A Couple of organization updates…

Posted: January 28, 2007 at 9:02 pm

Hi Everyone – I have put the latest barn roster up on the SAINTS website (www.saintsrescue.ca/volunteer). You will need a username and password to access this section of the website.

Given the difficulties we are having communicating via the yahoo group I have set up a bulletin board for us. Carol and I have talked about this and I have now completed it so we can try and have a more efficient way of communicating. Those of you who have used brindle will find this format very easy. Please go and register at:


 As this board is only for SAINTS volunteers I will need to approve all members. I will do it as quickly as I can. If you are having trouble signing up please do not struggle and give up. Pop me an email and I can probably find a way to  do it for you – cithomas@shaw.ca I am at work tomorrow so it may take me a bit to get back to you.

Once everyone has had a look at the board let me know if you want any changes made to the rooms/categories. Looking forward to seeing you all over at the new board!

4 Comments on "A Couple of organization updates…"

  • Maureen says

    O,K. I struggled but never gave up… the worst part is finding a name that no one has taken… & why do they have to delete your password every time a name fails !!!!!

    Thanks Chris for putting this together .

  • Carol says

    i am still not in, if i can’t use my own name i am not going there (i can’t remember anything else and trust, sometimes i may forget my name too, but it is less likely.)

  • Jean says

    Chris, since this is a closed board, is there any reason not to use our full names as user names (ie first and last name?) – that would simplify the problem of remembering who is who. And most days Carol can remember her first and last name, I think. (LOL) I can’t use my name either, so I used my Brindle username (emmas_mom), but if we do that then volunteers not regular Brindle users will need to learn who’s who.

  • Chris T says

    You can use whatever you want. However just remember that nothing on the internet is ever truly private. You can be emma’s mom – we all know that name! Carol is now in as Carol. Mo was also succesful. We have some posts going. I am checking several times a day so I can approve memberships quickly! See you all there!

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