phoebe is coming home

Posted: March 21, 2007 at 9:30 pm

the little bugger has been her typical very bad, bad, phoebe…lol, i swear i was thinking tonight just how quiet it has been here since she left,

i will let you know when the red whirling wonder flies back in.

ahhhh, my second most favorite ditty:

there was a little girl

who had a little curl

right in the middle of her forehead.

when she was good

she was very very good

and when she was bad

she was horrid.

see you soon babe.

16 Comments on "phoebe is coming home"

  • Nicole says

    oh phebers! you crazy dog, i guess it won’t be quiet much longer, trev was noisy, but he had nothing on phebers.

  • Carol says

    maude and phoebe? at the same time? there is no god.

  • Mo says

    Oh my, I was also thinking about her just the other day, the red whirling wonder returns . Phoebe & Maude… Yikes is all I can think of to say ; – 0

  • Jean says

    OMG, that will be an interesting dynamic. Perhaps the people doing the renos could also build a sound-proof, bomb-proof room (or a padded room for when we are driven to insanity!). πŸ™‚

  • Chris T says

    What happenned?? Andy is not going to be happy.

  • Janice says

    Phoebe’s name should be changed to Boomer Rang.. lol But you have been fortunate to have these little breaks as is she tours the wilds of the lower mainland. I bet she will be happy to be home!!

  • Carol says

    i have already decided i am going to manage the little bag differently…no more fence fighting with andy when she rushes out the front door…i want grass to grow along that fence and was looking forward to throwing down some seed!
    no more phoebe freaking out hysterics at the gates either, that just winds up everyone else into her adrenlin rush high.
    and she is not hanging out in the cat room with me anymore either, jack is way too out to lunch in her wandering now to keep track of wherever phoebe happens to be sleeping.
    that little red menace is lucky that i love her!

  • Janice says

    Sounds like a call to Colleen might be good??

  • Marisa says

    Wow…I must be further enlightened as to the antics of the famous Phoebe. There isn’t even a pic of her under your dogs. Maybe in the gallery but, of course, I wouldn’t recognize her. πŸ™‚

  • Nicole says

    Phoebe is under Happy Tails 2007, until I move her back.
    she’s a nutbar to say the least, but can also be sweet (rare, but it’s possible)

  • Colleen says

    Good idea Janice….a phone call to Colleen ( a different Colleen, an animal communicator, for whomever doesn’t know ) can’t hurt. It may bring some insight. ? Who knows?

  • Jean says

    An extra large bottle of prozac – for us, not for Phoebe – might also be in order! Oh Colleen (the SAINTS worker, not the animal communicator), wait till you meet our red whirling dirvish!!! Bring your earplugs and tons of patience!
    On second thoughts, prozac for Phebes might not be such a bad idea. πŸ™‚

  • Carol says

    the bottom line on phoebe is…she is a lovebug…she is soft and feels like satin, she is the most beautiful dog in the world in motion, she has this absolutely wonderfully intensely interested face that looks right into you while she anticipates what you are going to do in the very next second so she can get there just before you, she is a truly GREAT barn buddy and she loves anyone who truly loves her too.
    everything else about her are just potholes in her road to perfection. phoebe is a saint and that makes her one of the very best dogs in the world even if it is a bit of a struggle for her and for us.

  • Chris T says

    I totally love Phoebe. I wanted to take her home the first time I met her. She is gorgeous and poetry in motion when she runs.

  • Marisa says

    She’s BYOOTIFUL.

  • Caroline says

    she’s just like my cat Yoji, only in dog form. What’s not to love?

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