the trouble with pitbulls and other happenings

Posted: May 30, 2007 at 6:40 pm

the trouble with pitbulls is they are too freaking happy. they are little powerhouses of enthusiasm. three party hardy’s who make their own fun…like 4 entire rolls of paper towels shredded and papering their room, or a stuffed big dalmation dog who is completely missing his head. i found the feet and the legs and the tail, but that poor little toys head in apparently inside a pitbulls gut. or my red futon couch that is slowly getting picked away at or the plywood gate that has become a good chew toy. pitties think they are agile, (they are “the glass is almost full” kind of thinkers, the eternal optimist). but really they are klutz’s with very good recovery skills while their non pittie playmates are left choking in the dirt (that would be me). they are lovable and funny and really good natured and as a breed they make good family pets. it is too bad they are misunderstood because of a very few loser owners who’s utter stupidity created a media frenzy and the resulting breed ban legislation which is totally unfair to these dogs. george and brie move into their foster homes with Hugabull this weekend, and i will miss the silly, happy morons alot. jolie is staying awhil;e longer til she is little more stable physically and her diarrhea is better controlled.

the vet came out to see swinger. he is to stay on the quadrisol twice a day ( can we say that between him and spritely and that freaking expensive med that they are going to bankrupt us for sure. $600 a month now for both of them to be on it plus the recovery which costs another pretty penny too) we are to ice his feet twice a day, which i am not doing cuz he is a freak and i will get kicked in the head. but we will hose his legs twice a day for him and hopefully see if that helps. the next step is basically orthopedic shoeing with specially constructed shoes with foam pads between the hoof and the shoe. whatever, i just want him to feel good again.

eva is off sick for a week or two, so we could use some help in the bunny room if anyone has any extra time. and our bathing list is growing longer since everyone is on hold because the pitties are keeping our current bath team busy.

i guess i better go and hose swingers legs and then get them all to bed.


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  • angelina says

    did you get my message bout coming out tomorrow to bath the pitties? if they have already been done i can do something else.

  • Jezebel says

    Well, tell those horsies to make a choice….heartbar shoes OR quatrosol – NOT BOTH. (or you will be bankrupt for sure) 🙁

    Here’s hoping Swinger takes a turn for the better this week!!

  • Carol says

    the pitties didn’t get done yet angelina, i am too tired tonight to wrestle them into the tub. thx!

  • angelina says

    awsome cause i LIKE bathing them. i know i am a fool. lol. i have to get my icky pittie fix.

  • Carol says

    hey i happen to like your icky pittie bathing fetish.
    i will leave the shampoos on the bathroom counter…use the nizoral for the first wash/rinse follow with the medicated shampoo/rinse.
    thx a million and a half!

  • angelina says

    no problem!!!!!

  • Yvettte says

    I have found that selsum blue shampoo removes the mites ability to cling to the hair follicles/skin and are washed away. The locum at Bulkley Valley Vet Clinic was a professor at the University of Saskatchewan (came for a “working” holiday during steelhead fishing time) and they discovered this is the only shampoo that actually works at removing the sticky protective coating the little buggers have. Woked really well on all my demodex gang. Yvette

  • Janice says

    Now there is a tip and a half!! How are you fairing up there with the water and flooding ?

  • angelina says

    well george and jolie were not as good in the bath as they were last time but brie was soo much better. she didnt try to climb the walls today.

  • Carol says

    thx angelina, they look clean! and feel soft! and their skin is starting to look a bit better too!

    good question janice…a post unto itself. see above.

  • angelina says

    jolie looks the best. she has very few bumps. i still like her the best. i have emailed mo to see if she will pick me up on her way out. if so i can give them all baths.

  • angelina says

    jolie looks the best. she has very few bumps. i still like her the best. i have emailed mo to see if she will pick me up on her way out. if so i can give them all baths. when are brie and george going to their foster homes?

  • angelina says

    also when i got to saints there was no “gifts” from the pitties. they didnt do anything inside while i was there either. they got a run around the pond before bath time too.

  • Carol says

    they saved their gifts for me…they are going on saturday afternoon or evening but the time hasn’t been confirmed yet so i am not sure.

  • angelina says

    lucky you.

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