ahhh, lola…..

Posted: March 23, 2007 at 10:37 pm

she is very close now, she is quietly slipping into a coma. i will stay with her to make sure all goes well and gently.  a soft and easy journey sweetheart, you really have managed this with incredible grace and an indomitable will.

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  • Jean says

    Go gently, sweet Lola. And rest well, Carol.

  • Carol says

    still with us, still sleeping peacefully,

  • Ellen says

    Llttle Lola… I am so glad that you were brought back home, and could take this final journey in warmth, love and good care. There are many friends waiting for you when you are ready.

  • Carol says

    she woke up once and changed beds and i just saw her stretch a bit and alter her position. she is more alert then she was last night. she is drifting back and forth i think and can’t decide.

  • Carol says

    lola has been retching a very little bit this morning, i think her liver has failed and the toxins are building up to make her feel sick. appointment booked at the vet for 11:20 this morning, i don’t want her to feel nauseated at the very end.

  • Caroline says

    safe journey sweet Lola.

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