a bit of a boggling day

Posted: May 24, 2007 at 5:35 pm

still missing jack, both kathy and i noticed a big hole where a little dog used to be.

vet run results:

tyra’s ear is still not healed, 2 more sutures and another 10 days of antibiotics. i would like to point out that while i was sitting on the cement with tears running down my face over bill…tyra took full advantage of my preoccupation for a quick dip in the pond. she has taken advantage a few times in the last couple of weeks. she quite enjoyed her french fries on the drive home today.

sweet pea’s tail is congenitally deformed, no fracture. her leg is not fractured either. she probably can’t weight bear due to soft tissue and nerve damage from the fall. the vet says she is quite sore still. she has mammary tumours and a probable ovarian tumour too and she has a heart murmur. ok so she is 16 years old and we will just forget about all of that. sweet pea did not enjoy the ride home, she laid in her crate and stared at me and moaned the whole damn way. ok…i know today sucked for her, but really, it was over by then.

i asked him if she cried alot while she was there, he said just for the first hour. he then gave me the look and said, since no one came to pick her up she stopped. oh well, like i am going to let a 16 year old dog cry for an hour. she gets picked up here. plus i think she didn’t like anyone enough there to want to be picked up and that was why she stopped.

bill is back on his futon, he is a spoiled rotten fat lab.

and we have a couple of pittie guests arriving tomorrow. they were about to get nuked in the pound for being a real unadoptable mess. they are temporary til hugabull rescue can find foster care for them. sadly the third little pittie died at the vets today, she had probably gone septic from her massive skin infection. hopefully the other two aren’t so sick.

someone tell me again why i don’t grow tulips for fun instead?

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  • Francesca Wilson says

    Dear Carole
    So glad about Bill feeling better – he always seems quite simply the most decent kind of dog. Very sorry about Jack though but remember they all lucked out living at Saints with you. Oh yes, tulips wilt and aren’t half as loving.

    Marie and I will be out on Wednesday.

    Have a good weekend.

  • Rae says

    And tulips don’t give wet sloppy kises

  • Rae says

    I really wish there was spell check.

  • Carol says

    tulips vs animals

    tulips don’t leak,
    animals do.
    tulips don’t beg or get your clean floors all muddy,
    animals do.
    tulips don’t bite or scratch or puke up hair balls,
    animals do.
    tulips don’t get diarrhea,
    animals do.
    tulips don’t hog the couch, the bed and block your computer view,
    animals do.
    tulips don’t need medical care, or special pizza nights,
    they don’t need someone to hold them when they are scared,
    but animals do.
    AND you can cut tulips off at the stem, give them to a stranger, and let them die somewhere else.
    you can’t do that with animals, or at least you aren’t supposed to.

  • Chris T says

    Such an interesting perspective you have on animals and tulips! But you forgot one:
    Tulips can’t do pilates

  • angelina says

    tulips are not nearly as comforting after a long day either.

  • Mo says

    Pretty soon Carol will be ” painting flowers on the wall ” Lol

  • Carol says

    ohh! yellow tulips would look very pretty on a purple wall….how hard can it be to paint a tulip?

  • Christine says

    I wouldn’t paint them, I would find yellow tulip wallpaper and cut out the tulips individually and stick them up wherever. Then, if you get tired of them, a little water and they come right off!
    I did it with a dresser for my girls (but with butterflies, not tulips) and it was really easy, and looked pretty good.

    I hope your pittie company has good manners, and I hope they aren’t TOO quick of learners, otherwise their fosters are going to have problems when they get transferred!

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