Work Party – Saturday February 3, 2007

Posted: January 27, 2007 at 1:08 pm

We are trying to organize a work party for SAINTS for next Saturday at 11 am. Some of the priorities will be to get the fields cleared of poop and to spend some time with the animals and whatever else Carol finds for us to do. I will provide lunch. Please let me know if you can come. Thanks!

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  • Jean says

    Thanks to new volunteers Jodi and Bill and Melissa (I hope I got the names right – I gave several tours today!) who poop scooped the top pasture today and also helped Eva clean the bunny room. Jodi and Melissa will be back next Saturday to do the bunny room and give Eva a day off!

  • Nicole says

    i will be there of course.

  • Ellen says

    Count me in too :-).

  • Maureen says

    me too , I can bring something towards lunch as well.

  • Julie says

    Me 5… or maybe 2 the 5th? Yes.

  • Chris T says

    We are getting a great response for the work party! A couple of people from Brindle as well as lots of regular SAINTS volunteers and one new volunteer. Should be awesome!!

    As for lunch I planned to bring cold cuts, cheese, buns etc. If someone has the time or inclination to do veggies that would be awesome. If you can let me know!!

    Is there anything else people want? I can see if Deb will bake something??

  • Jean says

    Brownies – gotta have Deb’s brownies!!! LOL

  • Nicole says

    i’ll bring some spinach dip and bread for it.

  • Maureen says

    I’ll do veggies… but OMG Nicoles spinach dip is to die for.. Deb Brownies & Nic’s dip… can hardly wait.

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