phoebe is here

Posted: March 27, 2007 at 3:09 pm

yes she is already in the cat room….i forgot how FAST she is! and she happens to look like she is currently sedated so once that wears off she is going to be even quicker.

her pick up went almost ok from the airport…i watched them remove her crate from the cargo hold, i waited and waited for her to come thru the special door i was directed to wait at and she never came. and then i heard the baggage carts driving away so i hopped back to the window in time to watch them loading her crate back onto the plane.

there was a security guard standing outside the window so i banged on the window and yelled…”HEY! they are putting my dog back on that plane!…he said…”WHAT?” and i yelled “they are re-loading my dog back on that plane!!!”…so he came in to talk to me and then said he would go find out. all of a sudden the plane started to move away…”HEY!!… STOP THEM!!! THEY ARE DRIVING AWAY WITH MY DOG!!!!” the security guard went jogging down the terminal in only a slightly higher speed. so i am freaking out as i watch phoebe and the plane slowly start backing out of the plane parking space. the security guard returned with a very official looking woman and she said “is that the dog that boarded in Edmonton?”….i said “yes and they are going to fly away with her, you gotta stop them.” she said “the dog came as cargo so she has to be unloaded at the other end of the terminal, they are just driving the plane over there to unload”…


anyway phoebe is home, she has had a swim and a pile of mini donuts. all is well.

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