a crappy way to start the day….

Posted: August 25, 2007 at 7:10 am

someone had terrible diarrhea all thru the kitchen…i am still trying to bleach soak some of the bits off the floor.

ruby’s kidneys are as bad as wilbur’s, once again the cat room floor was awash with the results of their kidney disease.

sigh, it would be so nice to wake up to a clean and fresh home. but i guess with old and sick animals that will never be.

ahhh, you guys, i love you but geez you are alot of work.

and that freaking washer won’t even spin out with many, many tries…so much for that sand filter fixing the problem. i am back to thinking that is the machine despite what the repair guy says.

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  • Donna says

    Carol… the washer has a filter too. For a $35 new part, a wrench and a screwdriver… it’s basic to replace. Honest!!

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