the percy plan

Posted: August 22, 2007 at 3:49 pm

please feel free to add opinions and cautions.

A. get percy a really calf experienced grandma cow to teach him manners (plus she will only be here eating our grass for a few years because she is so old)

B. for immediate use as necessary, a riding crop to pop him on the nose if he gets out of hand and to make him back off.

C. order in some more direct stop citronella spray and a air horn for long term use and to replace the riding crop once it arrives.

D. halter train him as quick as we can.

E. NO ONE in the fields visiting the farm guys unless directly supervised by either mo or myself.

F. no more hugging and kissing the calf.

G. grain ration cut back to a tiny treat only.

4 Comments on "the percy plan"

  • Chris T says

    Because I know nothing about farm animals I am going to ask why you would cut his grain ration??

    What about a cattle prod like you were talking about? I don’t think you should be going out there by yourself without one until he has some manners.

    Plan looks good!

  • Janice says

    Grain is a ‘high’ or ‘ hot’ feed.. all protein

  • Carol says

    like dogs…. too high of protein equals frisky out of control hyper-calf.
    the cattle prod i think is too brutal. i just want him to think twice. he has been good for the last two days since i popped him on the nose. i think the citronella spray or the airhorn will work good, it will surprise him but not hurt him and really all i want is a little respect and some manners, i don’t want him afraid.

  • Erika says

    I think your plan sounds good. I am not sure how many manners an old cow will teach him, but it can’t hurt. The no hugging/kissing rule will be a good one to follow too, just so that he knows that close contact like that is not okay.

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