I saw Hannah Banana today..

Posted: April 30, 2007 at 9:25 pm

I walked up at lunch & watched through the window before going in.. Hannah was lying upsidedown, in the middle of the lobby, all four feet in the air, getting a belly rub from a young male employee, it was so cute. we had a visit, she had just come back from a walk, so I thought she had earned the treats I brought, then I walked back to work with a smile…

2 Comments on "I saw Hannah Banana today.."

  • Colleen says


    What a nice thought to go to bed on….I think about her every few days and wonder how she likes her life now.

    Thanks Mo.

  • sheila says

    I was going to email you and ask have you seen her yet.
    It was nice reading that this morning.

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