the real sunday at saints

Posted: March 25, 2007 at 7:50 pm

did anyone notice that i posted sunday at saints on saturday? cuz today is sunday, not yesterday, sheesh.

it was so nice to see the sun today. i had the dogs out for their first run at 8 am just so we could catch the sunshine on our faces in case it disappeared. it stayed nice and mild most of the day…mo was not literally dripping like she’d just fallen into the pond, percy and ellie were dry and warm when i hugged them today. i am pretty sure i saw ellie go down for at least half a dozen belly rubs at various times and none of them landed her into puddles. some of the dogs are still wet but they are wet from multiple swimming sessions in their favorite pond not from the never ending rain from endless dreary skies.

my first favorite image today… just happened. jack smelled my mr. christies peanut butter cookies and when she started caterwauling for some, she made one upward bounce and landed front feet in the water bowl. she just stood there because she didn’t know how to get back out again. 

my second one was percy sneaking up behind chris and wiping his latte laden mouth off on the back of her leg. chris jumped and said …”oohh!! and ” i am not a farm girl:”…it is ok chris, even city chicks make good face cloths.

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