garage sale (again)

Posted: August 5, 2007 at 10:11 pm

So the fundraising garage sale is only going to be on the Saturday (August 11) from 9am-3pm.
If you have stuff around your house that you don’t want, but don’t have enough to have a sale of your own, bring it out to saints or let us know and we may be able to pick it up from you.

We are also having our annual open house on Saturday August 18 from 11am-3pm.
SAINTS is located at 33860 Dlugosh Avenue in Mission – just off Stake Lake rd.
Can any SAINTS volunteers who are able to help out on either or both of those days please post here or email me at

9 Comments on "garage sale (again)"

  • Carol says

    i can help on the 18th with the open house.

  • Heidi says

    Hi Nicole and Carol

    I have stuff for the garage sale. When is a good time to drop it off? When are you off Carol? I will plan to help out with the sale and open house but all depends on how I feel on those days. I am really missing the dogs esp. Dexter, Michael,Copper and Bill. Can you give them a big hug and pet for me. Thanks. Hope to see you soon. Heidi

  • Mo says

    Of course I’ll be there… any others ?????

  • Nicole says

    i already know that lynn (copper’s lynn) will be there for the open house, but not the garage sale.
    Julie will you be around for either day?

  • wendy says

    Since we just packed up and moved a farm, I KNOW there has gotta be saleables I can scootch from storage and donate. Will let yah know!

  • Francesca Wilson says

    Hi Carole, Marie and I will try and get there as early as possible on Saturday. We have a few bits and bobs and hopefully can help with anything else.

  • Nicole says

    heidi, i will be at saints on tuesday afternoon and thursday afternoon/evening. or you can just call carol to see when she’s around.

  • Julie says

    will be away on the 11
    not sure about 18, probably, maybe?

  • Cathy says

    I can help out on the 11th if you still need it.

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