the tub is plugged

Posted: June 23, 2007 at 5:08 pm

ratz! nicole told me i was going to do that. chris said to try drano so i am and i hope it doesn’t eat the tub.

anyway…2 vet appointments, a dozen dog baths, 40 some odd advantage treatments, the poop and scooping is finished and the house is sort of too (i quickly had to rewash the floors. i have exactly 53 minutes before my daughter gets here to go out for dinner so i am off to clean the barn, feed and put to bed and hopefully the tub is unplugged enough for a quick bath!

if not, i will smell like wet dog, advantage and manure…my daughter is going to roll her eyes! 

thank you for all the help today nicole!!!!! and callie looks great too. 

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