saints welcomes trevor

Posted: January 22, 2007 at 3:45 pm

he is a three legged very stinky, matted something who needs to get to the vet to have his open bad skin areas shaved and cleaned, he needs a trip to the groomers to have a bath, his hair combed out, and his much too long nails that are interferring with his tripod mobility, trimmed. he howls, he is currently incontinent, and he plays ball like a fiend. i am in love, welcome trev, you are adorable.

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  • Chris T says

    What is Trevor?

  • Jean says

    He’s a three legged dog, Chris, breed unknown.
    Carol, let’s see if we can get him into that local groomer who volunteered her services – unless Kathy can take him to Samantha when she’s out here one day and someone else pick him up and bring him back. If you want to make the appointment, my available times for transport are in the post above.

  • Rae says

    Welcome Trevor!! What a wonderful place you’ve landed in. All of them will take great care of you and I hear the treats are amazing!!!!!!

  • Jean says

    OMG, Trevor looks just like that dog on the Muppets – the one with the sticky-out ears. He is SO cute and funny! And he is ball-addicted and vocal!

  • Rae says

    Wow, all that on three legs he must be a hoot!! As soon as the weather simmers down I’ll be there for a visit!!!

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