Miss Ellie is a multi-talented piggy

Posted: March 3, 2007 at 5:41 pm

As I contentedly sat in the stall with Petunia today, singing to her and feeding her strawberries, melon and baby spinach in her plush bed of straw, I heard what I thought was Ellie playing with a squeaky toy in her stall across the aisle.  This was accompanied by deep gutteral oinks and grunts,  periodic whooofs of air, and the occasional dull “thunk” of wood on wood.

My curiosity got the better of me – I was dying to see what toy she was playing with.  I cautiously peered over the solid wood on Tunie’s stall ….to see Miss Ellie with her snout sticking through the rails of her own gate, making all those musical sounds herself.  Multi-toned squeaks, deep grunts, breathy releases of air, voice ever changing. 

Who would have thought that a little pink pig could become an entire symphony orchestra and vocalist to boot? 

2 Comments on "Miss Ellie is a multi-talented piggy"

  • Carol says

    ellie, the singing pig…she is right in the middle of a voice change…sometimes the baby voice comes out and sometimes her adult voice shines thru…it all depends on what she wants (which would have been free access to tunies salad.

  • Jean says

    Ha ha – the parallel to adolescent boys did occur to me! And she did get her very own bag of salad – which she thought should be accompanied by several chunks of my jacket and a hunk of my boot leather. Sitting on the floor with Ellie is quite a different experience than sitting on the floor with Petunia, I discovered!

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