back to me to tell me how happy he was to be with us again. it was wonderful. i hope he isn’t too upset to see phebers come home later today. gosh it is quiet and peaceful with her gone.

carl has forgiven me and took the offered carrot. that made me feel better about upsetting him yesterday.

the water has arrived and the first load of laundry is in and hot deep bath here i come tonight!!!!!

we have a temporary house guest…freddy is a neurologically damaged cat that recently arrived at another cat rescue. his foster mom had to go away for a couple of weeks and his care was too difficult for the people who are caring for her other cats, so freddy is hanging out with us for a bit. he seems like a lovely cat, and if his head injury is relatively recent which it must be cuz there is no way he could have survived on the street for long as he is….then he may improve over time. a few people may be upset by his current challenges but freddy seems to be coping pretty well. i think time will tell how far back freddy can come.


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  • Jean says

    You like to live dangerously – waiting until tonight for that hot bath???? I think you should enjoy it now, while the place is quiet and before the water has a chance to drain away or get used up or the hot water tank dies or a crisis occurs that drags you away from the bath or….
    Go for it – NOW! 🙂

  • Carol says

    i am going to home depot to find new couch legs, i am tired of phoebe sending the couch flying and the legs falling off…the bath better be there when i get home tho.

  • Karen says

    Carol, how much $ will you need to raise to drill a well that won’t crap out on you every summer?

  • Chris Thomas says

    or can you connect to municipal water service?

  • Carol says

    no municipal water up here yet and a deep drilled well is around $35,000.
    this year is a frustrating pain because i wasn’t prepared…because we were fine for water right up until august and will be fine again in probably a month or so….next year before summer, we will purchase and install a couple of 1000 gallon water tanks and hook it into our water system…that should only cost maybe 3 or 4 thousand dollars.
    anyway, the water is a solvable problem, see my next post for what may not.

  • Anonymous says

    A donation has been sent for water for SAINTS – Enjoy!

  • Carol says

    wow, i am stunned, and thank you very much, and now i feel bad, like a begger. i shouldn’t whine so much, i’m sorry.
    you are a good person, whoever you are, all of us, animal and human are very grateful.

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