Posted: June 4, 2007 at 8:26 am


4 Comments on "Bonnie…"

  • Chris T says

    Bonnie looks so happy. What a fitting place for a SAINT!

  • Mo says

    Not sure where this was taken… however now her song really suits her … ” My bonnie lies over the ocean ” … : – )

    Thanks for posting, I miss those ears & her waving, begging, feed me please stance . Yea for Bonnie !!!

  • Janice says

    Now that is the ultimate “happy ending” picture!!! Well done SAINTS!!

  • Sharla says

    Well done for sure!!! I can’t wait to show the pic to everyone who has been following her predicament. If ever there was a happy ending, this is it. So so happy for her.. what a huge grin.

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