todays very best snap shot image

Posted: March 6, 2007 at 4:58 pm

(and no i didn’t have a camera but i did have a witness…hiedi was here)

carl was regally laying in the riding ring when ellie climbed right over him and just laid there with her front feet hanging down on one side and the back ones over the other. carl just laid there and  reached over and licked her face….awwwwww ellie likes her uncle carl and he likes her right back!

i am off to dinner out with the nurses, yahooo i am freaking hungry!

7 Comments on "todays very best snap shot image"

  • Ellen says

    That is too cute!!!!!!!

    Enjoy your dinner 🙂

  • Chris T says

    What are you having for dinner??

  • Jean says

    We really, really, really need webcams set up on this property! OMG, that image is just too cute!! Yay Carl for being such a good llama, and a good piggy-sitter!

  • Chris T says

    Actually I think Ellie was the Llama-sitter – literally!

  • Carol says

    it occurred to me on the way home tonight…that bloody llama won’t let me touch him but he lets a 130 pound infantile pig crawl all over him! not fair!

  • Maureen says

    Makes me think of Janices Picture of Rosie & buddy ” hanging ” out in her living room. I think rosie was about the same age as Ellie in those pics.

  • Carol says

    dinner was my very favorite things…a pale draft beer, baked cheese and garlic prawns and a warm fuit cobbler with ice cream…mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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