April/May photos

Posted: June 7, 2007 at 11:12 pm

while carol is partially disconnected (ha) I thought I’d put up some photos to entertain blog readers.
Between Mo’s dogs, Austin (the crazy) and the pitties, there are almost as many photos of dogs visiting SAINTS as there are of SAINTS dogs.

4 Comments on "April/May photos"

  • Jean says

    Those are awesome photos, Nicole. The ones of Tyra and Phoebe with the planks just crack me up – trust Phoebe to take on a plank that weighs as much (or more) than she!

  • Mo says

    Graet Photos Nicole… in the 2nd photo Phoebe is in the lower corner running towards the camera & her ears look like the flying nun hat … Ha Ha that made me laugh.

  • angelina says

    awsome photos!!! the planks did weigh more than phebers.

  • Janice says

    They brought a smile to my face as well and hope some one geek minded got Carols new screen up and running!!

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