there is an empty spot on the couch tonight.

Posted: January 3, 2007 at 10:40 pm

her blanket is laying there without her. our red whirling wonder got a home today, and already i feel her loss. this is a good home that phoebe goes to, i liked the family alot. i liked how they interacted with her, and more importantly, i liked how they saw her shining little bratty self. maybe, once they all get to really know each other,  this home will find that phoebe is too much for them, and if that is the case, they have promised to bring her back here. or maybe, we finally found her a home where she will belong forever. we will just have to wait to see. ahh phebers, you are such a pain in the butt, but you were my pain in the butt and i love you. be happy, be safe, be loved, be all that you can be. i will be waiting, here, if you ever need.

4 Comments on "there is an empty spot on the couch tonight."

  • Chris T says

    I am so happy for Phoebe!!! Your post brought tears to my eyes Carol. It is so clear how much you care for all of the SAINTS!

  • Jean says

    Ditto, what Chris said.

    Phoebe, I hope you have found your best-ever dreams.

  • nicole says

    wow, that’s crazy, yeah for phebers. hopefully they embrace her wacky-ness and everything works out.

  • Julie says

    I’m glad Phleberella got another chance. Be a good girl Phebs.

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